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TITLE: Case of the Staged Murder Part 2
DATED: 10-Jun-2005
DESCRIPTION: ACP Pradyuman and Abhijeet are with the director in the ambulance and says that he had changed the knife as he wanted to kill the Hero. The hero was asking him 2 crores and hence he did it. Saying this the director dies. Dr Anjalika finds out that the poison in the actor's blood test was different from the directors. Abhijeet and ACP Pradyuman are wondering how this was the case( Daya was seriously being missed here). DrAnjalika says that the hero did not drink any poison .He had taken Nestrophocin which when it comes in contact with alcohol causes it to become poisonous. ACP remembers that Nestrophocin is taken for allergies, which means that that there was someone who knew that the hero had allergies and takes medicine for it. Abhijeet decides to go back to the prop storage place and look for clues. He gets some fingerprints and realizes that the person has 6 fingers. The staff of the theater is called and Daksh looks at their fingers and finds one person who indeed has 6 fingers. On questioning the 6 fingers guy says that he was told to exchange the bottle as per Kajal the actress. Kajal is questioned in the bureau and she says she never knew of Dhruv the hero having any allergies. She loved Dhruv although she knew he was married. But he said he would marry her. Later she found out that he had said the same thing to many girls so she wanted to kill him. She added arsenic to the alcohol. Abhijeet figures that the director died drinking that alcohol.But that still did not lead them to any clue about the hero's death. Daksh while driving to Dhruv's house to get more details mentions that it is someone who knows that Dhruv has allergies and had taken the medicine. He also mentions that Dhruv was fine when he left home but when he reached the shooting he was feeling sick. Right then Abhijeet gets a call from ACP Pradyuman informing that ACP Ajatshatru has been arrested.( Thats not good news Cry. Does this mean that the CID team will come to help ACP Ajatshatru to prove his innocence ?If thats not the case it makes no sense to mention it here) Abhijeet asks Sangeetha the actors wife about the allergy that Dhruv has .She says that he had allergy to roses. They ask her if she knew on route tothe theater if he Dhruv had mentioned about meting someone .She says he was supposed to meet the director. Now as the director was dead that clue was not helpful. Then they ask how did he go to the theater that day. As he went by his car Abhijeet and Daksh check the car and find that it smells of rose. They search for the roses but find nothing till Abhijeet figures it's the car freshener. Daksh also find Nestrophocin in the dash and 3 tablets consumed. Immediately Abhijeet gets suspicious and tells Sangeetha that she was the only one who knew Dhruv had allergy if roses and he kept the allergy medicine in the car. Fredricks and Dr Solanki are in Daya's office and is there is outline of a body. Dr Solanki is asking questions to Fredicks about who was sitting where( This part made no senseConfused .If Fredrciks knew what happened then he would have saved Daya but no one was around when Daya was questioning so is this a blooper?) . He figures out that when Daya had left the room the guy( sorry do not remember his name) had got up . He felt giddy and ended up hitting the table when falling down , He finds marks on both the wall and the desk. Abhijeet and ACP Pradyuman have Sangeetha in the bureau, they ask her why she did it, She says it would have been easier not to be married that to be married to a guy like Dhruv. He would drink a lot and hit her. When ACP asked her why she did not then divorce him she said he would not give her divorce. She was tired of her husband and his girlfriends. When she got to know of Kajal and her husband's affair she decided to put rose perfume in the air freshener which would lead him to take a overdose of Nestrophocin. ACP Pradyuman then continues saying that the overdose and the alcohol which was replaced in the place of the drink caused it to react . He tells Sangeetha to be ready to go to jail. There is a panel of three officers and Dr Anjalika is explaining Daya;s case to them. Daya and Dr Solanki are also there. One of the panel guys ask Anjalika how did the body fall so far away. Anjalika said that it was due to Daya's force. They ask her some more questions regarding how the injuries happened in what order and Anjalika was not able to provide it. Then it was Dr Solanki's turn to explain. He said that Daya had no hand in this and the guy died on his own. Dr Anjalika said that Dr Solanki is Daya's friend and is just saying that to save Daya .Dr Solanki agrees he is trying to save Daya but he can prove that Daya is innocent. He starts by saying if Daya had hit the guy so strongly he would have a sore in his hand but in the newspaper that carried this story Daya's hand was shown without a scratch. He says that he had taken a closer look at the dead body's ear and seen an infection. When there is a serious ear infection you can lose equilibrium and have a vertigo condition. Dr Solanki continues that the dead man's wife confirmed he had vertigo which meant he would get dizzy at all times. So in this case when Daya left the room he had got up and turned to see Daya leaving where he felt dizzy and hit the table and breaking his jaw before falling on the ground. He shows the panel the skin that was attached to the table and hair on the wall. Both had the DNA test done and confirmed. The head of the panel informs ACP Pradyuman and his team that Daya is innocent. ClapHe also says that people dying in custody due to hitting are something that needs to be looked into and hence this case needed to handled this way. He thanks Dr Anjalika for working on this case without getting diverted and bringing the facts in front to the panel. Dr Anjalika stretches out her hand for Daya and tells him she is a forensic expert and its her job to bring all the evidences of a dead body to the team. Daya agrees its her job but then there was Dr Solanki where she evades the topic . ACP tells us that Dr Solanki is great and he has enmity against him as the ACP was the one who transferred him. The ACP mentions that there were other reasons ( Can anyone guess what they were)and when Daya asks them he tells him he will let them know later. He concludes by telling Daya he was feeling bad in his heart seeing Daya in this condition and ends by saying he cannot think of the CID without Daya( yah we get to see Daya again from next week.

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