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TITLE: Case of Abhijeet Sawant under arrest-Part 1
DATED: 17-Jun-2005
DESCRIPTION: A car stops towards the side of the road and ACP Pradyuman gets out and opens the bonnet of the car. In a few minutes another car stops and the person comes and tells ACP that he needs to replace his old car. The person sounds like a mechanic and that's what we think till ACP asks him why he was called from a meeting to come there at that time. The informer person says that he was working in a dance club and he overheard something that he needed to let ACP know and this was no something he could inform over the phone. He tells ACP that he found a guy Colonel Banjara aimlessly walking in the club. Colonel Banjara kept looking at his watch and not the dancers, which seemed suspicious. After sometime a guy comes there with the briefcase and they go to the corner. The informer says he placed a microphone so he could overhear the conversation. The guy opened the briefcase and showed a gun. He told Colonel Banjara that this gun will be used to kill the CID officer. Colonel Banjara gets scared but the other guy said do not worry one Cid person will kill the other CID officer. All colonel Banjara needs to do is go the address and keep the gun in the left almirah and they are expecting him so the back door will be left open. The informer guy says that is why he called ACP urgently. He says he recorded everything and gives the tape recorder to ACP . Daya and Abhijeet are coming out of the gym with badminton rackets. ACP Pradyuman calls Abhijeet and tells him to get all the CID officers to the bureau in an hour. Abhijeet tells Daya he thought ACP was in a meeting but has called them to the bureau. Right then they see a crowd hovering over a person and that is the Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant(I see him always wearing this Blue suit is it his lucky suit?).Senior Inspector Abhijeet says look that Abhijeet and me. The name is the same but one is enjoying while the other needs to be at work in an hour.Daya says would it not be nice if people with the same name have the same fate. Daya, Abhijeet, Daksh, Fredricks and Aditi are all standing in a line and ACP Pradyuman is pacing up and down. There are flashbacks in ACP's mind from the previous episode where Abhijeet taunts Dr Anjalika and also Daksh telling Daya because of him the CID has a bad name. Abhijeet asks ACP whats the problem and ACP tells Abhijeet to check Daya's house. Daya to check Daksh and Daksh to check Abhijeet. Similarly Fredricks to check Aditi and Aditi Fredricks house. Abhijeet does not understand why ACP is checking their homes to which ACP says that he has got information that one CID officer is going to be shooting another officer. Abhijeet tells ACP that it could be false information but ACP Pradyuman tells them to go and search. (Are they allowed to search without search warrants?)They all leave and ACP gets a call. It's a Dr Surabh from Jeevan Dhan hospital telling him that Abhijeet Sawant has murdered someone in the hospital.ACP comes to the hospital with Dr Anjalika. The doctor tells them that Abhijeet Sawant has killed Sunaina. He father said his daughter was a big fan of Abhijeet Sawant so he had gone to get him to give her happiness but ended up giving her death.(Right here not sure why this was mentioned but ACP tells the father that ACP's Ajatshaatru's daughter Ishika needs a bone marrow transplant and he is in trouble as he is the suspect for 3 murders) They all go and see the dead body. Next to that there is a card signed by Abhijeet Sawant. The doctor says that someone turned off the red switch that supplies oxygen to the mask and this lead to Suniana not able to breathe. ACP tells Dr Anjalika to take the fingerprints off the red oxygen switch and match with the signature off the card.The doctor says that Abhijeet was there for 5 minutes at 9 and no one came after than and in another 5 minutes the father heard a scream and came inside to find his daughter dead. Abhijeet is singing Lafzon Mein in the Yaadoon concert (btw this is scheduled to come on Sony this Sunday at 7 pm) and when he gets done ACP calls him and asks him if he knows Sunaina. Abhijeet says that he knows Sunaina as they studied together 5 years ago. ACP says she is dead and Abhijeet tells him I did not turn the knob. ACP says he never said anything about the knob and that means Abhijeet in his guilt blurted it out. Abhijeet says someone is trying to trap him and tells him his story. A little earlier when he was coming home he came across Sunanina dad in front of house trying to commit suicide if he did not see him. Abhijeet met him and he tells him that his daughter is in her last stage of cancer and that she wants to meet him. Abhijeet decides to go to the hospital. When they were in the room Suniana's dad says he will go out. Suniana is happy to see Abhijeet and asks him to relieve her of her pain by turning the red switch off. By doing so the oxygen will not get pumped to her mask. Abhijeet denies it but Sunaina keeps insisting. Abhijeet tells ACP he did touch the switch but was not able to turn it off. ACP tells him that if he touched it means that he did turn it off and that's a crime to kill someone like that and arrests Abhijeet. The star newsperson asks Abhijeet and ACP to tell them what happened to which ACP says no comments and walks away. When they reach the bureau again there are press and news journalists who immediately pounce on them. ACP manages to take Abhijeet inside and in the room there is Senior Inspector Abhijeet, Fredricks and Aditi. Abhijeet tells ACP that they 3 came back but Daya and Daksh have not. They show Daya and Daksh behind trees both loading their guns. Daya then fires and they show both Daksh and Daya both facing each other and firing and the screen freezes there as black and white( What is this Daya again in trouble?). ACP is in office and wondering whether the CID officer that the informer mentioned was Daya or Daksh. Was the informer right? Did Daya and Daksh find something in each other houses? How can Abhijeet Sawant be saved if hi fingerprints are on the oxygen knob? What could have happened in the last 5 minutes of Sunaina's death? Was it the father who killed the daughter? Or the doctor

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