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TITLE: Case of Abhijeet Sawant under arrest-Part 2
DATED: 24-Jun-2005
DESCRIPTION: Abhijeet Sawant is brought to the bureau where he is still saying he is not guilty. He did touch the knob but did not turn it off. H says that someone is trapping him, as when he left the ICU Sunaina was alive. Abhijeet goes to the forensic lab and Dr Anjalika tells him that ACP did not call her bout any case. Abhijeet says that he has come without ACP's Knowledge. She says she is not GOD and does not know who will kill whom. Abhijeet is surprised that she knows about it to which Anjalika says that she is a better detective that him. She does not disclose if Daksh or Daya had been there but says the phone was dead so no one can call. Abhijeet meets a girl as he is leaving the lab and finds out that it is Pratima Anjalika's new research assistant. (There is this initial flirting kind of scene) Abhijeet asks her if she knew if Daksh or Daya had come to meet Dr Anjalika. She saying Daksh is young smart and handsome to which Abhijeet is amused at the smart adjective being used. She continues to tell him that Daksh was there with Dr Anjalika 3 hours ago and he was angry. Dr Anjalika did instigate him and tell him that someone may be after him or try to kill him. And at the end she says that he is also smart to which Abhijeet had this funny expression ( it was worth a watch) The star news guy is reporting that he is in ACP Pradyuman;s office . You can see ACP Pradyuman behind and the reporter says that there look there are new developments to this case and someone is trapping Abhijeet. He asks ACP if Abhijeet is innocent t to which ACP says they have some evidences that they will be investigating based off. ACP is in the hospital asking who was there in the hospital at the time Abhijeet Sawant was inside. Sunaina;s father says that he was there along with the doctor. He doctor says that he went to the bathroom for 3-4 minutes as he has a habit of washing his face. And when he came back they heard Sunaina screaming. So then ACP starts looking at the father and saying that he could have done the crime and blamed it on Abhijeet. Aditi starts to build on that and says that Sunaina;s father must have killed her as she must have told him too about her suffering . Sunaina;s father says that he could never do such a thing and why are they suspecting him instead of the Dr. He said that the doctor had asked him to take his daughter to another hospital as they wanted to give the room to someone else. He also says that he remembers when Abhijeet Sawant left he had heard the secretary say that it was 7 minutes to 9 and when the doctor came back it was 9 as the clock had indicated 9 strikes at that time. He says that the doc must have gone through and alternate entrance. ACP leaves Abhijeet with Fredricks and they got o the ICU to find the other entrance. After talking to Pratima Abhijeet realizes that Daksh did not go to Abhijeet's house as instructed by ACP but stayed in the bureau and went after Daya. Abhijeet goes to Daya's house and he sees that all stuff is thrown around. In midst that he sees a silencer and knows for sure that Daya is in trouble. Right then the servant comes there and she is surprised to see Abhijeet. She tells him that Daya and Daksh had a fight and Daya left with a bag in his hand. Abhijeet asks how they went and kanta bai says by their motorcycles. ACP is in the ICU room and telling Dr Saurabh that he must have come through this door and shut off the knob instead of going to the bathroom. Dr Saurabh says that is not possible as this door is locked from outside and he does not have the key. The receptionist tells them that she always keeps the key and never gives it to anyone. If they need it she goes and opens it. Right then Aditi calls ACP and tells him that the knob has some oil and also hair. On the wall too there is oil meaning that someone must have oily hair and they must have touched the wall accidentally. Samples are taken from all the hospital staff and sent to Dr Anjalika. She says that none of the 323 samples match, as the one on the door is horsehair. Also the oil is not the regular ones that are used on hair. Hearing about the horse hair ACP says he has music in his ears . No one understands what he is talking about.( This was really funny scene as ACP was talking about the music in his ears and that he does not want the sound to stop and you would think he is mad) They go that hospital where ACP says that this door is always locked so someone must have been inside first then as this door automatically locks had tied a horse hair from one side to the other so when the door shut it did not shut completely. He says that person must have come earlier and done this and waited behind so as soon as Abhijeet Sawant left he came it turned the knob and got out but in the hurry to pull the horse hair did not realize some was left in. He says that the person has to be a musician. They go and ask the receptionist and she says Rishikesh had come there. The father says it cannot be him as he is Sunaina's teacher and is nice. But Abhijeet Sawant says that he knows Rishikesh. Since the time Abhijeet has become the Indian Idol he came to him for help but unfortunately Rishikesh's ego placed a role. ACP goes to the music school and arrest Rishikesh. He does confess to doing the crime to take revenge on Abhijeet Sawant. He was unhappy that Abhijeet became rich and famous while he remained the same. He said that he had gone to visit Sunaina. She told him that her dream is coming true and Abhijeet was coming there .He then said that from his violin stringing he had coincidently the horse hair and the rest is what ACP had already figured. Abhijeet tells him that he was helping him but Rishikesh says no that was not what he wanted. ACP tells him that he needs to get his head checked and spend the rest of time in Jail. ACP gets a call from Abhijeet saying that a constable say Daya heading to dabor road so he is now on his way there . Abhijeet sees Daya's bike leaving off the road. While Acp is on the phone Fredrick comes there and says that there is a girl who is badly wounded who is outside waiting for ACP. ACP goes there and seeing the girl's condition tells Fredricks to call the ambulance. The girl is telling him something and as he cannot hear he puts his ear to her mouth and hears Kumar. ACP says that he needs to call Ajaatshatru. Fredricks comes back and says that the ambulance is there. ACP tells Fredricks to see if he is back from his case. He then turns to inform the girl about the ambulance he sees the girl dead. ACP says that he needs to inform ACP Ajaatshatru (What is this Kumar and ACP Ajaashatru link? Was this a pervious case that Ajjashatru ad solved and they are going to be after Ajjashaatru again like Billa?) What's the scoop behind Daya and Daksh ?what is Dr Anjalika's role in this? Is she along with Daksh taking revenge against the unbreakable duo Abhijeet and Daya? Is there some romance in the air for Abhijeet ? Is Pratima here to stay and solve Dr Anjalika's mystery?

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