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TITLE: Code name Banjara Part 1
DATED: 01-Jul-2005
DESCRIPTION: Abhijeet sees Daya's bike and gets out of his car. He walks to wards the bike and someone starts to fire at him. He also starts to fire but he is unable to see anyone. As he is looking around he feels a gun on his neck and when he turns he sees a badly bruised Daksh. Daksh on seeing Abhijeet lowers his gun and says Abhijeet sir its u. Sorry I thought it was one of those people. Abhijeet asks him what he is talking about and where is Daya. Daksh says that as per ACP's order he had gone over to Abhijeet's house. While he was there was a call and thinking it might be urgent he picked it up. The person on the other line was telling him he knew about Daksh's dead brother and asked him to come immediately to this place. When he came here he saw Daya with them and they asked him to shoot Daya. Abhijeet is stunned and asks him what he did with Daya and did he shoot him. Daksh tells him no he did not as someone or something hit him. Abhijeet calls Daya's phone to see that it is in the jungle along with the badge. Abhijeet tells Daksh they need to go to the hospital as he is badly wounded They show a girl getting up and walking in the balcony and sees there are weird red marks there. She then calls her neighbor who sees the same marks on her balcony. Then they see that its on all the balconies and as the marks are weird someone thinks its aliens and so they decide to call CID In the hospital ACP Pradyuman is not sure where Daya has gone and Aditi tells him that they have no information still. Daksh still tries to tell them that he is innocent but Abhijeet pulls ACP to the side and tells him he does not believe Daksh. He says he is making up a story about going to his house (Abhijeet) and straight to the jungle but Daya's servant said that Daksh and Daya had a fight and when Abhijeet reached there the place was in a mess. Right then ACP Pradyuman gets a call about the aliens so they leave the hospital room. Outside he tells Aditi to keep a watch on Daksh. ACP Pradyuman, Abhijeet and Fredricks are trying to figure out what the marks are as they are weird. ACP understands its blood and as per the residents this happened between midnight and the morning Abhijeet finds a feather on the balcony and tells ACP that is not aliens but it is birds. Hence it's on all balconies. There must be something in the jungle that is covered with blood and the birds must have come from there. They all go to the jungle. When searching Daya's shoelace comes out. When he bends to tie the lace something drops on his head. He thinks its crows blessing and as Abhijeet is there Abhijeet wipes his head with a hanky. They see blood on the hanky and look up to see that a body is on a branch. They bring the body down and check the pocket to see that there is a wallet. In that there is a license of Colonel Banjara. Daksh wants to know why the servant lied so he gets up from the bed and leaves the hospital. Aditi sees him and follows him without him knowing. Daksh goes to his house to see the servant locking the door and looking around suspiciously. He hides and watches her and then follows her. When she enters a house she screams and Daksh goes there he sees a dead man. He asks her whether she killed him. She says no she came to get her money. Daksh understands that this guy is the person who made the servant lie that Daksh and Daya had a fight. He checks the body and finds a license of Colonel Banjara. He asks the servants where she met him. She says she will take him there. As they leave Aditi comes there and says that ACP was right that Daksh would try to escape. Aditi tells him that he needs to come back to the bureau. Aditi and Daksh along with the body reach the bureau to see an angry ACP. ACP asks Daksh where he disappeared from the hospital to come back with a dead body. Daksh says that he has found the Colonel Banjara that they were looking for. ACP says that they already found the colonel Banjara on the treetop. Daksh tells them he has the license and Abhijeet looks at it and says that it was the exact same license that they found. ACP says he has called his informer to find out, which one is Colonel Banjara. The informer comes and says that none of the 2 bodies are that of Colonel Banjara. ACP is left wondering what this big conspiracy about.

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