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DATED: 29-Jul-2005
DESCRIPTION: Its a film shooting site where the director calls the shoots and then the lunch break. He goes to his van to eat his lunch which is a girls face. Right then inspite of told not to disturb the director the actress of the film goes to see the director. She sees his face and food and is shocked. She runs from there to end inspite of being blindfolded to fall in front of Aditi's car. Before she faints she writes CP on the car in blood. Aditi and her fiance takes her to the hospital and CID is called. Daksh, Aditi , Daya and Fredricks got ot the spot where Aditi found the actress where they come upon a hidden entrance. When they search they find parts of bodies espcially an eye on a fork and they get to know they are dealing with a cannibal. From the utensils they find seema engraved on them. They call all catering companies to the bureau and one guy identifies the utensils to be from his production firm. He says that they cater to production houses and when he lists them one of them is CR Productions and Aditi thinks thats the one as it may be it was CR that the actress was intending to write.Aditi decides to go to the production house as the cannibal only wants girls .She poses as a journalist and while waiting for the shooting to get over she snoops around and gets caught by CR the director and cannibal.

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