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DATED: 05-Aug-2005
DESCRIPTION: Aditi is taken to an unknown place, where she sees that there are more girls that have been kidnapped. All of then have their hands and legs tied and they are crying. Aditi tells them not ot worry as she tries to find a way to escape. Daya and Fredricks are in the directors house while rest go to the office but they are a little late as both places are burnt down. But Daya finds some script that has not been totally burnt and when they read it they figure out that more than the script this is what the director is doing in reality.In the meantime as Aditi is on a ledge that is on a higher level she manages to fall down and wriggle to one of the girls and using her mouth unties the knots from one of the girls and the girl then frees the others. But before the girls can untie aditi they hear CR coming .Aditi tells them to escape and call the CID team and inform them the place.The director is so mad at Aditi that she managed to get the other girls to escape and in the fight that takes place somehow they both get tangled to a post.On getting the wherabouts of Aditi the CID team reaches there and rescues her.

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