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TITLE: Mad Bomber Part 1
DATED: 12-Aug-2005
DESCRIPTION: Its a 25th aniversary of Mr and Mrs Ghatak and while the celebrations are going on they show a mysterious guy walking out and a gift wrapped package under the table. In some time the gift wrapped package burst and this ends up injuring and killing 50+ people. The CID team come there and the press are wondering how come they were not aware. They look at the list and see no important celebrity and also the bomb was home made. The mysterious man from the party posts a letter to the CID office where he tells them he needs 5 Crores Rs and if he does not get it bombs will go off the next daya t 12, 4 ,8 and midnight.ACP calls the press and tells them that they will pay the 5 Crores and this is telecasted . ACP sends Abhijeet to Dr Anjalika t see if there is anything in the letter and the rest of the team to the post office. The post man takes them to the post box where the letter was mailed. There they find a cocnut seller who tells him the only suspicious person was a man who dies after posting the letter. As this was a reported case they take the body and Anjalika matches the dead body's finger prints with that on the letter. Now they are all baffled as also in the letter it was written that he has told his men when to detonate but he is the one controlling it.Now how to find who is controlling it. There is a man Subbu (played by Sadashiv Amrapurkar) who makes a call from a phone booth to a producer telling them that he is Amitabh Bachan and he is ready to do their movie and to bring the money to Dolly studio. His assitand thinks its not AB but the guy tells him why lose this opportunity the place is close by and they go there. The film producer goes to Dolly studios where he sees its deserted. His asistant wants them to go back but right then they hear AB's voice and they see a van. They go to the van and there they see that its Subbu and not AB . Subbu's men surround them and they leave the money and run away. There is another blast at Deep charag where again 50+ people die and there the CID team find pieces of the detonated bomb and take it to Dr Anjalika. Dr Anjalika tells them to forget abt the bomb as she has more information. She tells them to give this case to ACP Ajatshatru as he had arrested this dead peron 5 years ago and also released him. ACP tells Abhijeet to get Ajaatshatru to come to the bureau. It ends there and then we see Abhijeet telling the viewers to watch CID SB on Monday and Tuesday as this crime gets solved with time running out.

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