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TITLE: Mad Bomber Part 4
DATED: 19-Aug-2005
DESCRIPTION: From the previous episode the sim card of Bandora is got and then with the records the CID team find out one number that has been called just before all the bombs went off. They decide to call the bomber but realize that the bomber only takes instructions from Bandora . Ajaatshatru says that maybe in the jail they have some recording. Daya goes to the jail and he gets a tape where 5 people are realesed that day so it is difficult. But Dr anjalika is able to get all the 5 people recordings separated as they are of different frequencies. Ajaatshatru is able to identify the voice and they make Subhu call the bomber. They saw the bomber being a lady who is near Goregan station and she plays the bomb in a childrens park. Subhu talks to the bomber in Bandora's voice and tells her not ot place the bomb but she says its too late. Fredricks with the help of the tracking software keeps track of the cell phone bombers movements while Daya and Tejali are searching in the station Aditi is searching in the park.She finds the bomb and calls the bomb squard to come but they are stuck in traffic. She ends up throwing it in the nearby lake and all the people are pleased with Aditi . The kid who was on top of the see saw where the bomb was placed tells his mom who comes to Aditi and thanks her and blesses her with a long life. They show a new cast praising CID /CID SB and how the officers do not care for their lives and take care of the criminials.ajaatshatru tells aditi she did a great job and tells all to be like her( this was the half hour point and I was thinking that the show is over but this was an hour special I guess and I was not aware. Now when I write it I think this was an indication that Aditi was going to die) Subbu tells the lady bomber to put the bomb where she is as CID is on their trail . Abhijeet and Ajaatshatru are shocked ot hear this and then Subbu tells him he is not going to help them for free and he needs 5 crores that was supposed to be given to Bandora.He further blackmails that he also needs the phone and they will let him go free from there. the bomber places the bomb in an elctronic store.ajaatshatru gives the money and tells him to stop the blast to which subbu says when he is in a safe place he will call it. Abhijeet tells Daya to go to that the store as the cell phone tracking device told them the location.The bomb squad manages to disable the bomb. Ajaatshatru gets a mimic artist and gets him to call Subbu in the the bomber lady's voice and tells her to meet him at Kandi shopping mall and similarly calls the lady bomber. In the mall the lady bomber does not recognize Subbu but before she can do anything the CID /CID SB team surrounds them. the lady bomber tells them she is a sucide bomber so to let her go. Although Abhijeet is against this Ajaatshatru says for the safety of the others they have to let her go. Subbu takes the lady bomber as a hostage and this way the two of them manage to escape. When they reach outside the lady bomber knocks out Subbu . The CID/CID SB team search for them and Adit sees the bomber trying to escape . She stops her but in the meantime Subbu gets up and tells Asiti not to shoot the bomber as they will all die .Saying this he walks to her and then he pulls out a knife in the thing that he used as the flute. He stabs Aditi and the bomber and he playing the flute start to walk away from there. Aditi fires at Subbu and he falls on the ground. Hearing this the bomber turns back and without hesitation Aditi shoots her and the bomb blasts. Hearing the blast the other CID/CID SB officers come running to see Aditi on the ground. Before Ajaatshatru can call the ambulance or anyone can do anything Aditi dies . Pradyuman gets a call from Ajaatshatru telling him that Aditi died and he is shocked to hear it. Fredricks comes there to learn this and he too cannot believe it. Pradyuman comes to the morgue with Fredricks where Abhijeet, Daya,ajaashatru and Anjalika are there . ( where are the CID/SB folks). All have tears in their eyes. Pradyuman looks at Ajaashatru and cannot believe and ends up just shaking his head.

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