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TITLE: Anokha Intequam Part 1
DATED: 26-Aug-2005
DESCRIPTION: The episode starts with a guy going into the storeroom of LP productions to pick up a film reel. A cat attacks him. The film premier of 'Dil ne kaha' is being held and the lead stars Sheel Kumar, Rakhi (Pooja Ghai Rawal), Sameera (Sangeeta Ghosh) and giving interviews to the press. Director and Producer are worried because the film reel has not reached yet. Producer gets a call that his son died in the storeroom. Inspector Aditi's funereal procession is taken through the road. Her parents, friends, relatives and CID and CID SB team follow it. In the burial ground her father's lit the pyre. Senior Inspector Abhijeet gets a call about producer's son's murder. He asks Daya to go. Daya, Fredericks and Daksh go to LP productions and question everyone. Production manager says that he saw the dead body first. Dr.Anjalika examines the body and says that a cat must have killed him because she got fur hair and cat's teeth from the neck. Daya and Daksh search the area and find a precious topaz stone. On examining the topaz stone Anjalika finds poisonous black widow spider's web on it. She tells them that this spider is generally found in American region. Daksh searches and finds that a scientist bought it to India for study and then released it into a national park. They search that national park and find some production items of LP productions. They again question the production manager of LP productions about the topaz stone and latter tells them that Sheel Kumar wears all kinds of stones on his fingers. They go to Sheel Kumar's house and find a veterinarian there. He tells them that Sheel's cat is killed so he is burying it. They run to the lawn and find Senior Inspector Abhijeet and Sheel burying the cat. Daya is shocked to see Abhijeet there. Latter tells them that Sheel is his friend. Sheel tells that someone poisoned his cat. Daya takes the cat to forensic lab for testing. DSP is mad at Abhijeet for helping the suspect Sheel Kumar in burying the cat so he hands over the case to ACP Ajatshatru.

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