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TITLE: 3 CAT RAT 3 Part 1
DATED: 07-Oct-2005
DESCRIPTION: A place is burning and one person inside is crying for help. The CID come there the next day and see that there are 2 dead bodies. On trying to figure out why they did not escape ACP Pradyuman finds the bodies had knife cuts all over their body and Daya finds the knife (Yay Daya is back ) which looks like a military knife. Daksh ( I thought he was so busy with FG and its twist and turns so we were not going to see him for some time) finds a broken window and outside another guy who is unconscious and has not knife wounds. The neighbours tell ACP identify the bodies as Meghna and her son who have been living there for long time but no one recognizes the unconscious man . Dr Anjali says that they both have been so badly hurt with a knife and hence they were not able to escape when there was the fire,Also she finds in the nails of the mother some flesh which looks like she had tried to escape. They get a purse and wallet from the unconscious person Max. They find out from the passport that he is an Italy and he came to India 9 days back. Max gains consciousness and the CID team go to questions him but he does not tell them anything but they take a part of his flesh. This matches with the one that was found in Meghna's nails. ACP says its so odd that a person just came from Rome to kill a mother and son. And while he was torturing them someone tried to kill all 3 of them. They decide to go back to the house to look for clues. they find a ring hidden inside the TV. They find 3 rat cat 3written inside on the ring. They go to ask Max what it means and Max on hearing this gets scared and has a heart failure and dies. Anjalika finds a weird collar tag and they find that the mark is from Jupiter club Rome. They find that Jupiter club is linked to Club Anthereus Mumbai and ACP is sure that Max stayed over at this club. they go to the room where Max stayed and they find all the things scattered in the room. there is laptop over there and Daya finds a folder 3 rat cat 3. they see 3 photos. they look at the first and its of Meghna and her son. They do not recognize the other 2. Daya continues to see if there is more valuble info in the laptop and the rest continue to search the room. Abhijeet finds a dead man in the tub and its the same man in the second photo. CID people are left wondering what does 3 RAT CAT 3 got to do with the 4 murders.

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