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TITLE: 3 CAT RAT 3 Part 2
DATED: 14-Oct-2005
DESCRIPTION: The CID team ask the club staff regarding the murder. All say they do not know anything about it. When asked the manager says that it is the club policy to not disturb people . He says the dead person's name was Pranay Mehta and he had come from Rome 10 days back. ACP Pradyuman says that Max came 7 days back following this Pranay to kill him. The manager says that Pranay has come there many times infacthe comes every 5-6 months and is there for 10 days. He normally is in his room and thats why this time too no one disturbed him. The only thing the manager remembered was on one of those trips Pranay had asked for a cab to Mudd. The CID team go to search for clues in Pranay;s room. The room is empty except for a safe. They take the safe to the bureau and the locksmith says this is computerized and will need password. ACP tells Daya to try 3 RAT CAT 3 as the password and the safe opens. Inside that there is a phone Abhijeet looks in the call logs and text messages but sees that the phone is never used. He looks at the sim card and there is something written .It says Ram-Shyam 15 hafte baad. Meantime Dr Anjalika tells them that this Pranay's DNA matches the DNA of the boy who died in the house. They now understand that the third photo that was found in Max's room is actually the mother and son from the house along with Pranay. Daya and Daksh figure out that Ram-Shyam is got ot do with movies but not Ram-Shyam movie but Ram-Shyam theater which is now called Bright Multiplex and its in Mudd . Abhijeet, Daksh, Daya and Fredricks go to the theatre .As the movie was old there were less people so they were allowed to search. Daya thinks that 15 maybe the seat number so they start searching all rows under the 15th seat and Daksh finds a pen stick ( here we call it USB memory stick) . They take the stick and come out of the threatre. A girl is watching them as they leave the theatre. After sometime Abhijeet gets a call from the girl telling him that she is aware that they have something from teh theartre. She says to give it to a beggar in the upcomong interesection and if they do not then there is a bomb fitted in their car. Daya tells her that they are not worried and the girl says she knows it but think of the innocent people who will also get killed. They show that its a busy place. Abhijeet calls ACP and tells him about what happened. ACP says to follow what the girl says and give her the pen stick. In the next junction a beggar comes up to them and they give him the stick. The light turns green and the go ahead. But Abhijeet tells Daya to stop the car and go find out who the beggar is giving the stick. Daya starts to search for the beggar. The girl calls Abhijeet and tells him which wire to cut as she is happy that they listened to her.Daya finds the beggar but he says he does not know anything . Just a lady came and gave him lots of money and took the stick ( How did the girl know that there was a beggar ahead and if she did not know him and if he threw the stick then. This was so odd but I guess the beggar knew it was something important and that someone would come and take it?????). Daya comes and tells Abhijeet this. Abhijeet says that they need to go back to the theartre and search for clues.As that is where the girl had put a bomb in their car. They go back there and ask around. Finally Daya finds a watchman who tells him that a girl came there in a Honda City grey color and gave him 1000 Rs to be able to park next to their car. So he moved the other vehicle so she could park there. She also told him not ot take down her number. The watchman however remembered that the car had a yellow sticker pass for Surajnagar Dandiya . They all go to Surajnagar Dandiya and find a car that fitted the descriptoon. ( this is so odd there are so many cars and so many grey color honda's how can u figure it out just with that). Fredricks stays outside while the others go inside. They walk around aimlessly and find out that it is difficult ot find someone when they do not know how they look so they go back and wait beside the car. A guy comes and they ask him if its his car and he says yes. They ask him if anyone else uses his car and he says his sister. They show the same girl in the CID bureau saying that she was given a lots of money so she got carried away. She said that Pranay was a scientist and he was working on a project 3 RAT CAT 3 . Pranay was developing a software for the World Peace organisation and thier fight against terroism where by the different countries diplomats could communicate without the terroist intercepting and getting to know their plans. Max was sent to India to get the siftware from Pranay when he did not get it he killed him. then they got ot know that Pranay's family lived in Mud. So they kept toturing them and finally eneded up burning the house. ACP says who would have guessed that a burning of a house had to do with terroism. He says that Pranay and his family have sacrified their lives for the nation and are true heroes.

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