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TITLE: FAce off Part 1
DATED: 21-Oct-2005
DESCRIPTION: Its Mazgaon Dock and its 6:30 pm and one guy( Bodhi of Ayushmaan) comes in a car. He parks the car and is waiting and it become 9 PM and they show a man in full black come to the docks. Its none other than ACP Pradyuman. The guy Sreenivas wants to know why he was called there and ACP says he knows the reason. When Sreenivas says he will not tell him anything ACP says he will not hesitate to kill him . Sreenivas says that he cannot do anything and ACP holds him by the neck towards the wall and tells him that do not think that being a ACP he will not harm him. He tells him he will be back in 4 hours to the same place and Sreenivas should be prepared to give the information, The next morning at 7 Daya is coming home after working all night. He sees a handwritten letter for him and on opening the letter tells him to come to a place at 10. He goes there and meets Abhijeet too who has the same letter. They both enter the house to see a whole office buzzing with activites and they are taken to ACP Pradyuman's boss. ACP 's boss ( does anyone know his name , they just call him Sir) tells them that he has the police investigating the CID team. When asked why he says its because of ACP Pradyuman. He takes them to a room and tells them to look at the monitor screens. They seen ACP Pradyuman coming in a car and waiting. In a few minutes Nakul (Rahil aka Ashmit of YMLH) comes there and they hug. Now Daya and Abhijeet are left wondering as last time Pradyuman had shot Nakul and he had disappeared. ACP's boss tells them that nakul is now an international terrioist and ACP meeting him is the reason for suspecting the CID team . ACP's Boss tells Abhijeet to call ACP and they watch on the screen. ACP Pradyuman takes the call and Abhijeet tells him that he wants to meet him. ACP says he is in the supermarket alone buying groceries. Abhijeet hangs up but is surprised. Nakul asks ACP if there is a problem and ACP says no he can surely take care of it. He gets a call from Fredricks who tells him about a murder at the docks so they leave . At the docks Srinivas is badly wounded and he manages to give Priyankaa/Daksh/Fredricks a phone number of Francis . He is taken to the hospital. Daya and Abhijeet reach the hospital and ACP is there with Daksh. Right then Francis( he is abhay's chachu in KKusum) comes there and ACP is like Francis you here . He says that Srinivas was working for him and had found some clues on an criminal and his gang. Srinivas says that the CD is with a person who is present right then in the room. Srinivas takes his hand and points to ACP and then he dies , ACP vanishes from there. Daksh says that when a person dies his statement is always true. Daya is wondering why ACP is not saying anything in his defense. Abhijeet says that they cannot come to any conclusion .The team goes to the docks to search for clues and they come across a backpack of a photographer. They come up with that the photographer must have been there to capture the birds pictures. Daksh confirms as one of the wild life magezines had their photographer Parag on those docks.They decide to go to the photographer's house and they find him dead.Priyanka says that ACP must have done the crime as all the clues point in his direction, Abhijeet gets angry with Priyanka and tells her she has been in the CID only for 4 days and tells her to keep quiet. They find a memory chip in his socks and when the put it in the camera they find the first scene where ACP Pradyuman is holding Srinivas 's neck.Everyone has shocked looks.

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