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TITLE: FAce off Part 2
DATED: 28-Oct-2005
DESCRIPTION: Abhijeeet and Daya are shocked .Priyanka continues rattling saying that ACP is the culprit and we have proof and now Abhijeet cannot tell her anything. Abhijeet tells her to not talk nonsense. Daksh tells Abhijeet that what Priyanka is saying is all right as they now even have evidence. Abhijeet tells them to not talk about the proof. Priyanka says its wrong to hide evidence . Abhijeet tells her to do as he tells her as it is an order. He tells Daya they need to talk to ACP and get to the bottom of it. Nakul and ACP Pradyuman are talking . Nakul says he is not able to believe that his dad belives in him and is happy to see him help him. ACP tells him he is his son and he can do anything for his family ( This is getting confusing as why did he shoot him at the same time) Right then Abhijeet and Daya come there and they are shocked hearing ACP saying that and pull out their guns . ACP goes and stands in front of Nakul and tells them both not to shoot. Nakul seeing the opportunity pushes ACP towards Daya and Abhijeet and he escapes. ACP asks them about the photo. ACP says he knows that DCP( they must have heard me as they specifically said this) is watching him and when Abhijeet called he knew that Abhijeet was watching him and knew that he was lieing. And that when Srini pointed the figure it just added to it. Abhijeet and Daya say that they believe he is innocent and are ready to do anything to save him. ACP tells them to leave as he has a big day with decisions to make the next day.He actually is crying ( i think this is the first of ACP crying and being emotional. I think it all has to do with the farewell) There are chaos and riots everywhere. People are burning newspapers that contains ACP 's pictures. Abhi/Daya and ACP are in the jeep and its stopped by these people shouting ACP murdabad.Abhijeet and Daya try to stop but the crowd is just more agitated. ACP comes out and tells them that he has given his whole life to serve them and they are calling him desh drohi. People start to hit him. Abhijeet and daya end up having to shoot in the air to disperse the crowd. Abhijeet goes to Anjalika and she asks about ACP. Abhijeet is like till now u hated him so why the concern all of a sudden. Anjalika says she was bitter against the ACP when she joined but when she saw how hard the ACP worked ( exactly folks he has been there for so long so he is great) her opinion has changed and she does not believe he could be a desh drohi. She shows him 2 bodies and says that they both have wounds and she has examined it and it is knife wounds that could be only done by professional person so now it cannot be ACP. ACP goes to a house and Daya follows him. Nakul is talking to a guy( the room is all dark and they do not show him) and saying that their plans are all working out well and it is due to his( the unknown guy) help. Also now he has his father's help. ACP goes to the same house and knocks on the door. Nakul hides some stuff int he room and also tells the guy to hide. He then opens the door and they both talk. Daya is watching this and reporting back to Abhijeet. Someone with a dart shoots at Daya and he faints. They show someone standing over but again do not show his face. Abhijeet goes to ACP's house and asks for Daya. ACP says he does not know anything about Daya. In the CID office Abhijeet is telling Priyanka, Fredricks and Daksh to search for Daya. They all leave teh CID bureau . ACP walks out of the office and comes and loads a gun . He thinks that he knows that what he is going to do is going to ruin his name that he has worked on so hard to make. He says who knows whether he will come back to this office and if his name will be cleared . He turns all the lights and walks out. ( I thought this was the end as this seemed to be like ACP bidding his farewell to his viewers . It was really sad the way he turned the lights out especially the last one where it was on CID) He walks to the car and then turns to the back seat and sees Daya( I thought he was going ot be shocked but he just had no surprise on his face) He calls Daksh and tells him to meet him in the docks. He tells him that Daya is with him and if he wants Daya to be safe he needs to come there. Daksh immediately calls Abhijeet and tells him all that ACP told him. Abhijeet tells him that they will also come to the docks. Daksh comes to the docks and ACP is standing there with Daksh's body. Daksh cannot bear seeing Daya's body. ACP points a gun at Daksh. Abhijeet and Fredricks reach there and Abhijeet says sir which distracts ACP and he turns towards Abhijeet. Seeing the opportunity Daksh takes his gun out but the reflex of ACP ends up in ACP shooting Daksh( this is the end of daksh too. this was really a sad episode with farewell to ACP and DAksh). Abhijeet and Fredeicks got ot Daksh and when they turn they see ACP disappeared. This is supposed to be continued and this makes way for Rajeev to come in. Its an interesting story but I just cannot bear to see my ACP Pradyuman go. I was so sad and actually I had gone to sleep the first time and today I caught the rerun and I am glad I watched it as if ACP did not come back I would have really been upset that I missed this episode. Its a very emotional epsiode for me and I hope that ACP Pradyuman comes back.

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