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TITLE: FAce off Part 3
DATED: 04-Nov-2005
DESCRIPTION: ACP Pradyuman is in a cab with a girl and she says that she is helping ACP to go to London but if "they" find she does not know what will happen to her. ACP says nothing will happen to her and she tells him how is that possible when he hinself is running away. He tells her he is majboor and hence is running away like a chor.He asks for the photo and she gives ti to him telling its the man sititng down int he middle. ACP tells him that it is not clear and the girl says the photgrapher was killed 3 days after he clicked this. ACP asks if he knows everything and the girl says he is your sons very good friend. In the city hospital Abhijeet, Fredricks, Priyankaa and Daya( yay he is fine and the tranquilizer was not poisonous and knocked him out only for a fews hours) are waiting ouside the operation theatre hoping Daksh is out of danger. Daya wonders why ACP shot Daksh and disappeared. He continues saying that DIG Shamsher Singh is also coming. Abhijeet is wondering how he is getting himself in tho the case given his character. Right then DIG and DCP come there and DIG says thats how come he was not informed about ACP shooting a CID officer . DCP says luckily Priyankaa called him and told him ( as usual priyankaa continues to go against ACP Pradyuman and not listen to Abhijeet , when will she learn ACP cannot do this ) Right then the doctor comes there and he advises not to ask Daksh anything .But DIG does not listen and goes inside . DCP tells Abhijeet and Daya to go and listen too. Daksh asks DIG to promiise him he gets protection against ACP Pradyuman. Abhijeet and Daya are not happy . Daksh continues he wants to talkto DIG alone.Abhijeet and Daya leave the room and DIG asks Daksh tot el him. Daksh tells him ACP Pradyuman and then he falls dead. The doctor and rest of the CID team come in and the doctor told him he had warned him from doing this. ( I am not clear as if he is dead or aliveConfused. I have to guess he died as we know he wanted to leave the show) In the CID bureau DIG wants to know why ACP is still not arressted when the arrest warrant had been issued 3 days ago and why they did not search for him.Abhijeet says that they did search everywhere . DIG sys that they are loyal to ACP and hence cannot see him bad. He shows a photo ( this was taken when ACP and Nakul were talking part 1 ) and says that he is going to question them like a game show where the right answer will get them 2 tickets to Australia( Does Australia now play a role ??? I doubt it ) Among the options Abhijeet choses the one ACP is selling the secrets and DIG tells him that he gives them 2 days to find ACP. He gives a gun and says make it look like an encouter and kill him as he does nto want the hassel of coutcase . Abhijeet says he will resign ( way to go Abhijeet) but DIG says if he does this he will make him the ACP ( we know thats not going to happen as ACP Prithviraj is there ) Back to the cab the girl asks ACP why he did not do anything to Nakul and Pradyuman says that he will give the answer if he gets to come back from London. He and the girl act like they are ordinary people boarding the flight and the flight takes off. Abhijeet is not sure whether is to laugh or cry at his naseeb ( Poor you Abhijeet it is a tough call) He tells Daya he always wanted to be ACP but not over ACPPradyuman's dead body( ClapClapClap) he tells Daya that he knows ACP is not in the country and has asked fredricks to get the list from the airport. Fredrciks gets the list and they see Pradyuman's name in the UK flight listing. Right when Abhijeet tells Fredricks to act like he saw nothing DIG Shamsher comes there ( Abhijeet manages to hideawy the paper in his pant pocket) and he is upset that nothing has been done. Abhijeet they just got information that ACP has lef tIndia and gone to Uganda. DIG is wondering why he went to Uganda and then he says that he killed Daksh before going and before coming to CID Daksh was in USA or UK .. All are stunned hearing this ( WOW this DIG just came and he knows everyones bio data inside out . ) Dig asks Daksh as to why he was in teh airport and fredricks says he was there to see if he could any information but he did not see anything. In the hospital Nakul asks the resceptionist for Dakhs's room number but she does not give it. Nakul leaves upset and outside he meet shis partner who tells him lets forget Daksh and go from here.Nakul says when he has managed to get his father on his side Daksh is nothing compared ot that. In ACP Pradyuman's cabin Priyankaa and Fredricks are packing his stuff. DIG tells Abhijeet that there is a new ACP coming who will take care of ACP Pradyuman's case ( so waht happened to Abhijeets promotion . AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry why say when you are not going to do it ) and they show legs . He continues saying he is young and full of josh and they show him Prithviraj walking ( I am sure all you Rajeev fans are all excited nowTongue)He says he was the topper of his batch and he is honest and they show Prithviraj shooting and everything is bulleye. He comes to the cabin and DIG tells him that this is his team PrithviRaj goes to each one and identifies them right and says hi. He tells Daya and Abhijeet when he was in Police academy they both were considered the role models for detection ( that was really flattery ) Abhijeet tells Prithviraj that they both as sorry that they wil not be able to work for him as they were with Pradyuman . Prithviraj says that if Pradyuman was to retire then would they also leave with him ( That was a great point that Prithviraj raised ) Daya says that they are resigning and Prithviraj says no problem go ahead but he thought they were brave but they are leaving the field like cowards. Prithviraj gets a call and is informed of a murder. He tells DIG he just came and ther eis a murder so he is going there and Abhijeet and Daya tell him they are coming with himBig smile.After they leave DIG says ACP

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