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TITLE: FAce off Part 4
DATED: 11-Nov-2005
DESCRIPTION: ACP Prithviraj, Abhijeet and Daya come to the hotel and see a man lying on the ground. No one in the hotel staff can identify the dead man. Just then one person steps forward and mentions that this guy was standing on the roof and he was shouting to call th e hotel management as he wanted to buy the hotel and then in a few minutes he fell down. Daya says it looks like a suicide case but Abhijeet says there si something odd( Daya calls Prithviraj sir and he says not to and also he says that when in police academy he was taught to be like Abhijeet and Daya in the detection) . The person has eaten something poisonous seeing the white liquid from his mouth and also his lips are purple. The watchman says that when they saw this man standing in the terrace they went there but the man had locked the door from inside. When looking closely Prithviraj sees something on the hand and Abhijeet says that it is snake bite. They 3 go to the terrace to figure out hwo the snake was on in the terrace. Abhijeet says that the guy was standing holding the chimney so looks like the chimney was the only way the snake could have come. Prithviraj starts to go into the chimney when Daya says sir u do not go I will to which Prithviraj says if you continue calling me sir I will take my shir and go inside for sure. Daya says its CID tradition so it will take time. Prithviraj says that to Pradyuman you have to call Sir but he is just Prithviraj and when they call him Sir he feels like a 50 year old person . Daya goes into the chimney( how come big daya could fit into such a small chimney ??). Inside that Daya finds some fingerprints . When he comes out he is covered all in black and soot. Prithviraj asks the hotel manager who all use the terrace and he says no one. So then they ask him to call his hotel employees as they must also be someone who has soot over them.Fredricks asks all if anyone saw this guy entering the hotel when the hotel owner comes there and he too denies knowing the person. Prithviraj ,Daya and Abhijeet check the employees and no one is got any soot in them. Abhijeet and Daya go inside the hotel to check for clues and Prithviraj is standing with the body. He sees one man looking at the hand of the body very closely. On asking the liftman says this bracelet in the dead man's hand was actually worn by someone else who was old Daya finds a wig ,false beard and moustache which was of an old man. They put this on the dead man and ask the lift man and he recollects this man being the one who had the bracelet. The guard also says that this man was walking slowly so he came to help him but the old man pushed him away and he saw him from the hotel opposite. The CID team goes to Hotel Shasha and the hotel owner is upset that as the CID team has come to his hotel his hotel's reputation will be gone. When Prithviraj shows the photo of the dead man he says this person is Pankaj and he was staying at their hotel and he said that the other hotel Kariba was 50% his. They show the Kariba's hotel owner Vikram playing with the snake. He holds the snake near his mouth and the snake bites him ( yuck it was nasty scene). Right then Daya and Abhijeet come there and break the door open . They check the cupboard and see a lot of snakes in the bottom. Prithviraj comes there and says he was suspicious of him as downstairs he hhad seen his hands had the same marks as Pankaj's. Vicky says that the how could Pankaj die with the snake bite as he would have been dead long back.Fredricks asks Daya to come down. The 3 of them go downstairs and Fredrciks shows them clothes that has soot on them. When looking closely Abhijeet sees that the soot is not all over the shirt and when he smelt the shirt it was of garam masala and chilli powder. He asks Fredricks to get an apron and now it makes sense why the sooti s not all over. They call the chef and he says he does not know anything. Daya sthen forcibly tries to get answer when Prithviraj says he will do it calmly and takes him inside the kitchen. There is lot of nocie and when he comes out the chef is all beaten and says that he was paid to do it so he killed him. Next they show Shasha's owner who says h e did take advantage of the situation. Pankaj and his partner was having problems so he asked him to go to the roof and make a tamasha. He then with the help of the cook had him killed with the snake. As Vicky tames snakes he planned it sucha way the blame would fall on the Vicky and then their hotel business would shut down giving his hotel the business and success.

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