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TITLE: Trail in London Part 1
DATED: 18-Nov-2005
DESCRIPTION: Short update -We are shown the city of London, where Prad is. He is talking to a lady over the phone, who is in Mumbai. Prad wants to find someone named Digambo (not sure of the name). -Mumbai: Nakul is dressed as a nurse. "She" enters the city hospital to kill Daksh. He tries to go into his room, but the officers initially don't allow him. But later, an officer is sent with the "nurse". Nakul then hits the officer. -Nakul injects something into Daksh. At the same time, the CID team arrives at the hospital and enter Daksh's room. Nakul sees them and flees. Daya tries to follow him, but Nakul goes into the elevator and it closes. Daya goes thru the stairs and reaches the elevator to find a wig and a nurse costume. Daya puts the pieces of the puzzle together and figures out that Nakul was the "nurse" in disguise. -Prithviraj tells DIG that Prad is in London. DIG says that he knew about that since he somehow found that out at the airport. Daya is sad to see that DIG knows Prad's whereabouts. Both Prithviraj and Daya say that Prad must have gone to London to do/find something important, but DIG thinks otherwise. -London: Prad asks some indian people in london about Digambo, but everyone is scared and tell that Prad is a dangerous man (i don't know why). Anyway, Prad goes into a bar, orders a drink and sits beside an indian man. He asks the man about Digambo and the man gives Prad Digambo's address, with the condition that Prad does not mention the man's name. -Prad goes and rings Digambo's door. We are shown a man opening the door.... That's all we are shown.

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