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TITLE: Trail in London Part 3
DATED: 02-Dec-2005
DESCRIPTION: London: ACP Pradyuman sees the caf and thinks to himself that he will wait for the terrorist there. So, he is hiding behind a black car. An Indian man (shifty looking) walks on the street and Pradyuman notices that it is the same person who is also seen in the photo with the terrorist. Pradyuman thinks: what is this? this is the same man in the photo. Prad then says, only for these people did I venture out to London from India. Prad also says that he is lucky that he found one of the man from the photo and thinks that maybe the terrorist might also be there in caf. The Indian man enters the caf and sits in a table and joins 2 people (a "man" and a "lady"). The "man" tells the Indian man that a bomb is going to blast in Mumbai. Mumbai: Carnival - people are enjoying. There is a shifty looking guy who is carrying a Nik bag. He then leaves the bag beside a ride and leaves. We then here the ticking of the bomb that is in the bag. London: Hare Rama Hare Krishna thing is going on there. Pradyuman is walking and thinking that the Indian man must be meeting the terrorist. He also says that he won't spare this Indian man. The Indian man enters the subway station and Pradyuman follows him. A train arrives, but the man does not initially go in it...Prad sees this. Prad then hides behind so that the man cannot see him. Finally, the Indian man enters the train, but soon comes out. Prad again hides and thinks whether this Indian man has seen him snooping around. Another train arrives and this time, the Indian man enters the train and Pradyuman thinks that he must catch this guy and that he shouldn't let him go. So, Pradyuman enters the train (the same boogie as the Indian man). Pradyuman then goes and approaches this Indian man. Prad says "Hi!" to him. The Indian man does not seem amused by this and looks disinterested. Pradyuman then comments about the man's black sunglasses. He says that usually people don't wear sunglasses indoors and you look like a shifty guy. Then, Prad brings out the photo (2 men in Caf Caf) and shows the photo to the Indian man. Prad then asks "is that you, who is the other man with you?" The Indian man says that he doesn't know who the person is and that he is not a terrorist. Pradyuman then goes about talking about the London police about how they have a really tight security and are more vigilant, ever since the London bomb blasts. Pradyuman then asks if the Indian man wants LIFE OR DEATH...Then the Indian man responds by saying that if he told Prad, then "he" (some person) will kill the Indian man. Pradyuman then says that if he doesn't tell him, then he will shoot him. He says, in addition that he has a gun. Pradyuman then asks the man about the person's name and who are involved in this game. The Indian man says that a guy named "Sajez" (not sure of the spelling) sent a terrorist to India to plant bombs in various places. Pradyuman asks who has the list of the places to be bombarded. The Indian man responds that Nakul has it. Pradyuman is shocked and asks the Indian man to take him to meet Sajez. Mumbai: CID Bureau - The team discusses about the broken tooth. They conclude that Nakul must have gone to the Dentist to fix his tooth because no one can sustain that much of a pain. A girl enters the bureau (and it is the same girl who helped Pradyuman escape to London) Prithviraj remembers her from a photo. Prithviraj asks why she has come here? The girl responds that her name is Anoushka and that she is from Central Intelligence and is a sub-inspector. Anoushka tells them that ACP Pradyuman is in London to find Nakul. Prithviraj is angry because Pradyuman did not tell the CID team, but told Anoushka. Anoushka then says, don't worry about this, but worry about the fact that Nakul is going to blast the places. Carnival - Then suddenly, the bomb blasts (the one where the man left the Nik bag alone in a corner). There's BREAKING NEWS on the TV everywhere. Bureau - Daya says that they will all have to go and search all the dental places to find out where Nakul is. London: Sajez (a police man, I think) tells ACP that he dares to meet him here. Pradyuman tells him that he will kill him before he dies. He also says that he will exposed Sajez's true ugly nature to everyone. Pradyuman then says that he called the police here and then tells Sajez that he will rot in jail for the rest of his life. Mumbai: CID searches all the dental offices around Mumbai (Santa Cruz, Andheri, Ghatkopar, and so many other places on the map). Abhijeet then calls the bureau and says that he has found the dentist who had treated Nakul's tooth pain. Abhijeet then says that the doctor had prescribed a medicine called "Dentrose". So, Prithviraj goes to a nearby pharmacy and asks the pharmacist if they sell the medicine "Dentrose" and who bought it in the last 2 days. The pharmacist says that someone bought the medicine yesterday, but he doesn't exactly remember who it is. Then, Prithviraj shows Nakul's photo to the pharmacist and the pharmacist then remembers Nakul and tells them that he had many things in his hand (water bottles and tissure paper). He didn't have a plastic bag because it wasn't allowed (i still don't understand why). The CID team concludes that Nakul must have had these things because he was moving somewhere, maybe somewhere near the pharmacy. They also conclude that the most important thing that Nakul must be needing would be food. Priyanka brings a list of 5 restaurants (Punjabi food), who deliver food to the apartments. Fredricks also brings a Chinese restaurant's list. Prithviraj concludes that Nakul must have tried different restaurants for good food. Prithviraj notices that both of them deliver to the same address: Bunglow No. 702. The food has been delivered there for the past 2 weeks. The team reaches at Nakul's place and Nakul looks through the window and runs upstairs. Prithviraj asks Nakul to open the door. There is gun firing between the gang and the CID team. Nakul is trying to escape. He is in the balcony and then jumps from the balcony and reaches the ground. Prithviraj sees Nakul run and then he runs after Nakul. Then, Nakul comes to another carnival and goes on one of the ride (ferris wheel). He gets on it, but Prithviraj leaps like a frog and manages to catch him and both fall down from the ferris wheel. Daya then captures him. ACP Pradyuman arrives and aks Prithviraj why he didn't kill Nakul. Prithviraj responds by saying how he couldn't kill Nakul because Prad's blood was running inside Nakul. Prad then says that dushman is dushman, and it does not matter whether he is a son or a relative. Nakul and Pradyuman come face to face. Nakul asks his dad (Pradyuman) to be freed, but Pradyuman says no. So, Nakul takes out a gun and shoots Pradyuman on the arm, but Pradyuman pulls out a fast one and shoots and kills Nakul. Bureau - DIG is amazed that Pradyuman could kill his own son, but Pradyuman says that while shooting, one shouldn't be deterred by their emotions. ACP Pradyuman praises Prithviraj for his brave efforts. Prithviraj tells ACP Prad that while he was away, Daya and Abhijeet could not hear any bad things about ACP. ACP then tells Prithviraj that he will succeed in whatever he does in the future, since he knows him from the police academy. Daya and ACP Pradyuman asks Prithviraj about staying here at the bureau, but DIG says that we cannot have 2 ACPs. Prithviraj says that he has received a new posting elsewhere. Before Prithviraj and DIG leave together, Daya tells DIG that he has left something of his. Daya then takes out the gun that DIG had given to Abhijeet and Daya to kill Pradyuman. Daya says all this to ACP Prad, and Prad is astonished. But, DIG says that this is my service gun and that each bullet has his name imbedded on it.

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