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TITLE: Murder by Marriage - Part 1
DATED: 09-Dec-2005
DESCRIPTION: There is a man and a lady (husband and wife) who is at someone's house. They both are talking to another lady (Preeti) about their daughter's (Sanjana) wedding. They tell Preeti that Sanjana's marriage is fixed and that the marriage will be talking place in 3 days. They then also say that they have found out a very good son-in-law, Vivek. Meanwhile, there is a man who is eavesdropping and is overhearing their conversation. It is Preeti's son, Yogesh. Anyway, Preeti then asks them why the marriage is taking place so soon. They say that Vivek (son-in-law) will not be able to come back to India in another 2 years, so they decided to marry off Sanjana and send her off with him. The man then tells the lady that they will be leaving. The man leaves, and his wife then requests Preeti to come to their daughter's wedding and leaves. Then, a scream is heard, and Preeti runs towards her house and out comes her son (Yogesh). Yogesh is very angry and tells his mother that he will not let this marriage take place at any cost. Preeti (his mother) says that there is nothing else to do to prevent this marriage. Yogesh says it does not matter, whether it is 3 days or 3 hours, he will STOP Sanjana's marriage. Then, he takes out Sanjana's wedding card and lights it up. While doing this, Yogesh laughs hysterically. There are firecrackers being lit up and it is a festive atmosphere. A marriage is going on and gun shots are fired up in the air. The groom is approaching near the bride's (Sanjana) house. Meanwhile, the lady (who was at Preeti's house) tells her husband that there is still time to STOP this wedding. The husband says never...he will never let it happen and tells her to quiet down, lest someone hears their conversation. The wife tells her husband that if anything happens to Sanjana, she will commit suicide. A girl comes into Sanjana's room and tells her that the groom's party has arrived. Sanjana looks sad and says that yes indeed that her life is going to change. When she is saying that, a bottle of poison is shown in her hand (not sure whether it is a poison). Outside: Sanjana's mom welcomes the groom and performs the ritual and while performing this, the groom is shot on the chest (perhaps the left side). Then, Sanjana's mom screams. Unfortunately, the groom dies and everyone is terrified and the people are panicking. The groom's mother cries profusely. Then, the same girl enters into Sanjana's room and tells her that the groom is dead. It seemed that Sanjana was going to gulp down poison, but as soon as the girl entered the room, she stopped. Anyway, when Sanjana hears the news, she actually looks quite happy! Confused. The CID team (Pradyuman, Abhijeet, and Daya) are in their CID jeep and are talking about this marriage case. They are going to the place of incident. Prad tells Abhi and Daya about a similar case (years ago), which also involved the groom being shot. He tells them that after 3 days of searching, he came across a "vermala" and that a small pendant (not sure what he said!!!) was inserted in the vermala. He tells them that the killer was none other than the bride's brother. Meanwhile, a lady (friend of Sanjana's) outlines the position and the location of the dead body. The CID team (without Priyanka - she isn't seen here!) arrives there and they ask her what she is doing. She says that she is sub-inspector Tanvi Majanda. Prad asks her whether she heard the gun shot and she says no. Prad then goes towards the groom's parents and asks them whether they saw or heard the gun shot, but the parents says that many gun shots were fired, so they don't know! Meanwhile, Abhi comes across a bullet shell on the ground and shows it to Prad. Then, Prad asks Tanvi whether she rounded up everyone who was present at the wedding. She says she tried. The CID team checks everyone's belongings and pockets by using a metal detector to find any guns. They find 4 guns from 4 different people who were present at the wedding. Bureau – Prad asks them why they have guns…were they here to fight or to enjoy a holy occasion. The men say that this is a tradition "rivaaz" in their family to fire gun shots during the baarat ceremony. Pradyuman then tells Abhi and Daya to search every nook and corner of the crime scene. We are shown that Preeti and Yogesh are leaving their residence with their belongings (seems permanent). Yogesh looks really worried and demands his mother to hurry up and leave quickly. They leave and the neighbours wonder why they are leaving. Bureau - Pradyuman says that 17 bullets were shot in all and claims that one of them landed on the groom and killed him. One of the 4 men in the bureau tell Pradyuman that they were shooting the gun up in the air because it is their tradition/ custom to do so. Pradyuman then asks them what type of custom this is: whether it is a rivaaz or a joke. Pradyuman tells Rakesh (Groom's jeeja) that he had fired at least 5 bullets from his gun because 5 shells were found. Prad reveals that the gun is a 0.38 calibre and that this gun can hold up to 18 bullets. Pradyuman asks Rakesh where the other 13 bullets went. Rakesh says that he shot them up in the air and outside (on the way to the girl's wedding place) because he was with the baarat. Then, Pradyuman then turns toward Keshab chacha (girl's side) and tells him that 6 out of 6 bullets were shot from his gun. Pradyuman speculates that he must have shot the groom since he was at the girl's wedding place and that he wasn't part of the baarat. Then, Keshab asks Prad to match his bullets with the one that is in the groom's body. Pradyuman then tells out loud to his officers that they have planned this crime out very cunningly and precisely. Then, Pradyuman tells the men that till we don't find who shot the groom, no one can leave the bureau and they are to stay there. Lab – Dr. Anjalika operates on the groom's body (on the back) and Prad asks why she is operating from the back, as he was shot at the front. Anjalika tells him that he was shot 2 times, both at the front and at the back (I think that is what she said…not sure though) Pradyuman tells Anjalika that he wasn't shot at the back, but the bullet is there. Anjalika shows Pradyuman the X-ray and pinpoints where the bullet is stuck there. It shows that the bullet is round like a ball bearing (Prad says this). Anjalika removes the bullet (black ball) and Pradyuman comments that none of the 4 guns had these types of bullets. Then, Anjalika shows Pradyuman the "GUN BOOK" and finds out that the guns which shot these types of bullets are very old and are not commonly found. It was actually a 0.22 Double Barron Daringer. Pradyuman wonders who has this kind of gun. It seems that the bullet has stuck to the side of the body. Anjalika tells them that the bullet was shot from a top of a building at an angle of approx. 50 degrees. The CID team reaches the crime scene and bring out their instrument and find out an angle of 50 degrees, with relation to the direction of the dead body. They find out that it had come from the bride (Sanjana's apartment) , but a member from her family (Darmesh) says that how it is possible. It is the store room. CID officers go into the store room and find footprints. Abhi opens the curtains and Prad looks down the window and says that he can see where the groom is (drawing), but in a huge crowd, it is hard, Prad says. Darmesh says that a member of the family can never do this. Anyway, Pradyuman asks Darmesh if anyone in their household has a 0.22 Double Barron Daringer gun. Sanjana's father comes from behind and tells the officers that Darmesh owns the same gun. Then, Darmesh tells the officers that he has one, but has never fired it. He then shows them where he kept his gun. Darmesh tells the officers that he hadn't fired any bullet for years and that it is in a cupboard. Abhi smells the gun and finds out that a bullet had been fired (gun powder smell). Darmesh looks suspicous now....

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