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TITLE: Murder by Marriage - Part 2
DATED: 16-Dec-2005
DESCRIPTION: Some girl, called Aparna is crying and is removing her jewellery. Then, suddenly someone enters her room and points a gun at her. Aparna tells the man not to kill her and that she won't tell anyone that he killed Vivek (the groom). The mystery man says that if she tells anyone, he will send her to the same place where he sent Vivek to. CID Officers question Sanjana's father about the Daringer gun and Abhijeet points out that the gun powder is still fresh and that perhaps this is the same gun which killed Vivek. Then, Vivek's father becomes angry at Sanjana's father and asks him why they killed his son Vivek. Vivek's dad (Govind) hypothesizes and tells the CID Officers that perhaps they did not like Vivek and therefore must have killed him. ACP Prad says that some member of the family must have shot Vivek. Sanjana's father says that no one has used this gun, but they know that he owns this gun. Pradyuman asks him to how many people he displayed his gun to. Sanjana's dad says that he showed his gun to around 500 people. ACP Pradyuman that makes a funny remark on how Sanjana's father displays his gun to the WHOLE WORLD (a really funny comment - watch out for that part). Then, Pradyuman says that someone from the 500 people must have shot Vivek. Prad says that the only way that the killer could have entered the room is through the corridor, which leads to Sanjana's room, which is they only way that the killer could have entered the corridor and into the room where the gun is kept. Pradyuman then requests Sanjana's father if he could talk to Sanjana. Her father says that it is not the right moment to talk to her as her husband-to-be has died. Prad says that he understands, but that this is also very important. Anyway, the CID team with Sanjana's father enter Sanjana's room, and we are shown that Aparna and Sanjana's mother are crying. Then, Sanjana's father asks his wife what happened. The wife tells him that Sanjana is not here and that she has run away and left this house. Corridor of the House: The lady officer (sub-inspector, Sanjana's friend) tells Pradyuman that she searched the whole building, but she could not find Sanjana and that she has left the house for sure. Loudly, Sanjana's mother talks to her husband and says that she had told him earlier that this marriage should not have taken place because he had forced Sanjana into this marriage. Sanjana's father says that he did it all for Sanjana's happiness. The wife tells her husband that see how much happiness Sanjana has received from this marriage. Then, the sub-inspector asks Sanjana's mother what the matter is. Then, Sanjana's mother tells everyone that her daughter did not want to get married and was forced into this marriage. And so, that is why she has run away. Prad says that Sanjana did not run just because she was unhappy with the marriage, but perhaps she was the one who killed Vivek and in fear of getting caught, ran away. The mother tells Prad that Sanjana could never do this and that she is not the killer. Pradyuman looks unconvinced. Gun Room: Then, Abhi calls Pradyuman into the room. Prad tells Fredricks to keep an eye on Sanjana's parents. Daya then points to the wedding dress that was found under the bed in the room, where the gun is kept. Prad comments that Sanjana could have hid her wedding dress in her room, but why in this room, the same room as where the gun is kept. Pradyuman asks the sub-inspector if Sanjana knew where the gun and the key to the cupboard were kept. The sub-insp. says that Sanjana knew where the gun and the key to the cupboard were kept. Prad hypothesizes that Sanjana could have killed Vivek, since her room is adjacent to the gun room and that she knew where the gun was kept. Another room: Sanjana's dad is talking to his wife on why she told the CID officers about forcing Sanjana into the marriage. He tells that his whole reputation would be ruined, since the whole world knows it. Wife says that he only cares about his reputation, but not his daughter. She tells him that the CID Officers think that their daughter is the killer. Then, the husband tells the wife that perhaps a boy killed Vivek. And suddenly, the CID team open the door and enter the room, since they were hidden behind the door and listened to their whole conversation. They then ask the parents the name of the boy they were talking about. Sanjana's mom replies that her daughter wanted to marry someone else and the boy's name is Yogesh. Prad asks her where he lives. She tells him "10th road". There is a really snoopy neighbour who is peering through Yogesh's house and is wondering where he and his mom Preeti left to. She also wonders why they were in such a hurry to leave. Then, Daya and Prad see her peering into Yogesh's house and asks her if this is the address. She tells them to find someone else, if they want to find an address. Then, the officers show their badges, and the woman comes to her senses. She gets scared and tells them that she is Yogesh's neighbour and was wondering why nobody is in the house. The CID Team along with the lady go the front door and find a lock there. Fredricks comes along and informs Prad that the back door is locked as well. The neighbour tells Prad that Yogesh and his mother Preeti left very quickly and looked very scared. Daya tells Pradyuman that perhaps Sanjana and Yogesh are bothe involved with the shooting of Vivek, or else they would not have ran away. Prad tells the officers they must have left the city and therefore must have gone to the airport, bus depot, etc. He asks them to check. Abhi tells Fredricks to find out where Yogesh last phoned to. Fredricks collects information and notifies ACP, Abhi, and Daya that he called to a PCO number. They find out where the PCO is and ask the shop keeper if whether he had seen a bride. The man says yes that he saw a girl who had henna on her hands at Versova. She was meeting someone here and then went towards Med island (some marina) CID Team goes into a boat and there they show Sanjana's picture to the crowd, if whether they had seen her. Anyway, they reach the dock and Prad says that the only way the Ferry people must have come across are the Rikshawallas. Therefore, Sanjana must have met at a Riksha station. Each officer shows the pic of Sanjana and question the rikshaw drivers in whether they have seen Sanjana. Then, a rikshawalla sees the photo and recognizes the girl in the picture. He says that he had seen the girl in the afternoon and that he was the one who dropped her off at Surya Bunglow. Prad asks the driver whether she was alone and if not did she meet anybody? The driver tells Prad that she was alone and did not meet anyone. The CID team travel on the autorickshaw (that to one rikshaw and they are all crammed into the rikshaw. It looked hilarious). The team reaches the Bunglow and Prad orders Abhi and Daya to enter through the back door, while he and Fredricks would enter through the front. Prad knocks on the front door and enters because the door is already opened it seems. Abhi and Daya enter from the back door. All look really surprised. Then, we are shown that a secret marriage ceremony is taking place between Sanjana and Yogesh. Preeti, Sanjana's chacha, and Sanjana's friend (Aparna) are present in the marriage. Prad accuses her of killing Vivek and running away. Sanjana tells Prad that she did not kill Vivek and that she only ran away because it was the right moment to marry Yogesh. Prad asks Sanjana if there was anybody when she was in the study room (where the gun is kept). Sanjana says that she couldn't see anyone because she was in the bathroom, but she could hear that someone was in the room with her. Sanjana tells the officers that she only heard the cupboard being opened and that it was a girl opening it since she was shaking her bangles. Pradyuman tells everyone that he knew that the killer was a girl since they found broken bangles pieces on the floor, near the cupboard. Now, Prad can then match the broken bangles pieces with all the ladies who came to the wedding. Later outside, Abhi asks Prad about the bangle. Pradyuman tells him that he made that fact up and says that it was a trick so that the killer would himself confess his own crime. Sanjana's chacha enters a room with a bag, and disposes all of Aparna's bangles. Aparna enters the room and asks her uncle why he is throwing away her bangles. The chacha tells her that the CID officers found out a piece of her bangle and that he would get into trouble. Aparna tells him that they couldn't have found the bangle because she didn't break any. The chacha tells her that CID officers never lie and that they did find the broken bangle. As they are talking, they come outside to the main hall and lo, we are shown that the officers were sitting downstairs in the family room. Prad tells the chacha that they lied about the bangle incident and that CID officers do indeed lie. Prad figured out that the chacha must have been the culprit because when Sanjana was telling about the study room incident (where it was a girl opening the cupboard), the chacha's face was blushed and looked suspicious. That is why Prad decided to play a trick on him and lied about the bangle fact. Pradyuman asks the chacha why he killed Vivek. Chacha says that he did not want to kill innocent Vivek, but wanted to shoot at Govind, who is Vivek's father. He wanted to get revenge from him, since Govind kicked him out of the office. So to get revenge, the chacha planned to shoot Govind during the marriage ceremony. The chacha recalls the incident: when the baarat was proceeding, he hid in the store room and shot at the wrong person. He then ran out and was waiting for Aparna to join him, so that she could put back the gun back into the cupboard. At the same time, Aparna was told to convey Vivek's death to Sanjana. After, Aparna came out and the chacha handed the gun to her for her to clean it up, so that no proof is left. She cleaned it and left it in the cupboard, while Sanjana was in the washroom. Aparna tells the CID officers that she had to do this because Sanjana's chacha was threatening her. Pradyuman then tells Aparna that she will receive a sentence, and that Prad will make sure that the chacha is not given a lower sentence then death!

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