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TITLE: Poison in the Nail - Part 1
DATED: 23-Dec-2005
DESCRIPTION: There is a fashion rehearsal going on. There is a choreographer, whose name is Jaan (yes, this is Rajesh Khera, from JJKN). There is some confusion as to who should go and walk first, is it Mansi or Twinkle, etc. There is a little confusion between Jaan and his assistant Rajeev. Finally, the models rehearse their steps. We are then shown that a girl is eating an apple and watching the rehearsal. When Mansi is walking down the runway, Jaan shouts and says that this is not a catwalk, but a cow walk! Then, Jaan asks Mansi to do it again. But before she could, another girl(with a cap on her head) comes into the rehearsal studio and shouts the name, REVA! Then the girl with a cap comes closer and asks Reva (the same girl who was eating the apple) why she turned her hair green. She removes her cap and her hair is green alright. The girl asks Reva why she gave her a shampoo that turned her hair green. She continues to say that Reva ruined her life and career and then tells her the threatning words, "I'LL KILL YOU!". Next, the girl strangles Reva and a lot of people try to stop her. But it is too late, as Reva falls down to the floor and dies. Jaan is panicking and is really worried. CID Bureau - Dr. Niyati is practicing her target shooting and reassures her self that she won't be scared and that God will help her overcome her fear. She shoots and then screams when the bullet comes out. Then, ACP Pradyuman and Anoushka (the same girl who helped Prad escape to London and yes, she is Kavita Kaushik!) come in and help Niyati from the ground, as she fell down from shooting. Niyati says that she was trying to get rid of her fears and 1/2 of her fear was gone and more would have been gone if they hadn't intervened. Prad then tells Dr. Niyati that Dr. Anjalika has gone to a conference in Belgium and that is why Dr. Niyati is needed in the forensics section for a few days. Niyati agrees and says that she will do her job at CID. Then, Prad aims at the target and shoots, while Niyati screams after Prad shoots at the target. Jaan, the choreographer, complains to himself and says that he will be ruined and why these things happen to him. CID team enters the studio and the crime scene. They question Samantha (the girl with the green hair) as to why she killed Reva. Samantha tells them that she didn't kill her and that Reva ruined her hair. Prad is astonished and says that why would anyone kill just because their hair is ruined. Samantha still asserts that she didn't do anything. Then, Mansi comes forward and tells Prad that she recorded the whole event on her mobile, because she was in fear and due to that, she accidently pressed on the record button. Mansi tells them that she captured the whole incident. CID team checks it out and see the whole incident occuring. After watching it, Abhijeet tells Prad that he has never heard anyone explaining that they haven't killed anyone, when infact it was clear that they did. Lab - CID team enter and tells Niyati that the post-mortum was done really quickly. Prad asks Niyati why she cut open Reva's body, when in fact she was only strangled. Niyati says that it wasn't due to that but because of something else. When Niyati saw that Reva's mouth was blue, she figured out that some poison was given to Reva. Abhijeet tells Niyati that her mouth wasn't blue before! Anyway, Niyati tells them that she did not die due to suffocation, but was killed by a poison. Niyati then informs them that the poison was ANTIMONY. She hypothesizes that antimony was given before hand, even before Samantha tried to strangle her. Daya also thinks and says that perhaps while trying to strangle, the poison might have had an effect. Niyati orders them to go to Reva's house and bring them whatever they find in her house (i.e. the things she ate, etc. ) Then, Prad, Anoushka, and Daya go into Reva's house and search her whole room. Prad comes across a green ice box and asks Daya why anyone would ever lock their ice box. They open the ice box and they find out that there is a CD, instead of food. The CD has the label, "PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL". CID Bureau - Prad and Daya wonder and they put the CD into the DVD player/computer (not sure!) and they look very disgusted and surprised. A screen comes up with the date 15/12/2005. Prad tells that these are nude photos. Daya asks why the CD is with Reva. Prad calls Anoushka and orders her to call Samantha to their office. Samantha comes in and Prad tells her that from the investigation, it looked like that Samantha had no hand in the death of Reva. Samantha is really releaved, but Prad tells her that she would have to help them in capturing the real killer. Prad tells her to not disclose this fact to anyone. Prad then tells Samantha that she would have to see whether she recognizes anyone in the photographs. Prad and Daya leave the room, whilst Anoushka and Samantha are left alone in the room to view the CD. When Anoushka shows her the CD, Samantha quickly covers her face with her hands because she is really very disgusted. Anoushka tells her that this is also her first case where she is seeing this kind of exposure. When they look at the photos, Samantha immediately recognizes the person in the photograph and notifies Anoushka that she knows the man and that his name is Raj. The fashion show rehearsal is going on and the CID team comes in with Samantha. They ask her whether she sees Raj anywhere. She tells them that she doesn't she Raj. Prad tells Jaan and every body else in the room that Reva wasn't killed by Samantha and that Raj killed Reva. They ask everyone where Raj is, but no one knows. Lab - Niyati and Anoushka are there. They check the materials that were taken from Reva's house and inspect. Anoushka points to a contact lens solution packet, but the bottle is not there. They hypothesize that perhaps the poison might have gone through her eyes, when she was wearing her contact lenses. Niyati checks whether Reva has worn her contact lenses and she had indeed. Niyati uses a tweezer and takes one out. Niyati checks the lens and tells Anoushka that there is indeed something on the lens and that they should try some ultra light. Later, Niyati finds out that there is infact poison stuck on the lens, with a finger print imbedded on it. Then, Prad and Daya go into a hotel room, and a boy shows them where he and Raj stay in. Daya goes into the bathroom and Prad checks the wardrobe and tells the boy and Daya that Raj's things aren't here and that he has gone. Prad asks the boy whether he had met Raj after Reva's death, and the boy replies that he hadn't met Raj after. Lab - Niyati and Anoushka inspect Reva's apple. They check whether there is poison on her fingerprints on the apple. They put on gas masks and put the apple in a glass container, where a brown gas in emitted. Later, they take it out and see that there is infact poison on the fingerprints stuck to the apple. More investigation and searching is going on in Raj's room. Prad comes across a lamp shade and finds out that there are some memory cards stuck on it inside. Daya tells Prad that these are memory cards which one puts on the mobile phone. Daya puts one of the memory cards in his mobile and again their faces have the look of digust. Prad tells Daya that Raj had the business of modelling and "gandaa" stuff, probabily nude photography. Lab - Niyati tells Anoushka that there was poison in Reva's hands, since it was found on the contact lens and the apple. They check Reva's fingers and find out that one of her nails is short and hypothesize that she was a nail biter. Anyway, Niyati clips one of Reva's finger nails and puts in a solution, which later turns dark green. Niyati concludes that her finger nails had poison in them. Prad and Daya enter the fashion studio again and Jaan looks really annoyed. They show Jaan a photo (probably a nude photo) since Jaan looked disgusted. Prad tells him that Raj does illegal work. Samantha is on the runway and is happy and confident. Suddenly when she is walking up, she falls down and collapses. Prad supports her and Samantha tries to tell Prad something, but before she could, she dies. Prad then tells everyone that "SHE'S DEAD". Concluding Part Next Week!

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