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TITLE: Poison in the Nail - Part 2
DATED: 30-Dec-2005
DESCRIPTION: Outside - a man (Raj) is waiting outside the telephone booth. Then, he goes inside and calls someone and tells them that he wants to tell them something important about Reva. Raj tells the person on the other line that he wants to meet him today. Lab - CID Team comes (still no sign of Fredricks) and asks Dr. Niyati about Samantha's body. Niyati tells them that she knows who killed Samantha and how it happened. Niyati tells them that she has finished with the postmortem thru it she found these out. She tells Prad and the team that Reva killed Samantha. Prad asks how this is possible as Reva died 8 hours before Samantha did. Niyati tells them that Reva was a nail biter, and so in order to prevent from her biting her nails, she used to put some dirty tasting medicine in her nails. But, someone took advantage of it, and put poison inside her nails, when she thought that she was putting on her medicine (don't know what to call it!). So, when Reva was biting her nails, the poison went in and it took the poison some hours to take effect. Niyati tells them that Reva must have held Samantha's neck with a lot of force, when she was struggling. Prad then remembers and adds that he saw scratch marks on Samantha's neck and Samantha was scratching her neck quite a bit. So, the poison went into her blood stream and it took 8 hours to take effect. Bureau - Daya, Abhi, and Anoushka tell Pradyuman that they talked to the girls who were in the photographs, that were found in Raj's house (i am wondering how they got their phone numbers). They tell him that 5 of the girls are here at the bureau. Girl #1 asks Prad why she is here and that she didn't do anything. Prad asks her whether she knows Raj, and the girl replies that she doesn't know any Raj. Prad then goes and retrieves the photos from his desk and asks her to open the cover up. She opens and sees her photos and she cries and runs out of the room. All the girls are weeping at the bureau. Anoushka tries to reassure them and tells them that Raj won't do this kind of business anymore if they tell the officers about Raj, etc. A girl asks Prad how they got their photos and Prad tells her that they got it at Raj's house. Anoushka says that you girls weren't the only ones, but there are others whose pictures were taken too. A girl comments that she will kill herself, but Anoushka tells her what she would gain by killing herself, as Raj would still be free. Prad asks another girl how she met Raj. The girl tells him that they met at a Paani puri stand (yum!!!) and that Raj likes theeka food. She also tells them that Raj has a bike. Prad says that he didn't find a bike at his house. Prad asks the girl the bike's plate number. She says that it was MM5564. Abhi, Daya, and Anoushka find the bike in an unknown place, like a forest (i am wondering how they found out that the bike was there!) They find the bike, but there is no trace of Raj anywhere. They are wondering what might have happened to Raj. CID Team searches the area and Daya and Abhi go down the cliff. Anoushka with her binoculars spots a body and notifies Daya and Abhi. So, both Daya and Abhijeet put on their climbing gears and go down the cliff. They reach the spot and find out that it is Jaan, the choreographer. City Hospital (boy, is this hospital famous!)- Jaan is not dead and has regained consciousness. He talks to the officers. He says sorry to Prad and tells them that he knows about the photos that they showed to him the other day. Jaan tells them that Reva had told him about the CD and Reva didn't know what to do with the CD. Jaan had told Reva to burn the CD. Then, one day, Raj called up Jaan to meet him somewhere, at an unknown place. Jaan tells Prad that Reva had told Raj that Jaan knew about his dirty work and the CD. So, that is why Raj killed Reva and tried to kill Jaan, by throwing him off the cliff. CID Team (Daya and Abhi) inspects Raj's bike and conclude that Raj has left his bike and perhaps someone had picked him up from there in a car. They see the tire marks on the road and Daya spots an engine oil on a leaf. They see that the engine oil had left a trail. Daya says that a leak in the engine oil = the car couldn't have gone far off. So, Daya and Abhijeet take their van and follow the trail. They come across a silver car, stranded on the road, since the oil trail has stopped. Daya asks Abhijeet why so much engine oil has leaked. Abhijeet opens the carburator (i think that is what it is called - front trunk) and find out that th enegine pipe is cut. They also find that a gun was shot as there is a hole in the car, near the front trunk. Daya concludes that the bullet must still be in the engine pipe. They take out the bullet from the pipe. They wonder who was shot and why it happened? A man (Mr. Dinesh) is putting his luggage on top of the cab and it seems he is going out of town forever. Anyway, CID Team comes right on time and asks Mr. Dinesh whether the silver car is his. He says yes to them. They question him - whether he knows Raj - but he says that he doesn't know any Raj. A lady comes out (probably his wife) and talks to Mr. Dinesh. Mr. Dinesh tells her that she is too sick to talk, but the lady says that she should have called the police, and etc. Anyway, the lady (she is pregnant, we are shown) tells them the whole story. One night, when they were driving along, she saw that one man shot another man. Prad then takes out Raj's photo and asks her to identify him. She tells Prad that Raj was the one who was shot. Then, Prad takes out Jaan's photo and asks her to recognize him. She tells him that Jaan was the one who shot Raj. Everything is clear - Jaan is the culprit and the criminal. Abhi and Daya go back to the forest and climb down the cliff to find Raj's body. They reach his body and find out that they are too late - he is dead. City Hospital - Prad asks Jaan to tell them the truth. Jaan relents and starts talking. He tells them that since he is in this industry, he does all the dirty work. Raj used to do the pyaar ka naatak, since MMS market is hot. Reva knew about Raj's work and killed her, by inserting the poison in her nails. He killed Raj because Raj found out that Jaan killed Reva and Sam died, so he was really scared and wanted to back off. He requested his freedom, and Jaan gave his freedom by shooting him. Samantha was the innocent person who was killed, Jaan didn't mean to kill her. Jaan then says that this is the modern zamaana and that CID only caught one Jaan and that there are many jaans around. Prad at the end says that they will catch them all so that no innocent girls aren't bought.

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