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TITLE: Mental Cruelty Part 1
DATED: 06-Jan-2006
DESCRIPTION: Supermarket: A lady is searching for a 15 L can of oil. When she finds the cans, she notices a girl hiding behind the cartons. The girl (Kalpana) is furiously crying. The lady asks Kalpana what happened and why she is crying. Kalpana responds and says that "he will kill me". Kalpana tells the lady that the man is at the staircase. Huge crowd is gathered there. The lady goes and checks the staircase, but no one is there. The manager comes in and tells her that nobody is there and etc. The lady asks Kalpana who wants to kill her; she says that her husband wants to kill her. Manager tries to explain it to her that no one is there, but she runs away crying. Restaurant: A couple (Manoj and a girl) are talking. Girl feels that it is an expensive restaurant, but Manoj doesn't care. While the girl is looking at the menu, Manoj takes a ring out of his pocket and puts it in her soft drink (proposing to her – different approach!). Manoj asks the girl to drink it. Girl sees that some object is in her soft drink. She then screams and drops the glass on the table. She screams because there is a piece of human finger (cut) in the drink. Supermarket: Kalpana is still there. She is refusing to go from the shop, and that is why CID Team comes there because the Manager called them. Abhijeet and Aboushka arrive. Anoushka goes near Kalpana and introduces herself to her and vice versa. Kalpana tells her that her husband wants to kill her. Right then, Kalpana's husband, Sharad, comes there. Abhi questions him, but Kalpana all of a sudden goes to him and hugs Sharad and repeats that her husband wants to kill her. Bureau: The couple arrives at the bureau and tells Prad and Daya about the cut finger found in the soft drink. The girl suddenly starts to vomit. Then, the girl tells Prad that she bought the finger from the restaurant and says that it is real. Daya hypothesizes that it could be a chef's finger; while cutting vegetables. Restaurant (at the kitchen): Prad and Daya are there and question the Manager of the restaurant. Manager tells them that he didn't believe the couple because he thought a rival might have sent them, thereby ruining his restaurant's reputation. He thought that it was a rubber finger. Prad tells the Manager that the finger is real. Manager tells Prad that nobody in his restaurant did this act. After Daya checks the chefs' fingers, he comes back and notifies Prad that nobody has their finger cut. Prad questions the Manager whether they use canned or fresh juice. He replies fresh juice. In addition, he says that they only add ice, that's all. Prad asks where they keep their ice. Daya checks it and finds nothing unusual. Manager shows Prad and Daya the ice box. Also, usually the restaurant's machine makes ice, but since the machine is broken, they ordered it from a factory located at Kaveri Road. Kalpana's house: Sharad feeds the medicine to Kalpana. Anoushka and Abhijeet secretly look at this. Sharad comes out and they ask what medicine it was. Sharad says that it is a sleeping pill. They ask why. Sharad says that Kalpana cannot seem to sleep properly now days. It started 4 weeks ago, after the death of Sharad's father. After the death, Kalpana suddenly started to see aathmas (spirits). FLASHBACK: Kalpana is scared and points to something to her husband. Sharad goes and sees. He finds nobody there. Kalpana tells him that she saw his father, who was crying and wanted to tell something. PRESENT: Sharad tells Anoushka and Abhi that his father died in a car accident. Father loved Kalpana a lot. He then adds that she doesn't even want to visit the doctor because she doesn't talk to anyone. Abhi asks him why she told them that Sharad wants to kill her: Sharad tells them that his father's spirit had told her that he would kill her. Anoushka and Abhi are surprised. Bureau/Lab: Prad is walking around back and forth. Dr. Devanand Sharunkaya (the old forensic expert) is there and is looking under the microscope. Both Prad and him share a bad vibe with each other. They fight like good friends. Prad doesn't want to see his face, but has to since Niyati has gone to a conference. Anyway, Sharunkaya tells Prad that the finger was burned in ice. Prad asks how one can burn their finger in ice. Sharunkaya explains that when a body is in ice, it has crystals forming around it, and therefore the cells are damaged – that is what "burned in ice" means. Anoushka and Abhi enter and tell Prad about the Kalpana and the spirit. Prad then explains to them about the cut finger. Sharunkaya then tells them that the person who owned this finger was murdered. The person was killed due to poison. Kalpana's house: Late night – Sharad is walking around in the living room. The servant who was sleeping in the kitchen, wakes up and wonders about it. Then, Sharad leaves and the servant goes back to sleep. Ice Factory: CID Team arrives for investigation. The man at the factory explains to them how ice is made, etc. AMMONIA GAS WATER TO ICE COOLING CHAMBER CONDENSER. He explains to them the process. He tells them that they have 100 boxes at the cooling chamber. Prad asks him how long the cooling takes. The man replies that it takes 36 hours. Abhi hypothesizes that perhaps the body was in the water 36 hours back, etc….Daya and Anoushka spray the falls to find any clues. Daya finally spots blood stains on the wall and shows it to Prad. Just then, Abhi receives a phone call. Kalpana's house: CID Team arrives at her house and servant cries and shows them Kalpana and Sharad's room. We are shown that Sharad is dead. He was killed with a glass tumbler.

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