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TITLE: Mental Cruelty Part 2
DATED: 13-Jan-2006
DESCRIPTION: Kalpana's house - CID Team is there and we see that Sharad is dead and Kalpana is lying right beside him. Prad asks Anoushka to check if she is alive - she is alive and breathing. Anoushka tries to wake her up, but doesn't. Abhi tells Prad that her husband always used to give Kalpana sleeping pills and maybe that is why she is not waking up. But Anoushka still tries to wake her up and she wakes up asking, "Who is it?" Then, she is surprised to see the officers at her house and asks Anoushka why they are at her house. Kalpana is confused and is wondering why they are here. Then, Prad points to Sharad and Kalpana sees where he is pointing to and she screams! She is crying a lot and asks what happened to her Sharad and who killed him. Then, Kalpana checks her hands and is surprised. She asks if she killed Sharad, her husband. She says that she cannot do it and that she doesn't remember anything. The team is checking the crime scene and Daya reports to Prad that Sharad's murder took place 4-5 hours ago. Then, Prad goes to Kalpana and asks her if somebody came to her house yesterday night. Kalpana says that she doesn't remember anything and cries a lot. Then, Anoushka takes Kalpana outside the bedroom. Prad then informs Abhi and Daya that the maid had seen Sharad outside his room last night and that when we came here, the door was opened – so that means that somebody else was here in the room last night. He asks Abhi to find about it. Abhi reaches the kitchen and sees the maid. He tells her that he wants to ask her something. Abhi asks her what time she saw Sharad in the hall – she replies at around 2:00 a.m. He asks whether it was Sharad – she says it must be him. Then, Abhi asks the maid how long she worked here for - she replies 2 years. Then, Abhi tells her that she still didn't recognize whether it was her master or not… The maid replies that it was dark at night and that Sharad had worn his night house – that is how she thought it was her master, Sharad. Abhi tells her that it might have been someone else who had worn Sharad's clothes. The maid is scared and tells Abhi that yesterday nobody had come the whole day. Abhi asks the maid whether she was here at home the whole day – maid replies that she had gone outside for an hour at 10:30 p.m. Abhi hypothesizes what might have happened yesterday. Suddenly, Abhi receives a call and it seems like another case has come up. Ice Factory – A crowd is gathered are very angry at the orange suit man. CID Team arrives and asks what happened. A person (a fish seller) asks why they closed the factory and that her fish is there. They want to get their fish back from the factory. Abhi says ok, but that he will have to check everyone's basket before giving their fish away. The fishers agree. They enter the factory and into a room filled with fish. They check each and every basket. When they reach to a corner, the orange suit man tells them to not touch the basket because the owner of the basket had requested 6 days back, that no one can touch it. They still open the basket and find that there is a hand and a foot (they look like plastics-doesn't look real!) Kalpana's house – Nurses take away Sharad's body. Anoushka thinks that all the windows are closed, so it would mean that the killer came thru the door and went through the door. So, Anoushka thinks that the killer's footprints must be here. She checks the carpet, the walls, and finally she sees some blood at the base of the door. She calls Fredricks and asks him to bring a camera. He asks if she found something. Anoushka says yes and that Sharad's blood was on the killer's shoes. Lab – All the evidence are laid out. The doctor (I forgot his name) does some tests. The doctor says that this experiment will determine whether there was a 3rd person in the room. Prad doubts whether the small piece of evidence would prove anything. He checks the DNA samples and finds out the killer was some 3rd person. Daya then says that the maid must be telling lies and she must have known who the man was. Prad says that perhaps the maid is involved here too. Abhi says that before dying, Sharad must have screamed and that the maid was sleeping sound. Then, the doctor is astonished at finding that Sharad's DNA matches with the DNA found at the ice factory. Then, the doctor concludes that the man was Sharad's father. Morgue – they bring Kalpana here and ask her to identify the dead person. She cries and says that it was her father-in-law. The doctor tells Kalpana that her father-in-law died 7 days ago, not 4 weeks ago. Prad asks Kalpana if she saw his dead body before assuming that he is actually dead. She says no and that someone else told her that they saw her father-in-law's car burned and that it fell down the ditch. Abhi says that they believe that the killer killed both her husband and father-in-law. Prad asks if she knows that ice factory owner Jatin. She says she doesn't know anything. Then, Kalpana asks Prad whether Jatin killed them. Prad says maybe. Abhi tells Prad that Jatin is missing. The doctor tells Prad that there is also something else that he forgot to show Prad. Lab – Doctor points at the father-in-law's feet and says that the rock stuck there is ~ 4000 years old (Carbon Dating). He points that the nose and eyes have some white stuff. Abhi says it looks like salt. The doctor says that the man was kept at a place where it was close to the sea. They figure out the place – Matkilai (near a fort)! Matkilai - Some person (Jatin) steps out of the taxi and walks. The CID Team was in hiding and comes out and follows the man. He goes into the fort. The team corners the man. Prad asks the man what he was doing here. Then, suddenly they here footsteps and figure out that someone else is here. They try to find and follow the person. They corner the person and find that it is Kalpana. They come forward towards her, but she climbs up and says that if they come any further, she will jump. Meanwhile, Abhi at the back, climbs the hill to the place where Kalpana is. Prad asks her to surrender herself to the police. Kalpana says no. Then, Abhi pushes Kalpana's leg and Kalpana falls forward and Anoushka catches her. Kalpana reveals that she is Jatin's wife. She says that this was a planned murder. She says that she pretended to see the spirit and that she wanted all the money. Jatin says that he wanted to kill them both with slow killing poison so that nobody would suspect her, but one night, the father-in-law heard her conversation with Jatin about the plan. So, they killed him and cut him into little pieces so that nobody will find out that it is his body. Prad says that the move was nice, but it doesn't work with CID!

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