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TITLE: Yellow Roses Part 1
DATED: 20-Jan-2006
DESCRIPTION: * There is a conference. There is a man named Peter in the G & J company looking forward to be associated with the company. The company's worker shows Peter and the rest of the board members his commercial. When he puts it on, a girl comes on the screen and says, "Peter". Peter is scared now. He continues watching the screen. There is a rope tied to the fan and she climbs on a stool and hangs herself. While she was doing that, Peter looked back and did not want to see it. Then, the girl laughs. She says that if he doesn't come and marry her before 4:00 p.m., she would commit suicide and he would be blamed for it. Gautam, his friend asks who she is. Peter replies that this was the girl that I told you about. Gautam says that he only has 50 seconds to go to her, as it is already 3:59 p.m. Peter leaves in a hurry. * Peter is driving really fast. He finally reaches the place and gets out and knocks on the girl's door (her name is RITA). Also, Gautam follows him to Rita's house and asks him what happened. Peter is worried whether Rita committed suicide. Gautam tells him to break the door. They go inside and search the house and call her name. Then we hear Rita's voice and she says that Peter was 15 minutes late. Rita says that if he marries someone else other than her, she would kill herself. Peter is angry and tells her that he will not allow her to be successful and that he would get married this week. Rita calls Gautam and asks him to make him understand and that she will never let Peter marry somebody else. (Rita looks scary in this scene) * CID Bureau: ACP Prad is talking to Anoushka and Abhijeet. Fredricks come and tells ACP Prad that some fan of his has left a new year's present for him and is given by an anonymous. Prad asks whether there is a bomb inside, Fredricks replies no and that he checked it. He opens it and finds that it is a statue, but the statue has a chunri around the neck. Abhi points out that someone is committing suicide. Someone says that it might be a threat. Anoushka says that this chunri is worn by a bride. Abhijeet wonders if anything is in the statue and checks. Then, Abhijeet notices the newspaper cover, that the statue was wrapped in. He notices a title saying "Anuradha Murder Case is Closed". They wonder if it has anything to do with the case. Prad asks Anoushka to go and reopen the Anuradha Murder Case File. Then, Prad comments that this person (who gave him a gift) must definitely know something about Anuradha's murder. He asks Fredricks to go and find out who the present was sent from. * Peter weds Parinaz, that's the sign in the reception. Everyone dances and Peter dances with Jenny. Jenny's parents want Peter to marry Jenny and discuss about their relationship. Peter and his bride are dancing as well. Meanwhile, Peter and Jenny are dancing and talking. Here Jenny talks about the AAP JAISA KOI Event and wants to SMS, thereby she asks Peter for his mobile phone and dials it. After she is done, she comes back and dances with Peter. While dancing, she becomes dizzy and falls down. Then someone comes and checks her pulse and concludes that Jenny is dead. * CID Jeep: They are talking about the Anuradha Murder Case. Then, Abhijeet receives a phone call and they arrive at the place where Peter's wedding reception is held. We find out that Jenny was the bride's sister. Abhijeet finds out that Jenny was killed from poison. ACP Prad tells everyone that some one has killed Jenny. Jenny's mom says that Jenny didn't touch anything here. Gautam says that he danced with Jenny, but before that was dancing with Peter. They ask Peter a bunch of questions, but Peter says that he didn't do anything, Abhijeet finds out that there is something (like a prick on her finger) near her ring. ACP says that the poison went in through the prick. The would-be bride of Peter says that she knows what pricked her sister's finger. FLASHBACK: Parinaz (the would-be bride) says that Peter had ordered some flowers for her and her sister Jenny took a rose out and put it in Peter's suit pocket. While doing it, she pricked on the rose's thorn. PRESENT: ACP questions Peter where the rose is. Peter says I don't know and must have fell somewhere. The CID Team checks the area for the yellow rose. Daya finds the yellow rose in the garbage can and gives it to ACP Prad. Prad says that if they find that the rose contains poison, then Peter is in big trouble. He then tells Anoushka to take the body to the Forensic Lab. * Forensic Lab: Dr. Sharunkaya tests the rose petals and finds that the colour of the solution has changed to purple. This confirmed that the rose contained poison. ACP Prad says but it could also be pesticide, but Sharunkaya says no and the chemical was glucoside (or something rather...) and this poison was put in the rose purposely. Abhijeet says that perhaps these roses were meant for Parinaz, but Jenny was pricked instead. ACP Prad says that Peter will have to answer all their questions. * At night: Anoushka knocks on someone's (Anuradha's bhabhi) door and tells them that she is here regarding Anuradha's murder case. * Bureau: Peter is there and ACP asks a lot of questions. Peter says that he didn't do anything and that after he ordered the roses, he came back and didn't put in any poison. Abhijeet says that Peter has a chemical factory. At the same time, Anoushka comes in and says that the Anuradha's Bhabhi told her that the murder was odd. Anoushka asks Peter to stay in the room. Anoushka recounts the story that 3 years ago, it was Anuradha's engagement and when her family members went to fetch her, she was dead, as someone pressed tight around her neck. Then, she adds that Anuradha's fianc was Peter!

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