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TITLE: Yellow Roses Part 2
DATED: 27-Jan-2006
DESCRIPTION: Bureau: Peter is there explaining to the team that he didn't do anything. Goes into FLASHBACK about Anuradha's incident. Anuradha's mother comes up to Peter and notifies him that Anuradha is dead on the day when they were supposed to get married. Her mother blames Peter for her death, since Peter was in Anuradha's room just minutes before her death. PRESENT: Peter still keeps on saying that he didn't do anything. ACP Pradyuman says that he cannot believe him as this has happened to both of Peter's fiances and that it cannot be a coincidence. Gautam's House: Abhijeet and Daya go and tell Gautam that Peter had taken his name in the involvement of this case. Gautam is puzzled. Abhijeet tells him that Peter was afraid that Gautam didn't want him to get married because their business would go bankrupt. Abhijeet tells him that he will call Peter to verify whatever he said. Gautam then confesses and tells them that one day when they were drunk, he had told Peter that he should never get married because that would ruin their friendship and their business. They tell him that his company produces the poison. Abhijeet receives a call. Fredricks has found the person who had sent the statue to Prad via mail, and then asks Gautam if he knows a girl named Rita. Gautam says, "Her again?" Rita's House: Prad, Abhi, and Daya are there and Rita tells them that she had given Prad the parcel containing the statue. She didn't want Peter to get married to Parinaz and when Parinaz would have found out, she would have broken her marriage to Peter. Rita's intentions were such, but the CID Team informs her that the yellow roses, which were meant for Parinaz contained poison and instead, her sister Jenny died due to it. Rita is surprised. Then, Rita tells the team that she had received yellow roses from Peter (because there is a card on the plastic). She shows it to them. The roses are still in the plastic cover. Bureau: Team questions Peter about the yellow flowers, but Peter tells them that he had ordered only 1 bunch of roses, not 2. He tells them that Gautam had been there with him at the florist, but was inside the car. Flower Shop: ACP Prad casually goes into the shop and asks the florist for roses which contain poison, so that he could kill his girlfriend (Priya, is that you?) The shopkeeper is surprised and puzzled, and Prad adds that he came here because he heard from everybody else that he was great in putting poison in the roses. The shopkeeper goes on and says that he does, jokingly and prepares the bunch. Prad sees this and is surprised because the shopkeeper only puts spray, but not poison. Prad tells the shopkeeper that a man, Peter, had asked him to deliver only 1 bunch of roses (prad points to peter, who is in the CID jeep). Florist remembers and says yes that Peter had come here to order a bunch. Abhi brings both bunches (Rita's and Parinaz's) and the florist says that he had written the words "FROM PETER" on Rita's roses. CID Team thinks and says that something must have gone on with the delivery boy. They ask if they delivery boy had come back on that day, the florist says that he had closed his shop that time (7:00-7:15). Bureau: The delivery boy is there and tells them that a man was there outside somewhere and had redirected the roses to Rita's house and had given him another bunch to deliver to Parinaz. CID team asks the delivery boy to recognize if the man is here. Peter, Gautam, and others are filed in a line. The boy is trying to recognize the man. He keeps on staring at Peter and points to Peter. Peter says that he didn't do anything. Gautam supports him and says that he believes in friendship. Prad laughs hysterically and says that friendship over crime? Peter tells them what happened at his wedding reception. FLASHBACK: Peter was always there with Gautam or Parinaz. Parinaz asks for her yellow roses, but peter says that they will be here soon. Gautam excuses for a minute and comes back. He informs Peter and Parinaz that he had called the flower shop at 7:30, and the florist had said that the roses were already delivered. Jenny comes there and tells them that the yellow flowers were delivered. PRESENT: Prad then says how Gautam could have called the florist when the shop was already closed. Gautam is shocked and then tries to run away, but they catch him. Gautam then confesses. He says that he didn't want Peter to get married because he was afraid that their business would go into bankrupt, because of women. He says that he killed both Anuradha and Jenny (by accident) and wanted to kill Parinaz. He bases this with his own father's experience and how they landed on the streets, when his father's friend had gotten married. Gautam didn't want to lose Peter and that is why he had killed Anuradha. Peter slaps and leaves.

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