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TITLE: Killer Whistle Part 1
DATED: 03-Feb-2006
DESCRIPTION: * Office: It's 1'o clock a.m. and a man with a pink shirt is still working at his cabin. He first hears a noise and wonders what it is. He asks "who is it?" and no one replies. He goes back to his cabin and switches on his Dictaphone. There, he is talking about how if another company doesn't give him 1 Crore, he has to sell of the shares, etc. Suddenly, he hears a whistle and gets scared. The person who is whistling has a knife and goes towards the pink shirt man. The pink shirt man asks him to spare him and that he would give him any amount, but the killer still comes forward and dashes the knife on the man's stomach. * CID Team arrives and inspects. Daya assumes that the killer might be a professional killer because he darted the knife forcefully into the man's stomach. Abhi wonders why Rajesh (pink shirt man) was staying late up at night. Then, Rajesh's secretary comes forward and says that her boss always stayed up at night to finish the next day's work. She says that her boss recorded his info on the Dictaphone so that she could fix all the appointments. The CID Team starts to search for the Dictaphone. Anoushka finds it. * Bureau: The team listens to the Dictaphone and hears the man's voice and then the whistling. Abhi says that the whistle would lead them to the killer. Fredricks says that he thinks the whistling is that of a man's. Anoushka disagrees and whistles and says that it could also be a lady whistling. Daya says that he hasn't heard of this tune anywhere, so therefore, it must be a new tune that still hasn't come to the market. Abhi then concludes that the killer could be a music expert or a person who works at a music company. * They go to a shop and plays the Dictaphone to the music expert. The music expert says that he hasn't heard of the tune, but he suggests the team to go to FM Radio Station's office because they always receive new songs. * FM 99.9 Station: The DJ plays the song on air and asks her audience to contact her if they have any clue of the tune. The CID team thanks her and the DJ tells them that she would contact them if she receives any info about the tune. * Bureau: Daya and Fredricks listen to the tune over and over again on the Dictaphone. Daya notices that after the whistling had stopped and the killer had went away, there was a ruffled voice. He increases the volume and hears "CAMERA PHONE KI JAI". Daya concludes that there must have been a third person in Rajesh's cabin. * Anoushka and Abhi are in the CID Jeep and Abhi receives the call from Daya about the news (camera phone ki jai third person). Then, Abhi receives the call from the DJ that a girl, named Preeti, had called her. DJ says that Preeti knows some info about the tune. DJ gives Abhi the address and they go. * Office: Daya and Fredrick go back to Rajesh's office to find more clues. Daya figures out that the third person had been hiding behind the cupboard and recorded the whole murder scene with his camera phone. Daya and Fredricks re-enact the scene. Daya then concludes that the third person could have come to the bureau and reported about the murder, but he didn't because he is planning to blackmail the killer. Daya and Fredricks look over to find any clues about the third person. Fredricks calls out and sees a glove in the dustbin. Daya says that it must be the third person's glove, because there are no blood stains, and no body in this workplace uses them. * Abhi, Anoushka, and Prad (finally) arrive at the place (recording studio) where Preeti is. Prad asks her where she heard the tune. Preeti says that he heard it here in the recording studio yesterday, when she was making a phone call. She can't quite remember from where the tune had come from. Again, Preeti and the team re-enact the scene and finally Preeti remembers that the tune had come from ROOM #4 of the recording studio. * The team asks the manager to check the list of people who used ROOM # 4 yesterday. They find out the person and they talk (ALL OF THIS IS IN MUTE) Prad is actually quite angry. * Club: a group is practicing. Then, we hear a man whistling to the same tune. They show his face and it is no other than the famous Indi-Pop singer, I think, BABA SEHGAL.

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