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TITLE: Killer Whistle Part 2
DATED: 10-Feb-2006
DESCRIPTION: * Prad and the team reach Baba Sehgal's studio. Baba is still whistling to that tune. Baba is surprised and Abhijeet tells him that he is under arrest. Baba asks why and Daya says that he whistles very nicely. * Bureau: Baba listens to the tune on the dictaphone. Baba says it's impossible and that his tune hasn't yet been released to the market. Prad says that if he was the only one who knows the tune, then how did the killer know this tune? Then, Baba says that there are many more people who know this tune (his composers, his musicians, lyricists etc ~ about 5-6 people know this tune) Prad orders Abhi and Daya to bring those 6 people to the bureau. * Lab: Dr. is there doing some tests on the gloves found in the office. Some funny conversation going on between Daya and the Dr. * Bureau: Voice analyst is testing all the 6 people's whistling. None of their sound frequencies match the one of the killer's. Then Baba says that the CID Team had mistook him as the killer. But Prad tells him that he will proove that this tune has a huge hand in the murder case. * Lab: The Dr. puts the gloves on some high-tech machine and tries to match the finger prints found on the gloves to Baba Sehgal and his team. But they do not match. Then Dr says that he found some some pieces on the gloves (some food pieces). It is not human food, but fish food. Then, Daya remembers the fish tank in Rajesh's office. Daya concludes maybe he works at the office to clean the fish tank. * Fish aquarium: They go and find out who went to Rajesh's office to clean the fish tank on the 23rd. Three people usually cover the area, but Kiran hadn't come to the work since the 23rd. They get Kiran's address and go to his house. * Kiran's House: The door is opened and they find Kiran's dead body. Abhi says he feared this would happen. As Kiran tried to blackmail the killer, he himself got killed. They try to find Kiran's mobile, but it is not there. They check the whole room to find the mobile phone. Then Daya finds a paper cutting soaked in blood, near Kiran's body. It is a matrimony ad. Abhi says that this has got to do with Kiran's death. * They go to Manoj's house (he is the one who sent the matrimony ad). The team shows Manoj kiran's photo and that he has died, but Manoj doesn't know him. Manoj says that he has only met one girl, but has posted an ad just a few days ago. He is going to meet some girls today and tomorrow. Abhi says that they will accompany him to the restaurant because perhaps one of the girls might be associated with the murder case. * Restaurant: Abhi, Daya and Fredricks are in disguises. Abhijeet goes and sits with Manoj at the table, while Fredricks and Daya are at the other table taking pics as the girls come to Abhi and Manoj's table. Abhi introduces himself as Manoj's brother. * Then, a girl comes to the restaurant and Abhi is really quite shocked. We find out that it is Preeti. Abhi takes off his moustache and reveals his identity. Preeti is surprised. * Bureau: Prad asks why she had played a game (the tune, Baba Sehgal) Abhi asks what she was doing with Manoj. She says that she wanted to get married. They tell her that they found the marriage ad beside Manoj's dead body. Prad asks why she killed Manoj and Rajesh. Preeti says she didn't. She is lost in thoughts and then reveals that she killed them. Prad is suspicious and asked her how she killed them. Preeti doesn't answer and then prad says that he knew that Preeti didn't kill them. Preeti is trying to save somebody. They ask who and Preeti says her father. * Preeti's House: they ring the door bell and the servant opens the door and says that her father isn't here. The team searches the house. The servant says that her father was trying to call someone many times (3-4 times) and then left. Abhi lifts the phone and presses the re-dial button. They find out that it is Sanjay Kumar's number. He is Rajesh's business partner. Preeti says that her father hates when he hears Sanjay's name. * Sanjay's House: Preeti's dad is there and has a knife out. CID Team is racing and comes to Sanjay's house. They stop Preeti's dad from killing Sanjay. They arrest Sanjay for a cheating case (for cheating Preeti's dad) * RECAP: He says that he gave all his money to Rajesh and Sanjay and these two cheaters didn't make any building that Preeti's dad paid. He says that he killed Kiran because Manoj had blackmailed him. While Preeti's dad was cutting the matrimonial ad from the newspaper, Kiran's phone call came. Her dad out the ad in his pocket and Kiran blackmailed him. Then, when Preeti's dad went to his house, he killed Kiran. At the same time, the ad that was in his pocket fell down. * Her dad is worried that nobody would want to marry Preeti, but the team says don't worry and that his daughter will be married.

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