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TITLE: The Case of the Engraved Grains Part 1 [Repeat]
DATED: 17-Feb-2006
DESCRIPTION: * Jodhpur Station: A wounded man is in an autorickshaw and asks the driver to go faster, as he has to give some packet to ACP Pradyuman. He reaches the station and manages to find his friend in a train, which is going to Mumbai. The badly wounded man gives the packet to his friend, but his friend doesn't let him go and doesn't want to leave him that way and asks what happened. The wounded man tells him that some people are after him and that they might come look for him any second. The friend goes into the train and the train departs. * Mumbai: CID Bureau Prad is tells the other officers that the wounded man was one of their efficient officer spy. Anyway, they open the packet and they find out that it contains rice. Blood stains cover the rice, but Daya notices that there are black spots. He takes the magnifying glass out and sees that it is a windmill. They take out black stained rice and put them on the plate. There are words, such as "11:30" "Baje" "Picture of a windmill" "Rajastani Puppet", etc. They try to mix and match to form the sentence. They finally figure out that and it says, "Puppet leke windmill ke pass sade gyaarah milo" Prad tells Daya that they have to go to Jodhpur immediately, as they don't know if it is 11: 30 tomorrow, day after, etc. Prad tells Daya and Fredricks to inform the police at Jodhpur and complete all formalities. * Jodhpur Station: Prad tells Daya, Fredricks, and Sudhakar that an officer called Pratap Singh will be meeting them here and that he is from the PR Department of the Police. Pratap meets them and introduces himself. Prad shows him the engraved rice grains and Pratap tells Prad that the case is solved. The engraved rice grains are usually done in Jaisalmer. * Jaisalmer: Prad, Fredricks, and Daksh ask each of the shopkeepers in a Rajasthani dialect about where they can find a man who can engrave rice grains. So, each shopkeeper points them where the man could be found. * Near the windmills-Highway: Daya is on the "highway" and there is a man in a scooter who is in front of him. Daya looks at him and the man smiles. Daya goes past him and the man stops and he has a puppet. Then, Daya is suspicious and turns back and stops far ahead and watches over him. * Meanwhile, Prad and the team find the three shopkeepers who had put engravements on the rice grains. They then ask one of the shopkeeper to draw a sketch of him since he is an artist. Looks like someone asked three different shopkeepers to engrave the rice grains. The two shopkeepers work with the other one to draw a sketch. They finish drawing the sketch and just then Prad receives a call from Daya. Daya tells Prad that there is a man with a puppet, waiting near the wind mills. Prad tells him that he is going to send him a sketch through the cell phone. Daya receives the sketch and comes forward near the man with the puppet. Daya tells him that he wants to look at his face. He compares the sketch with him and matches perfectly. The man with the puppet hops on his scooter and drives off. Daya follows him. * Daya and the man with the puppet reach a fort. Daya is chasing him and the man is running away. Just then, the CID Team comes to the fort to help Daya to chase the man. Then, Fredricks sees him in a ditch and notifies Daya. Daya asks him to come out and shoots a bullet. The man tells him not to fire any bullets, as he is carrying Uranium with him in the puppet. Daya comes down and brings the man with the puppet outside. Daksh takes the puppet and opens it and it does contain Uranium. Daksh asks whether he was going to make a bomb. The man says no and tells them that a girl was supposed to take this Uranium from me. They ask which girl. The man takes out the photo and shows it to them. Daya asks who is this girl...

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