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TITLE: The Case of the Engraved Grains Part 2 [Repeat]
DATED: 24-Feb-2006
DESCRIPTION: # Daksh asks the pupet guy about what he has in it and the guy says its uranium. He tells them he has no clue what it is going to be used for . All he knows is that someone came to his house and gave it to him and told him that a girl would come and collect it from him.The man takes out the photo and shows it to them. He says he does not know anything about the girl # Daya finds a photo studio's name behind the photo and they decide to go over there. The guys says that this is the daughter of a retired judge and gives them the address. The CID team goes over to the judges house. # Mumbai : Abhijeet, Aditi and Anjalika is looking at the body . Abhijeet finds blood on the coat that they got with the body and looking at the body they find 3 knife wounds on the back. But as the coat had blood on the front they also look at the front and see a bullet wound. They are curious as to which wounds did the person die of. # Jaisalmer: The judge tells them that the picture is of his daughter. She lives in Delhi and has been here for the past one month, ACP Pradyuman says that she is involved in smuggling and an officer of theirs has been killed. The judge tells them that it is not possible their daughter is involved and she is into furniture export and hence even at this time has gone to look for furniture. # Mumbai: A lady comes to the bureau and she tells them she is Vijay's wife.She has not seen him for 2 years and jsut recieved 2 calls from him. She infact had called ACP Pradyuman who denite knowing Vijay so how is his body there. Abhijeet says that as Vijay was undervover cop ACP Pradyuman did not know him. Abhijeet asks her if she remembers anything unusual when vijay called. She said she remembers him saying something about Uranium # Jaisalmier :CID Team goes to the furniture store. the manager says that the judge's daughter has been coming there. She also used to meet weird people but now for the past 15 days she has not seen her in the store. They go back to the judge;s house and ask him to call the daughter to see where she is . The judge's wife says that she has been trying but its not connecting at all. Right then there is a doorbell and there is no one at the door. But outside the compound there is a camel and the judges wife see's her daughter's dupatta around the camel. There is a message on the dupatta asking the CID team to leave if not the daughter will not be left alive.The judge asks CID team to leave but Daksh does not as they need to catch the smuggler. But ACP Pradyuman tells him to leave and later tells him that they will act as though they are leaving so that the smugglers can be fooled and they can get to them. AP also tells Daya to get their leaving news in the newspaper so the smugglers are convinced. # In the station they are all there hoping to find clues so they can get to the smuggler before the train leaves if not they will need to board the train and get down at the next station and come back,. They show a man along with a lady whos face is fully covercome to board the train. They are also standing next to the CID team. The man tells the lady to stand there as he goes and gets some wate. Right then the guard signals for the departure of the train. So Daksh tells this lady to get in the train , the lady does not want to but later decides to. When she boards the train Daya finds the hand looks like a guy. also daksh sees the shoes are guys' shoes. ACP gets the saree removed from the face and see that the person is indeed a guy dressed as a girl. He says he does not know anything and right then the other guy shoots him . ACP tries to get him to say who he is . All the guy says is fort and cannon and dies. ACP learns that there is a fort in Jodhpur which has 25 cannons. # Daya and Fredricks in the meantime follow the guy. They show them both chasing the other guy first on the narrow roads of Jodhpur and then later on the terrace.

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