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TITLE: The Case of the Engraved Grains Part 3 [Repeat]
DATED: 03-Mar-2006
DESCRIPTION: * Daya is still following the man. * After the dead man says "fort" and "cannon", Prad knows where the place is in Jodhpur and goes there with Surya. Prad tells Surya and Daksh that the man who is escaping knows what is inside the cannons. * The man is on the terraces and Daya, Sudhakar and Fredricks, are still following him there. When the man is cornered, he shoots Daya on the arm. But Daya is ok and continues to follow him until he is cornered. The man threatens to shoot him again. Daya asks him to put his gun down. Then, the man threatens to shoot himself, but Daya shoots him on the leg (I think!) * Cannon: Daksh calls Sudhakar to ask whether they caught the man. Prad talks to Daya and orders him to ask the man about the guns. The man says that the cannons have two lions imprinted on them. * Prad and team searches the place to find the cannon which has 2 lions on it. They find it and Daya asks the man what is hidden in it. The man replies that there is a key around that area. Prad says that this key will bring us closer to the girl and the chakkar about the uranium. Meanwhile, a group of kids come upto Prad and ask what he is looking for. Prad tells them about the key. The kids want to help him find it and Prad agrees. They search each and every gun. A boy finds it and gives it to Prad. Prad is happy and asks them whether they want to become a CID Officer. The kids shout YES! Anyway, Prad tells Daya over the phone that they found the key and tells him to ask the man what this key is for. The man says that he won't tell him and escapes and commits suicide. * Surya is telling Prad that there is a museum around here and there they can find out what the key is for. * Museum: the shopkeeper tells Prad, Daksh and Surya that this key belongs to a lock which is usually found in a Haveli. Surya says that there are none in Jodhpur...the shopkeeper tells him that there are old Havelis in Jaisalmer. Prad then says that they will be going to Jaisalmer. * Jaisalmer: In a haveli (which is now a shop), there is a man and a lady talking. They have an injured girl with them. the man says that they got to ditch the girl as she is of no use. They only used her to get the uranium. He is scared that the CID might come here any moment. The man puts the girl in a tiny room and locks it. Meanwhile the lady is washing all the blood stains on the ground. * CID Team is finding out which Haveli the key belongs to. * Haveli: the man and the lady are talking about how CID is here and they are going to get caught and the rice. He says that he will run away after he gets the uranium. The lady is really scared. Then, all of a sudden, the injured girl starts screaming for HELP. They hear her. * Team asks the people whether they have seen the key or not. A man says yes and that it belongs to the FURNITUREWALI KI HAVELI. Team goes there. Prad says that he has come here before because the Judge's girl worked here. They knock on the door many times, but the lady and the man don't open it. Finally, Daya breaks open and they ask the lady where the key fits to. She says that she doesn't know. Daya notices blood stains on the ground. They ask her where the girl is and she says she doesn't know. Just then, the girl shouts for HELP again! CID Team hears her. The lady starts crying and shows them the room. The lady tells them that there is another thing inside the room too. They come to the door and open the lock with the key they have. They open the door and find a nuclear reactor. Just then, they hear the girl shout for HELP. They find the girl. The team hears some running noises. It is the man who is escaping. He jumps on his motorbike and goes away. The CID Team is following him. Prad is saying that he is heading towards the border. Anyway, the man comes to a stop and runs to the desert and rides on a camel. The man comes down from his slow camel and runs. Daya runs after him. They don't find him. The footprints end here. Daya says that perhaps he is hiding below the sand. So, they fire the area and find him. The man asks them not to shoot at him. Prad asks him where he got the uranium from. He says from India and abroad. Prad asks him who makes the bombs. He says that he doesn't know how to make them, but there are people who make them and tells Prad that he could tell him all their names. * NOTE: ALL 50 PEOPLE WHO WERE PART OF THE SCHEME WERE ARRESTED AND GANDHARI BECAME A GOVERNMENT APPROVER.

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