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TITLE: Return of the Jewel Thief
DATED: 10-Mar-2006
DESCRIPTION: * Aman Verma a.k.a. Johnny is on the boat and his men pull some sack out of the sea and retrieves a box which contains jewels. Johnny laughs hysterically and says that he will deposit this in the bank. Suddenly his driver asks him if his work is over and asks his what he does. Johnny gets mad and says never to question him again. * Johnny's Office: Some men are playing cards. Johnny complains how there is no one outside their door to distract other people so that they won't know what they are doing. Then, Johnny tells them that a statue/jewellery collection is about to be auctioned, which is worth 25 crore. Johnny tells them to loot the museum. * City Museum (3 months later...): A Rajastani man is with the museum director. He is there to see whether his jewellery is safe in the museum, which are about to be auctioned. This man is very picky and is quite unsure about the security. The director assures him that there are cameras, security guards, high-technology which will prevent his jewellery to be stolen. The man asks the director what if his jewellery was stolen; the director replies that he would shoot himself in the head. * Two days later: The jewellery is stolen and the man is very sad and angry. He asks the director to shoot himself in the head like he promised he would. Suddenly, the director points the gun towards the security guard, but the man tells him not to act as a hero, but he is a villian. Just then the CID Team enters. Prad asks the man to stay calm. Daya takes the director's gun away. Prad asks him what happened...the man tells him that his jewellery has been stolen. Prad says that all are here and the man tells him that this is cheap-quality found in the market. He tells them that they were here 2 days ago. The director tells Prad that there are cameras everywhere which are recorded 24/7. He tells Prad that there is only one door, which requires the right fingerprints. The director's name is Josh. Abhijeet asks him if there was some incident 2 days ago. Josh says yes...there was a small fire in the other part of the museum. Then two security guards tell them that the light went off twice, one at 11 and the other at 2 p.m. Prad says between 11 and 2 p.m., the robbery must have taken place. He tells the director that he wants to see the videos. * They see the videos and notice that the video is blank between the times of 11:00 and 2:00 p.m. Then, the director blames the security guards for doing it. So, Abhijeet asks the security guards. Just then, one of the guards takes his gun and points towards Abhi and Prad and tells them that he stole the jewellery. Daya and Fredricks are behind the guard and tackle him. When he is caught, he tells them that he didn't steal the jewellery because he worked for 20 years in the police station. He says that he had to do it because one day there was a man who came to his house to threaten him to disconnect the camera cables when the robbery was taking place. If he didn't do it, his child would be dead. So, he had to do it. * In the room: Prad wonders how the robber(s) might have came into the room because there is only one door. Prad says that he thinks that the thieves must have hidden in the room. They find where the place might be. So, Daya and Abhi knock on the walls, Fredricks checks the grounds, and Anoushka goes out to the corridor to check the walls. Then Daya finds the wall and finds that the wall could be opened. Him and Abhi slide the door on the wall and find that there is a small passage, where 2-3 can fit inside. Prad asks the director if he knew about the sliding wall. He says no and yes because 2 months ago, there was some reconstruction taking place. Prad tries to investigate how the men might have escaped from the wall. So, Prad tries the other wall and finds that the wall can slide. There, they enter a burnt room, where the fire had taken place 2 days ago. They notice that there is a camera there. Prad says that they can find out what happened in this room when the fire took place. * Prad and team review the video and they fast-forward and rewind it. They find that in the beginning 6 fire-fighters had entered the burnt room to estinguish the flames, but after 8 had come out. So, therefore 2 of them must have been the thieves. The last one was carrying a fire estinguisher, which may have contained the jewellery. * Johnny's place: Johnny is very happy and elated. He is happy that they got the jewellery from the museum. He says that his plan was very good and no one should have doubted him. Then, a man asks him who would buy the stolen jewellery. Johnny tells him that the Rajasthani man (whose jewellery had been stolen) would pay this amount. * So, Johnny wants to send a message to the man. So, they cut letters from the newspaper so that it is anonymous. The message reads, "I am ready to strike a deal Mr. Shikhavat (the Rajasthani man) I will sell you the jewellery and the idol for 15 crore. That way you and I can make a profit of 10 crores." * CID Team reads this message. Prad tells Shikhavat to give 15 crores, but he says no. prad says that a child's life is at stake, and eventually Shikhavat relents. * Johnny tells his friends that police won't find him and so forth. he says police can't do any harm on him. He says his plan has never failed nor will ever fail. Just then, a man tells Johnny about ACP Prad and how he captures criminals. Johnny suddenly gets a heart attack after hearing ACP'S name. Then, Johnny dies. Everyone is panicking. * Johnny was just pretending to be dead. * Shikhavant receives another letter and gives to the CID Team. * Prad tells Shikhavant to give the money. * Prad prepares the money. Abhi installs the GPS system in one of the notes and puts it in the bundle. * Prad is talking to Johnny. Johnny is giving him instructions. He tells Prad to go to a bag store and put the money into a lime green suitcase. Next, he tells him to take out the note which contains the GPS installed in it. Prad throws it away. Next, Johnny tells Prad to go to the nearest Gym and put the money into locker #25. * After Prad puts in the money, he calls Abhi and Daya to keep an eye on the locker. Daya and Abhi keep an eye on all the men, but it is morning now and they are suspicious. They open the locker and find that 15 crores are gone. They see that someone has taken it from the back, as it is newly plastered. * CID Bureau: Prad is talking to Anoushka, Daya and Fredricks on how the money was stolen right under their noses and that his reputation is ruined. Just then, they hear Dr. Niyati whistling. Prad is angry and tells her that she hasn't helped them in this case. * Dr. Niyati tells Prad that she has found something important. She has found the serial number of the xerox machine in which the papers were copied on. SHe tells them where the xerox machine is located. * Prad and team goes to the shop and asks the shopkeeper about the serial number. The shopkeeper relents and Daya points the gun at him. * The shopkeeper shows them the machine and Prad asks everyone whether they have seen a man photocopy this paper. Suddenly, the man says that he did it, but he says that he is not involved in it. * After being tortured by Daya he says that his girlfriend had given him the papers to photocopy. * Team goes to the girlfriend's house. * They open the door and find the girlfriend. They ask the girlfriend about the letters and she tells them that she doesn't know anything. She says that her other 'boyfriend' had given them to her. Her other boyfriend is a driver. * The driver comes to the bureau and we see that it is Johnny's driver. * The driver tells Prad that Johnny and his pals are going out on a boat. * Sea/Marina: Johnny and his pal are boarding the boat with their loot. Suddenly, the CID Team arrives and starts shooting at them. The boat is quite far away, until one of Johnny's men is shot. Johnny is quite worried and asks the captain to turn his boat back so that he can take his pal to the hospital. * CID Team is wondering why they are turning back.They catch Johnny and the child is safe.

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