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TITLE: Fashion Death
DATED: 2007 Jan 12
DESCRIPTION: Fashion Death

By: lovelyprincesst

The show starts with the jeweler fashion show were models are wearing a very good jeweler designs. At the end of the stage two men are talking n one men praising Kishorilal for the good collection of his designs n kishori lal says that as long as I have friends like who will organize my shows then I will be successful. A model comes on stage n kishorilal is surprised by what she is wearing n ask his friend that Anushka the super model was to wear a different dress n the main item for tonight, why is she wearing a simple set? His friend replies that her dress had some problems so at the last minute we had to call Saloni. Don’t worry Saloni is a very famous Model n the public are interested in ur jewelers not the models.

Anushka finishes her walk in the stage n Saloni comes in with the most expensive jeweler of the whole show. At the same time we see a man in the video room getting a very close look at the jeweler n thn he press a button wch makes the electricity to go out, inside the room all are shouting n calling Jagdeep to see what’s happened, for a few min nothing happens n the electricity comes back n they see saloni is dead n all the jewelers she was wearing are gone. Kishorilal tells to call CID.

Cid team reaches at the place and asks some questions n we come to knw that the organizer name is ronit n he shows the team that the light is fallen down, daya asks him, is it common for a light to fall in ur shows n he ans that I haven’t encounter this problem in any other shows n tells them to ask jagdeep who manages the lights settings. Muskaan takes the mike n calls jagdeep that wherever he is please come on stage right away, but no response she tries it again, n nobody comes. Abhijeet takes the address of where he stays n all of the teams goes to his place.

At jagdeep house he is inside n the cid rings the bell n tells him to open the door, he panicks n runs away taking all his things but he is unsuccessfull as while he was packing his cloths cid team already broke his front door n gets in the house. He tries to run away using the fire staircase n goes to the terrace n finds nowhere to run, he climbs the wall n says that if u come I will jump from here but cid team doesn’t hear him n slowly comes towards him n he goes a bit back n looses his balance n falls down n dies. Near jagdeep’s body they find a bag wch has the jeweler wch they return it to the owner.

In the lab the Doc says that thank god that she didn’t kiss anybody n goes on repeating the same thing. The Cid team are surprise n fedricks tells her that we are trying to solve the case n u saying that thank god that she didn’t kiss anybody? The doc thn says that u think that Saloni’s death is by the light falling on top of the head n every one agrees. She tells them that saloni didn’t die becoz of the light falling on top of her coz if the light fell on top of her then her skull should have done some damage n her neck would have broken but the exray show nothing like that. Her death was caused by a poinson wch was in the lipstick. She even tells them that this lipstick was kept 30 min before she died. All of them are shocked

They go to Ronit the organizer office n he thanks them for solving the case n catching saloni’s murderer n saving his firm.

CID: u are organizing this show n u knw the movement of all the models like who will come first n who will come in last?

Ronit: yes  

CID: So u knew when Saloni was about to come

Ronit:  Saloni wasn’t going to be in the show but we have to call her as there was a last minute problem with Anushka dress.

CID: so u telling us that  saloni wore her dress n the jewelery,

Ronit: yes

Cid:  did Saloni wear anushka make up too?

Ronit: May be; I don’t knw?

CID: Who is doing the make up for u?

Ronit: Manish

Abhijeet tells muskaan to call manish, when manish comes they ask him that wch lipstick did he use while getting Saloni ready n he tells them that the same as I kept for everyone else n they say that everyone didn’t die but the lipstick Saloni used has poison in it, then he remembers that it was Anushka’s personnal lipstick n she was telling him that this is the lipstick wch matches her engagement dress n today is Anushka’s engagement. They are discussing to themselves that the target is anushka n we have to save her.

While driving they try the number wch they took it from the office but there is no response n then they get her home number n abhijeet asks where is anushka n the lady who has picked up the phone replies that she is getting ready n abhijeet explains to her that by any means stop anushka to keep the lipstick as there is a poison in that lipstick wch matches her dress n thn ask her who she is, she says that she is her aunt n abhijeet tells her to stop anushka by all means while they are on the way.

The team reaches the house of anushka n finds her parents n ask them where is anushka n they ask why n abhijeet tells them coz her life is in danger, someone wants to kill her n he takes them to her room. They knock at the door but there is no ans n they decide to break the door down n anushka comes from the other side of the room n ask y so many people are in ma room, abhijeet tells her that ur life is in danger n explains that someone wants to kill u n has kept poison in the lipstick wch matches her dress n ask her where is it? She says that it is in ma vanity box n goes to look at it but doesn’t find it. Abhijeet ask her if anybody was over here today n she says that Linda aunt was here. They ask where is she now n anushka mom says that she must be in her room. Everyone goes in the room n sees her dead. The team investigates the scene n finds that her death was a cause of squeezing the life out of her by pressing her neck n her another hand was in an awkward position, muskaan take the hand n sees that she was hiding the lipstick. They show the lipstick to Anushka n ask wherther this is the one n she says that the brand is the same but this is not my lipstick as I use the same brand but international n this one is Indian made. On top of the lipstick it was written the shops name n they decide to go to the shop.

In the shop they ask a young lady whether this lipstick was bought from here n she says yes n they ask who bought it whether it was a man or a woman. The lady says that it was a woman as this no of the lipstick its very rare n we had only one left. They asked her whether she remembers what she was wearing or any unusual things or marks . the young lady says that she was wearing a very big goggles n a scarf the same way as u wear during driving a bike, she even told them that she had a burn on her right hand near the wrist as she noticed when she was giving the money. They tell the girl to come to the studio as to identify if the lady was any one present in the engagement party n jeweler fashion show.

They going thru the engagement party video n we see a burn mark n they ask the gal if this is the same mark n she agrees it by saying that it’s the same mark, ronit was present too n he says that I have seen this burn mark, I knw the person but he doesn’t remember n suddenly he remembers the gal as rosy his hair dresser.

They are finding rosy house n sees a man on a motor bike with a helmet n fedricks goes n ask him that where does rosy stays n he points it to the direction of rosy house n goes away. They enter the house n sees that the door is open n rosy has been killed using a scissor, abhijeet tells viveck to call the ambulance n ask rosy what happened n who did it but she wasn’t able to say anything accept the bike n she dies daya goes out to check if the man is still around but he wasn’t. they ask fedrick if he saw the face n he says that how can I while he was wearing the helmet?

They were talking to Fedricks when daya’s phone rang n it was Dr. nayla from the forensic lab, after talking to her they all went to the lab to see what proof she has got for them. She shows daya some thing in the microscope but daya doesn’t understand n she explains them that the killer has given thm some proof by biting anushka’s aunt as the bite is 6 mm deep so she checked it out n what she found is that the killer has the dieses of Pyaria whc is found in the teeth n by biting he has left it in the skin. Fedricks  jokes that now we have to go n check the mouths. ACP tell tehm to call everyone who was present in the party to the bureau.

Everyone from the party is present n ACP tells them that the killer is among u guys n we will find who he/she is, before that  he asks viveck to give them an apple n tells them that this apple was sent to me by my friend so u have it n enjoy. Everyone is surprised n after some times Anushka asks for a knife but ACp says thts whats the use of the knife, just bite it n when the juices goes inside its very good for ur teeth n u get a lot of irons from it. Everyone bites n viveck takes the apples from them n acp tells him to send it to the forensic lab. He tells them to relax as in some few min we will knw who wants to kill anushka.

In the forensic lab along with dr. nayla viveck is helping in placing the apples in the scaning machine n ACp is looking. They put the first one n its says that the match is not matched, they try other but the same result but in the fifth apple they were successful in getting the match matched n its no 5 appele n acp tells viveck to check who that person is.

Back in the burea they tell them that we knw who is the killer n tells him to step out himself but anushka’s father cant bear the suspense n tell them to say who it is. Abhijeet goes to a man called raju n compliment him on his choice of clothes n ask him where he bought it from? Raju says thank u n tell them that his cloths have come from a fashion house. Abhijeet then ask him that u must be having lots of money n he can buy one more thing from him n he says what is that n abhijeet shows hm the medicine n tells him that this is the medicine wch cures pyeria n he(raju) says that I don’t knw wht u talking abt as I dnt have pyrea, he gets a slap from daya n faints. Fedrick comes with water n wakes him up. Raju comes to his senses n takes the gun n runs away in the terrace n hides there n tells that don’t come near me or I will shoot. We can see all teams hiding n viveck climbing the walls n coming from behind n keeps the gun on his head n he surrenders.

ACP asks him why he wanted to kill Anushka n he says the he was paid by Saloni for killing her, they asked him y she wanted to kill her n he says that coz of her saloni lost her 2 film wch were given to anushka instead of her, they asked him so why did u kill saloni? He says that I didn’t kill saloni she used the lipstick wch I kept for anushka as this was the easiest way for me to kill  her n when I come to knw it was too late as saloni was already dead. Acp then ask why did u kill rosy as she was ur partner? He said that rosy was treating to tell everything to them thts y he had to kill her. They also asked him y he killed anushka’s aunt n he said that she sw me exchanging the lipstick.

ACP tells him that saloni got her deed and now u r going to rot in the jail for 3 murders u have done.

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