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DATED: 2007 Feb 16

By: miss17

A man in a mask goes near a laboratory. He throws a bag outside d main door seeing which the watchman comes out to check it. The masked man stabs the watchman and enters the laboratory.


At the same time there is some party going on somewhere. It is some merger party. 2 ladies are the hosts. Everyone is celeberating. Suddenly a chandelier falls on one of the lady. A guy who saw the chandelier falling saves the lady but he dies instead.


At the lab the masked man hits the lab assistant and kills him. He opens one of the lockers and takes something.


Back at the party CID team finds out that the chandelier had not fallen itself but someone had tried to cut the chain it was hanging on. The lady who was saved (antra) tells the team that it is surely her partner Sunidhi. Team asks everyone about sunidhi and just then ACP gets a call from some lab professor. `


The team reaches the lab where the watchman and the assistant were killed.  Oh by the way the team finds out the assistant has not been killed thank god he is alive. Well the professor tell ACP that some bomb has been stolen from the lab. ACP orders Fredric to check the cctv cameras for some clues.


Team goes to some park from where a man had called and said that he had seen a bomb. The bomb was very weird looking. The bomb diffusers are called. They try to diffuse the bomb by cutting some wire but the bomb blasts and both the diffusers die.


The team reaches sunidhis office and they hear her scream. They see a fan fallen and she tells the team that the fan didn’t fall itself but someone tried to drop it on her.. she is sure that it is none other than antra her business partner. Antra comes there n sunidhi n antra start cursing each other. Vivek recognises sunidhis assistant ridhima. He finds out that she was in his college and her name is not ridhima but it is mona. She tells the team that she changed her name because she was not getting any jobs as she had been caught for doing drugs.


At bureau the team sees the cctv video. They find out that the person who stole the bomb knew the the code to open the locker. They also figure out that the thief stabbed and killed the watchman but he didn’t kill the assistan (rohan). This mean rohan was the thiefs partner who told him the code to open the locker.


Team reaches antras office. Antra is crying, she tell the team that someone tried to shoot her but she was lucky once again that she got saved. Team finds the bullet. They figure out that the bullet was fired from sunidhis room. They also find out that sunidhi had left for some meeting long ago. And her assistant ridhima had also left after some time. Team doubts ridhima.


At bureau cid sees a some cd that was found from khushis house. Khushi is antras assistant. In the cd they find a code. Professor tells them the code was of the same locker from which the bomb was stolen. Khushis boy friend tells the team that kushi was gonna hide the bomb at some resort where the mergr of some companies was gonna take place.


Team reaches the resort. Kushi goes somewhere b4 the team reaches. The team evacuates the resort. Daya n abhijeet catch khushi. Whole team goes there. Khushi says that d bomb will blast in  15 mins n noe one can do anything. Khushi did all this just to finish sunidhi and antra.


She starts her story. 20 yrs back khushis mum was antras and sunidhis friend. Her family was very rich. Antra and sunidhi killed her mum n took all their money. Because eof that he whole family became homeless. Her only aim in life was to destroy antra and sunidhi. Khushi then drinks poison and dies.


Teams tries to evacuate people and also tried to search for the bomb. They find the bomb. But the bomb cannot be diffused so abhijeet and daya go in a helicopter to throw the bomb in the river. Before they could throw the bomb the helicopter blasts. Luckily abhijeet, daya and pilot jumps from the helicopter and are save..

The end

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