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DATED: 2007 Feb 23
DESCRIPTION: Case of the Scandalous Murder

By: miss17

here is d update.. i watched d episode yesterday n so i will try n remember all i can.. plz pardon n e mistakes i make..

the episode starts with this producer trying to call his heroine monali who is not answering her phone. the producer gets angry and replaces her with the other girl.

at hospital a girl steals something and runs away, when watchman tries to stop her she kills him. CID team reaches the hospital. hospital staff tell  them that der was a gril who stole something from the record room. on checking the record room the team finds a medical report of a girl called sujatha who has amnesia fallen near the exit of the room.

Team reaches sujathas house and asks her if she remembered wat happend in the hospital. her mother tells the team that sujatha had gone out last night and she brought a brown packet which had Rs.20,000 in it.

at the studio the producer is doin the kiss scene. the scene is completed and the new heroine goes home. on her way home she dies in her car. the driver gets all nervous and loads of ppl gathers around the car. CID team see the crowd and go there to find out wats happeneing. on asking the driver he says that d madam was a heroine who was going home after her shoot, and then suddenly she started coughing in the car and died.

the team reaches the studio where the shooting took place. they find out that the heroine only used to drink juice but today b4 the scene she was meant to eat strawberries and may b she died b cuz of that,

they find out that the person who had givem them the strawberry was producers son. at monalis house the producers son and monali r packing bags and arguing about giving strawberries. team reaches there but they confess that they had given strawberries but did not poison them. they blame each other and both gets arrested.

team finds out that the person who poisoned the strawberries was someone else. when they reach his house he is hanging on the fan. his wife tell the team that a girl had come to give him 5 lakhs rupees and a letter which said poison the strawberres. she describes the girl and the team figure out that the girl is none other than sujatha the amnesia patient.

sujatha is called to the bureau. she dosnt remember anything beause of her illness, so the team puts some pressure machine on her head to make her remember. all she remembers is white coat.

team thinks of the ppl who usually wear white coat in their profession. and they make out that it has to be a docter and only a doctor would understand sujathas illness looking at the medical reports. the only doctor they knew in the whole scene was dr. anita producers wife.

team calls produces wife and slaps her and asks her y she killed the heroine. she dosnt accept so they arrest the producer as he would hav been their next suspect.. when it came on producers life dr, ankita accepts that she got the heroine killed as her husband used to spend more time with the heroine than his own wife.

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