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TITLE: The Murder of the Killer
DATED: 2007 Mar 02
The case is about Prateek/Pratap(can't remember his name??) and he comes home and his wife asks him if the work is done and he falls on her and has a hole in the back with blood--he is dead.

Then someone calls up and tells ACP that he found a body in the park by a tree. ACP comes there and the face is totally messed up. They check the wallet and find out that it's Prateek.

So ACP and crew go to his house and ask his wife. On the way out, Vivek sees a girl peek out the window. They go in and ask the wife. The wife says no he can't die and that he's at work.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nyla checks everything. She says the fingerprints on the shirt buttons are different and his face is messed up by human not by an animal.

They ACP and crew go to her house again and take fingerprints of everyone. There the wife says that his son, Gaurav is missing. The wife said that Gaurav has been missing since Prateek died.

Well to the point, Prateek used to live in Bangalore as the name of Manoj. He had a partner called Tina. Manoj came to Bombay after he killed some one and there Tina started to blackmail him.

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