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DATED: 2007 Mar 09
DESCRIPTION: Case of Dangerous Lady

By: Belle1989


Some drunk guys are out on the street and one man wants to go pee. He goes away and finds a dead body with a head cut off. He screams and his friends come over.


CID Team comes over and investigates. They are disgusted by this. This body is close to and outside some Disco. They call people and some say that he was with a woman and came outside the disco parlour. While the other officers were inside, Vivek comes across a man. The man tells him that the deceased was with a woman wearing red lipstick and a perfume called Diva. Vivek asks the man to stay put and goes in to call the officers but when they come out, he’s gone.


Vivek tells this to Prad and he says that it could only be one person – Dr. Salonki. Dr. Niyati is back as a forensic expert and just then Salonki comes in with a new hairdo. Prad criticizes and teases him. (A much watch scene guys!)


Another almost be-headed body comes in from another Disco place. Niyati and Salonki come to the conclusion that these two haven’t been killed by the same person – one was killed by a man, while the other by a woman.


Team finds out the pattern where the killers are taking and Daya also falls victim to the killer’s trap, but gets saved.


Two eye-witnesses come in and describe the lady. One draws a lady, while the other is a lady looking like a man.


Bar tenders come in and say that during the day of the killings, they fell ill and some one else took their place. They were given 20,000 Rs to leave the job for one day.


Abhijeet also falls into the trap and he gets saved as well.


Prad and officers kill the man (twin of the lady) and lady gets arrested. The lady says that she did this to get revenge. Many years ago, she had fallen prey to a man and got raped and she wants to kill every man and close discotheques, where her horrible night took place in.

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