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DATED: 2007 Mar 23
DESCRIPTION: Case of The Headless Corpse

By: Miss17

i think i missed the first two minutes, but from where i saw...

a lady screams when she saw a dead body with his head cut. team reaches the place and find from his pocket the wallet and id card of someone called deepak. they think that the person who killed this guy is not so dumb that they take away the head of the body to hide is identity and leave the id card in there. they suspect that the body is not of deepak but of someone else.

at deepaks house team asks the servant prabhu about deepak and he says that deepak is not home and deepaks father is not well so he doesnt want to speak to anyone. team still goes inside the house and try and speak to deepaks father. deepaks father tells the team that deepak has been kidnapped and the kidnappers had told him not to inform police otherwise they will kill his son. team tells the father that deepak has already been killed and just to make sure they had to take his DNA sample. Naresh the lab assistant takes the DNA sample.

at the lab they findout that the DNA has matched and so deepak has been killed. vivek and fredric go back near the place where they had found the body. on searching the place they find a newspaper with which the blood stained kinfe was cleaned. back to the lab dr. niyati tells them that the blood on the paper was same s the dead bodys blood. she also tells them that the newspaper was cut from the middle and abhijeet interupts and tries to act smart. niyati praises abhijeet. ( funny moment between the officers.. must watch) dr. niyati also tells them that the part of the paper that was cut was of some crossword which was submitted to news agency to win Rs. 1000.

the team reaches the news agency and tries and matches all the entries and they find one that matches the newspaper. they go to that persons house (sorry forgot her name). they tell her that she has won the crossword competition. the lady calls her 9 yr old daughter and tell her that she has won the crossword competition. CID team takes the lady with them and asks her about the news paper.. on asking a lot she tells them that she had wrapped some food in the paper and given it to her brother harsh..

team reaches harsh's house.. they find that the whlole place  was in a mess. they find something burnt there and so the team takes the burnt stuff to the lab. dr. niyati finds some id card of a small child from that burnt stuff.  the team reaches the house of that child. there they find that the child is of none other than naresh that lab assistant. his wife tells the team that some people came there b4 15 mins and kidapped her husband. abhijeet was quite shocked as those kidnappers reach anywhere b4 the team.. he chcks with some detector and finds a mic  stuck to fredrics coat.

at bureau the team makes some plan to trap those kidnappers in their own trap. fredrick tells the team in secret that he gets his clothes washed and ironed from some laundry.. the team reaches there and say that they have finally completed their mission by finding naresh and letting him free. hearing this the guy quickly comes out of the laundry place and goes to check for naresh.. the team reaches there and catches the person. over there they also find naresh, his son and that servant prabhu's wife.. naresh tells the team that the ppl had kidnapped his son and so he had to change the DNA results... prabhu's wife tells the team that prabhu has been murdered and his head has been cut off...
the kidnapper is none other than harsh, that ladys brother. he tells the team that  he has killed deepak and prahu is still alive..

ACP goes to some doctor and he tells him that he has changed deepaks face and made it like prabhu. at deepaks house akash (deepaks enemy) kills prabhu and deepaks father starts crying.. CID team reaches there and deepaks father says akash killed prabhu but prabhu is none other than deepak. he got plastic surgery done on deepak and made his face like prabhu, s deepak had tried to kill a girl and so her father was gonna send him to jail..

they tell deepaks father that deepak is still alive and akash did not kill him b cuz he fired a false bullet.. deepaks father and deepak arrested for murder of that girl and prabhu..


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