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DATED: 2007 Apr 06
DESCRIPTION: Case of The Body Transplants

By: Charmedsherry


The show begins outside a flat.A guy is knocking on the door constantly but there is no answer.After a lot of knocking he starts screaming"Priya,you there???hello open the door"he causes disturbance so the people living in neighbouring flats came to see what was the problem.They ask him whats wrong so he says that Priya is not opening the door.Then they notice smoke coming from the gap in bottom of door...They bang the door open and are surrounded by a lot of smoke.The guy checks every room and then goes to the kitchen where there the smoke appears to be coming from and there is a corpse of was burned and was sooo gruesome that it made me shudder.

The CID squad comes and investigates.The guy was Priya's to be hisband and he tells ACP that maybe the gas leaked.ACp says"Are you mad?if the gas had leaked then this entire house would have been burned and why didnt she scream for help or try to escape from the fire???"ACP looks at the body and tells critics that look only the body is burned and everything else appears to be untouched,unburned etc.Then he mutters to himself"Gas leaked...Phooey.This means only one thing.That Priya was murdered and then dragged here to be burned.

In another house....a girl comes through the main entrance and goes up to her Friend's room.The friend's name is Palak.

Palak is in the bathroom putting on eyedrops but she hears her friend[named Shilpa] come in.Shilpa says"UFF PALAK I AM SO FRUSTRATED AT THAT SAMEER...HE IS SOOO BLIND FOR MONEY THAT WHEN I TRIES TO STOP HIM HE THREATENED TO KILL ME"Palak replies"i cant hear you properly ...just wait and let me get out in a minute."Suddenly the doorbell rings.Palak says "Shilpa you go open the door."Shilpa goes down and sees that it is a man delivering flowers.As soon as she opens the door,the guy comes in and starts killing her.Shilpa screams and palak comes down to check what was the matter.As soon as palak came down,the murderer leaves and she gets a chance to get only a glimpse of him.

In CID headquarter's,the body specialist lady[forgot her name]investigates Priya's body and says that "if body was tried to burned then she would have screamed but no marks are found on body or at her home.She was killed first then burned...And get this,the kidney has been removed through a slit in the stomach..thats what the murderer was after.And the murderer was an expert at this job."Abhijeet's cell rings and he is told about Shilpa's death.they go there to investigate

Back at Palak's house they see that shilpa's eyes were is once again a gruesome murder and she had rope marks on her neck.Palak is crying and tells ACP the accident.ACP notices that again there was no sign of struggleand house objects are not moved or anything.Palak also tells that the person wore a hat and black sunglasses and she could identify him if she ever found him because he wore a very strong and  unique perfume.ACP asks Palak whether shilpa had any enemies.palak says yea shilpa was telling something about a fight with her boyfriend sameer and that he had threatened to kill her.ACP finds a bouquet of flowers in a corner of the room.palak says that the flowers did not belong to her and the company was"Super Florists."Critics said that maybe Shilpa and priya both had something in common so maybe thats why they were targets.ACP says"In one day.2 murders and both had a body part missing..o maybe another murder will also take place!.So he tells abhijeet and daya to check out the Super Florists store while ACP and some others went to check on sameer.

Abhijet,daya and palak go to florists where they ask palak to identify the killer.She smells all the workers and says that none of them wore that perfume so then they ask manager about any customers wearing hat and sunglasses who came to the shop that day.The manager says yea a guy did came and he said that he was buying flowers for his girlfriend...what was her name???oh yea he said it was palak!They alla re seemed that the murderer had killed the wrong person or something.

ACP and others go to sameers flat where they knock the door and he doesnt open..when after a lot of banging sameer finally opens the door,ACP comes and scolds him for not opening the door.Sameer says that he is an MBBS student and has not done anything.ACP notices something underneath his bedsheets.When he checks he was shocked to find a pile of medicines...It was a banned drug.ACP goes mad .he tells sameer that this is a banned drug so whu do you have it..he makes excuses.then ACP gets call from the doctor lady at headquarters.she tells him to come quickly.

Back at headquarters the doctor lady tells her that the murderer knows exactly where to cut and till what guessing of body it has to be a surgeon or an MBBS student!they suspect sameer.

sameer is called to headquarters and is questioned.sameer says that he only took banned drugs and when shilpa tries to stop him so he only threatened her just to make her shut up but he didnt really kill her.ACP again gets a call and again there is a murder!

In a house a guy has been killed brutally and his wife is crying.ACP notices stitches on the stomach so he asks wife whether the guy had any operation.she says yes he did a couple of weeks ago and it was a kidney operation.ACP sees that kidney was removed again.ACP says that the only thing we can do now is call all the victims families and question them.

At headquarters the families are called.priya's husband said that she had been operated for kidney 2 weeks ago.For shilpa,the mother told her that no shilpa was fit and she didnt have any operations etc.This was strange.Acp asks who was the doctor who operated on Priya.the husband says it was "Doctor Shrikan"The 3rd victims's wife screams..she says that:Thats the same guy who operated my husband too!!!!Abhijeet says"Oh yea he is the doctor who comes to india only twice a year and he was in the news yesterday too!"Acp says"Looks like we need to take an appointment with this guy"

At hospital.CId meets doctor.ACP asks the doctor whether he did or did not do 2 kidney transplants for priya and the 3rd says yeah i did and the parts were given to both by someone named suzanne.ACP says that both victims have suzanne's body parts in eyes must also be given to someone...this means only one thing..that palak is the answer to this ntire mystery!

CID goes to palak's house and she is not at home.The mother tells ACP that she went with her dad and some unknown person.ACP asks about palak having any mom replies...oh yea!she had an eye transplant a couple of weeks ago!CID is shocked...this meant that palak was the next victim!

In a car,palak,dad and the murderer are siting,palak identifies the scent but doesnt say anything in front of her dad.CID calls her and asks her where she was she says she is on "Marvay road"Cid follow her there...the mobile is not closed so when suddenly when palak screams,ACP hears her on mobile and they drive faster.They find a car deserted in a alley and they find palak's dad in there.He is CID goes to nearby cottages and ask people if they had seen a guy and a girl pass buy.THey alol say no.Finally they reach a cottage and force their way inside.they can hear palak screaming but she is not present in the entire cottage..they are thoughtful as to where she IS???suddenlu underneath a bed..CID finds a trapdoor ...they open it and hear palak and guy screaming. The guy says to palak:Look palak i know you dont want to die but look it is my formality,look what those stupid doctors have done to my suzanne.I hadnt even proposed to her and they ripped away her body parts..So you have her eyes so please let me have them back so my dear suzanne can see again[even though she is dead this guy thinks she will be brought back to life again.]Cid goes down and shoots his hand with the scalp.In the basement they see that the operation was setup and suzannes body was in a bed.ACP says"So this is your little operation theatre eh???well the game is over so you will rot in jail for the rest of your life you psycho!"and the show ends.

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