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TITLE: Murder in the Air
DATED: 2007 May 04
DESCRIPTION: Case of the murderer in air

By: charmedsherry

The show begins with 5 students going to their teacher for tuitions for journalism. They are standing outside her house and are constantly ringing the bell but no one is replying or opening the door. When they call her at home, an answering machine is on and she is not at home. They call her mobile but the mobile too was inside the house. The students get worried because they know that the teacher was very good and accurate and because she had called them there she would never think of leaving the house without at least telling them. So the students break inside the house and are searching for the teacher. One of the students goes into her bedroom and suddenly suffocates and faints. When others come to the room too, they faint as well. Scene ends

in the city hospital,CID come and the student who went in the room first had died!others were still in ICU.the doctor tells cid that they have been poisoned,this is not a suicide case and no traces of poison have been found in digestive system,yet they are poisoned.cid had also been told by neighbours that tanvi(the teacher) had left her job and was going to poona.cid are shocked and wonder as to why did she call the students when she had to leave.anyways so the cid decide to go check out the teacher(whose name was tanvi)house.they go there and while they are investigating,one of the cid member named vivek,goes into tanvi’s room and he also suffocates and cid rushes him to hospital.again the doctor tells them that he has been poisoned just like the students.cid asks vivek about what happened and he tells them that he had touched nothing at all in the room and yet when he went there after a while he felt his lungs getting irritated and he fainted.CID concludes that the poison was still in the room.they go back to the teachers house wearing oxygen masks this time and they find out that the poison was injected inside the mats used for insects was on and inside the mat thingy in which we insert the mats.ACP concludes that the mats were injected by poison and when the students came in the room,the smell and poison they inhaled caused them to suffocate and become unconscious.they leave for cid headquarters and also take tanvi’s cellphone which she had left there.the cid doctor approves their theory and tells cid that the poison was injected inside all the mats not one only.ACP gets call and he is shocked to find out that tanvi never reached poona!!!abhijeet gets a call by the hospital and was told that the rest of the students had become conscious again.cid goes to students and asks about tanvi.the students are at first shocked about their friends death and then tells cid that she was a very famous celebrity reporter and she wrote articles about every and they meant EVERY celebrity.who was pregnant,who dumped who,and she knew every juicy gossip and printed it down in her column.the students say that obviously she had a lot of enemies who would like to get rid of her because she used to write all truthful things and secrets about people.cid are very mystified and go to the newspaper agency for which tanvi worked for.the boss tells cid that yes tanvi had left her job because he himself had recommended that she takes a break from work.cid asks the boss as to who did tanvi wrote her last article on.boss tells them that she wrote about the singer yash who had locked his son for 4 years or something and on rani the famous star(not rani mukherji mind you!)cid goes to tanvi’s desk and find nothing of much relevance so they go back to headquarters.there they are just pondering over the case when one of the critics comes and tells cid that through the mobile company service he had obtained all the calls which came for tanvi,cid takes alook at the calls and see that at 7:05 yash the singer had called and then at 7:15 rani the actress had called.critics also tells cid that tanvi had 2 for her work and one for her personal stuff.ACP sends daya and the critic with the moustache to rani’s house and ACP and abhijeet go to yash’s house.well both of them tell the same thing which is the following:yash and rani both agree that the stuff written about them was all true but both tell the cid that they had paid 2 lakhs to tanvi so she doesn’t print the stories.both also say that when they went to her house to give money,a student had been waiting outside to take the money.upon hearing this,cid become shocked and at first they were accusing the celebrities but then they told them that tanvi herself had asked them to give money or else they will print her now cid are more stunned.they figure that even tanvi herself was a crook.they invite the remaining students who were suffocated and the celebrities to cid headquarters and ask them to tell cid whether one of these students were there.rani and yash say that the student was not here and even the one who died wasn’t the one who did it.yet they remembered his face and they described him to cid and they made a sketch of him.CID track down tanvi’s second mobile and find out that her body had been buried in an abandoned area in a forest and she too had been killed by the poison.ACP says that he had a brilliant idea for catching the killer,cheater

ACP writes in the newspaper that cid has caught the killer of tanvi because the 2+2 lakhs were marked bills and if any money is spent transferred or whatever,they will be tracked down.later that day,cid are tracking some person down the radar and as they are  doing this,somewhere in an appliances store,a teenage boy is buying television and a washing machine.suddenly a girl comes and tells him everything about cid tracking them down through marked bills.the teenager gets very upset at her and tries to run away but cid comes and captures them.

They take them to headquarters and they confess over there that under the name of tanvi,they wrote the articles about rani and yash.the girl had talked as tanvi to yash and rani for 2 lakhs and then the boy had taken the money from the celebrities.they also say that tanvi figured that one of the students had done it so she had called everyone to her house the next day but the previous night,the girl was keeping tanvi distracted while the guy went to inject poison into tanvi’s mats.after this the guy and girl are pleading cid to leave them but ACP says that you want us to forgive you\???tough luck children,im afraid for this there will be hangings for both of you….end.

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