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TITLE: Mystery of Missing Child
DATED: 2007 May 11
DESCRIPTION: Case of the Missing Child

By: Miss17


The episode starts with a man carrying a little girl on the terrace. A lady comes there following him shouting don’t do it BK. He was trying to jump off the 16 floor building with a little girl in his hands. The lady said please leave our daughter as its not her fault. If u have problems with me then punish me but don’t do anything to her.

The guy then jumped off the building with the girl and the lady kept screaming and crying. Suddenly that lady wakes up just finding out that it was her dream.

 She then sees her little daughter Swati missing. She checks the room and the lobby but she cant find her. So she grabs her daughters photograph and runs around still in her night clothes asking everyone if anyone saw her daughter. No one had seen Swati. She then goes to the receptionist and tells her that she checked the whole place but she is not able to find her daughter and so now she thinks that someone has kidnapped Swati. The receptionist calls the manager.

 Manager checks the sign in register and sees that the lady Divya had checked in the hotel alone and there was no little girl or any other person mentioned in the register. Divya is not ready to listen to the manager. Manager calls other receptionist who was there when Divya had checked in. She tells them that the lady was all alone and there was no one else with her. Divya says that her daughter was sleeping in the taxi when she checked in and because the girl was only 6 yrs old she didn’t put her name on the register. But manager is not ready to believe all this and so to prove herself right Divya takes them to her room to show her daughters flight boarding ticket and also her teddy bear. But she is unable to find any of them.

 Manager calls CID team. Meanwhile Divya goes outside the hotel and sees her daughters teddy in the swimming pool. She thinks may be her daughter fell in the pool. She jumps immediately in the pool to save Swati. But she is not there in the pool. Divya cant swim and so she calls for help. This guy sitting there hears her but he cant swim either and so asks for others help. Divya is safe but she is crying for her daughter. She tells the guy that no one is ready to believe her about her daughter. The guy introduces himself as Karan and assures her that he will help her find her daughter.

 Divya and Karan both going somewhere in the hotel when Divya sees a guy. She said she saw him on the plane and she thinks he has been following her all along and may be he has kidnapped her daughter. She gets angry on that guy and starts screaming just then the CID team appears. They tell divya that if her story is true then they will surely help her and find her daughter soon.

 Fredric and Vivek check the hotel while the rest of the team goes to Divyas room. She shows them her daughters picture and begs to them to find her. CID teams needs to make sure that whatever Divya is saying is right so they ask her for her family members contact number but she is unable to provide any evidence that mentions her daughter. So without any evidence all they could do is look for some clues. Vivek and Fredric look in Divyas room for some clue and suddenly vivek finds a letter.

 ACP reads the letter which says that Bk (Divya’s husband) and Swati have been found dead as they had fallen from 16th floor of a building. This is a post mortem report letter. ACP and everyone else is convinced that the lady has been mentally affected due to the death of her daughter and her husband but she doesn’t not accept it. ACP decided to find out the truth. He asks Muskaan and Fredric to go and look for the taxi driver who had dropped Divya to the hotel. Meanwhile Vivek is asked to stay outside Divyas room. Suddenly Vivek finds an earring. He checks it with the photo of Swati and the earring matches. He is about to call ACP when divya shouts from inside the room. Vivek breaks the door and goes there to help her but she locks him inside and leaves in search of Swati. Muskaan and fredirc find out from the taxi driver that there was a 5-6 yr old girl with Divya.

 Just then ACP and the team reaches to the room of a guy who has been murdered. He is the same guy Divya was shouting at. Just then Divya reaches somewhere and finds Karan standing there. She asks him to help her find Swati but he shows her a gun and tells her that she has 2 mins to find Swati. Divya doesn’t know why Karan is doing all this. She begs to him but he is doesn’t listen and when he is about to shoot Vivek Shoots at Karan. Karan fires back and Vivek is unjured.

ACP and team reaches there. Vivek tells him that Karan is behind all this. Karan tries following Divya but she hides. Then Karan gives up and goes to check on Swati. Divya follows him and reaches there. Karan captures both of them and is about to shoot at one when ACP fires at Karan who now is injured.

 When taken to bureau he tells the team that because of DIvya’s husband BK his whole family lost their money and due to that shock his wife died. That day he had promised himself that he will ruin BK’s family. He found out about BK’s death but he wasn’t satisfied and wanted to kill Divya and Swati. He would have succeded only if the CID team didn’t interfere.


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