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TITLE: The Case of Killer Hospital
DATED: 2007 Jun 01
DESCRIPTION: Case of Killer Hospital

By: Guddi20


A girl comes upstairs screaming uncle and complaining that her dad is not listening to her. He says that ďDonít worry. Right now your dad is really mad. Weíll think about it later.Ē Then, the plot shifts to the girlís, Sonal, dad and a guy. The dad tells the guy that he is terminated from the job and the guy says that ďe and Sonal areÖĒ when the dad says ďI donít want to see your face. You are fired.Ē Then, a servant came and tells the father that Samar sir has come to which the dad gets mad and says ďwhat is he doing here? I told him not to come. Let see.Ē And he climbs down the steps, when he fell down and is admitted to the hospital.

Sonal asks the doctor uncle how her father is? The doctor uncle says that he is in a critical condition and they have to do an operation. Another Doctor, Dr. Pallavi asks them to fill out the form and then the doctor uncle asks the nurse and Dr. Pallavi that everything should go well since he is the doctor because of Mr. Dev Prakash, the dadís name. Dr. Pallavi asks that why is he so scared? He has done so many surgeries that were more dangerous than this is. Everything will be fine.Ē He leaves and the nurse asks who is Mr. Dev Prakash? And Pallavi says that because of Dev Prakash, this hospital stands here today as he donated much money to this hospital.

Sonal is scared and is asking the nurses to go faster. At the operation theater, Dr. Pallavi says that the patient is dead, and it is a murder since he had been choked to death. Everyone is present, including our lovely CID while the doctor uncle cries his heart out. Muskaan says that he had been choked to death by a plastic string. Doctor uncle says that Dev Prakash was more father to him as he given him money to educate, hired him to his hospital. ACP asks him he should help the CID? Why was Mr. Dev Prakash brought to the hospital? He fell down the stairs. Then, the next morning he was in a very critical position, and he has to do the operation on him, but when the doctor uncle entered the operation table. He was dead. Somebody killed him.

Daya: how come he died when there are so many people in the hospital and no one sees anything?

ACP: Dr. Sandeep (Doctor Uncle), when he was admitted to the ICU, who was his incharged nurse?

Daya: who came to meet Mr. Dev Prakash before the operation?

Nurse: Dr. Sandeep

Dr, Sandeep: I didnít come to meet him. I went straight to my office and then to the operation theater.

Daya: Donít get shocked. Dr. Sandeep, you go to your office.

Nurse: I am sure that was Dr. Sandeep

Daya: You mean, you didnít see his face.

Nurse: Well, he was wearing the surgical cap and mask on the face and from his eyes I could tell that it was Dr. Sandeep.

Daya: Did you leave the room?

Nurse: Yeah, for two minutes. I went to use the restroom

Daya: It could be anyone else.

Nurse: No sir, because thatís only one person in the hospital who limps and thatís Dr. Sandeep. And Dr. Pallavi was there too.

Daya: Why didnít you say that before?

Nurse: Well, she didnít come with him. She came looking for him and when she found him busy she left saying sorry.

ACP: Someone fell from the stairs, but he does not die. Then he is rushed to the hospital and is murdered here. Quite Shocking. Sonal do you know anyone who is your fatherís enemy and wanted to kill your dad?

Sonal: Well, there is one person who would wanted to kill my dad.

Sonalís friend and the guy who was fired: Think before you say anything.

Sonal: I think its better to tell the truth. Dr. Sandeep wanted to kill my dad

ACP: but he says that your dad was his father-like.

Sonal: yeah this was true till a year or so ago. After that he became his fatherís enemy.

ACP: what happened during that time?

Sonal: my father wanted to change the will and take Dr. Sandeepís name out and he got to know about it.

ACP: did he take his name out?

Sonal: No

They show the office room and Dr. Sandeep holding an injection and trying to inject himself.

Dr. Sandeep: Hold on a second

ACP: I didnít know that the doctors have to use their own medicine

Dr. Sandeep: Yeah, what can I say? I am diabetic. I need to take medicine at 10 in the morning and 6 in the evening. I am poor and so cannot afford to pay other doctors.

Abhijeet: You joke really well

Dr. Sandeep: I was just trying to respond to ACP.

ACP: did you know about the changes to the will?

Dr. Sandeep: yes, I did. His lawyer called me.

Abhijeet: And?

Dr. Sandeep: And what? It was his own will, he can change whenever he wanted. What can he do?

Abhijeet: well it didnít matter to you that he was taking your name out of the will and you were going to lose a subsistent amount of money from the will and you didnít care.

Dr. Sandeep: look, I am a doctor, for me my work is more important to me and the money coming to me was going to go for hospital work so Ö

Muskan enters: sir, and say something Ö 

ACP: I think I am listening to a radio talk. And your nurse Preiti told us that before taking Dev Prakash to the operation theater you went to Mr. Prakash room.

Dr. Sandeep: Me???

ACP: You?

Dr. Sandeep: Sir, but I didnít go there I was in my office.

Dr. Pallavi enters: Someone called me.

ACP: Dr. Pallavi, did you go to ICU before the operation?

Dr. Pallavi: yes I did. Dr. Sandeep told me that he is going to see Mr. Dev Prakash before the operation.

Dr. Sandeep: well I said that but I didnít go. I came straight to my office.

ACP: were you alone in the office or was there someone else in the office?

Dr. Sandeep: I was alone

ACP: Dr. Pallavi, did you go inside the ICU?

Dr. Pallavi: No sir, Dr. Sandeep was in there and through his fingers he told me to go.

Dr. Sandeep: what kind of craziness is this? I was no there. Are you drink Dr. Pallavi. ACP, someone is trying to defame me.

ACP: well, whoever that was, he must have hid his surgical clothes somewhere.

ACP: How can this be possible? A person is killed in his own hospital by his own people? Strange!!! He sees the uncle (the girl was talking to at the beginning) hiding. He asks why are you hiding.

Uncle: Sir. One minute, Sir. He looks around.

ACP: what?

Uncle: Sir, Sonal didnít tell you the complete truth. Besides Dr. Sandeep, her name was also taken out of the will.

Abhijeet: Why would a father take his own daughterís name out of the will?

Uncle: because she was having an affair with the lawyer, Ajay, who was fired on the same day when the accident occurred.

They show the house.

Ajay: You are absolutely right. Sonal and I Ö

Sonal: Ajay and I love each other. Papa didnít like this but he loved me.

Daya: Well, you knew he was not going to give you nay money.

Sonal: well, I know my dad was a millionaire but I am not a poor girl, I have my own fashion designing business.

Muskaan: but still, itís a big amount of money.

Sonal: Well, why would I kill my own father? The most benefit would have happened to Dr. Sandeep and his step-son.

Muskaan: Stepson?

Sonal: Yes, stepson, Samar. Samar used to work in the hospital but because of his drinking problems, he created a big fuss in the hospital. He killed two to three patients because of his maltreatment. Because of this, my father fired him.

Daya: when did this happen?

Ajay: This happened two or three years ago.

Sonal: and suddenly he showed up yesterday and then I donít know how this accident occurred.

Daya: he came here yesterday Ö

The staircase:

Daya: your dad fell from this staircase, right.

Sonal: yes sir.

Daya sees some thing.

Ajay: what is this?

Daya: Look for yourself. I think the accident was planned.

Muskaan: Mr. Dev Prakashís accident was planned.

ACP: what?

They show little diamonds to him.

ACP: But they are fake.

Daya: yes sir, they are.

ACP: It means that Mr. Dev Prakash feet fell because of these diamonds.

Daya: Yes sir. And because of Samar, the story takes a new twist. he was mad because he was fired and his dadís name was taken off the will

Muskaan: but his own stepdad fired him because of his actions.

Abhijeet: he was present in the house when this happened, but he was not here in the hospital.

ACP: he might have been. Remember, a guy acting like Dr. Sandeep who Dr. Pallavi and the nurse saw.

Someone says at the back. There is something in the storeroom.


They found a laundry bag where everyone throw their surgical clothes. However, they found a pair of shoes and ACP says that this definitely has to be the shoes of the culprit aka the fake doctor.

Abhijeet: that means that someone came here to the storeroom, dropped everything and left.

ACP: that means Dr. Sandeep was correct that he came to the ICU once, if he came twice than his shoes were missing...

Abhijeet: well this shows that Dr. Sandeep has not committed the crime, but his son might have. Dr. Samar Sandeep.

They show Dr. Sandeep sitting in the office and he dies infront of the CID.

Dr. Pallavi comes and says that take him. She is shocked.

Abhijeet: there is something wrong.

ACP: this happened in front of us.

Abhijeet: There was blood coming out of his mouth.

ACP: and his shirt leeves were rolled up. Was he taking his medicine when this heppened? They found his insulin. I guess someone put some poison in his insulin.

Dr. Pallavi: Now I won't stay here a bit.

Muskaan: Dr. Pallavi, please control yourself.

Dr. Pallavi: First, Dev Prakash and now Dr. Sandeep. We try to save patients but now ...

Abhijeet: Why were you here on the first place?

Dr. Pallavi: We had a scheduled operation today, when I called in to ask for Dr. Sandeep, the operator told me not to disturb him. I came to check by myself but the office was closed. So I went to check other places, and when I came back...

Muskaan: did you see someone coming out of his office when you first came here?

Dr. Pallavi: well when I first came here I saw Mr. Dav Prakash family sitting outside.

Abhijeet: what they were doing here?

Muskaan: Sonal doesn't seem to like Dr. Sandeep

Daya: what were you guys doing there when Dr. Sandeep was killed?

Uncle: how do you know that he was killed?

Daya: we found poison in his sirenge.

Sonal: we went to talk to him regarding the will.

Daya: okay. you first told me to catch Dr. Sandeep, and then you went to talk to Dr. Sandeep.

Uncle: well we just wanted to figure things out ...

Muskaan: your dad just died and you guys are in such a hurry

Daya: and how come you are on their side? you were telling that they might have committed the murder...

Sonal: what?

Muskaan: tell me one thing...what time did you guys went to meet Dr. Sandeep?

Sonal: around 5:30 p.m. he called us but we never get to meet

Daya: did you see someone come by there?

Ajay: Dr. Pallavi... she came by there twice but ... and a phone call ... Dr. Sandeep said hello twice but no one responded on the other line.

Muskaan: a phone comes right before his death ...

ACP: who called him before he dies?

The new guy in CID: Sir, the calls come right at 6:00 p.m. from 1898569.

Abhijeet: the time when he was suppose to take the insulin. Why?

ACP: whose number is this?

The new guy: the number is from this hospital sir?

ACP: what? from this hospital?

The new guy: yes sir, the operator didn't call that means the other 22 phones ...

ACP: call the number

the phone rings

Abhijeet: the ring is coming from Mr. Sandeep's room.

There are two phones in his office.

That means someone called from his own office at the time when Dr. sandeep was suppose to take the insulin.

Then they do a little investigation themselves where they show how the person might have done this.

ACP: this is the sirenge which was used to kill Dr. Sandeep

Abhijeet: and these are the shoes used by the culprit

Daya: and the culprit is one of the staff members in the hospital. We are going to try it on everyone to see if it matches anyone.

It doesn't fit anyone.

ACP: we haven't checked one person. Dr. Samar Sandeep.

Samar: what are you doing?

Abhijeet: so it finally fits.

Samar: well there are many people who wear this number-sized shoes, and I was not even at the hospital, and the murder occurred at 2 and 6.

ACP: well he wasn't there in the hospital but how come he knows the exact time of the murders?

Abhijeet: who killed them?

they show the storeroom where Samar was beaten and was sitting on the chair.

Nurse Preiti comes and says Samar.

ACP: he wasn't telling us the truth and so we have to do that.

Nurse: well he might have killed them since they both ruined his career.

Daya: how do you know all this stuff? did he tell you that?

Nurse: No .. she is very shocked...

ACP: you were wearing his shoes but you made a mistake... you said hat Dr. Pallavi came in to check for the Dr. but she didn't mention you were there. You tried to do it perfectly but you made a mistake and you will be punished more severely than your boyfriend ...

So the culprit was the nurse!!!

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