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TITLE: Seven Days to Die
DATED: 2007 Jul 13
DESCRIPTION: 7 Days to Die

By: Guddi20

A girl is trying to commit suicide when someone calls her. She tells the guy on the other line that whatever relationship she had with him before marriage is over since she is married. Suddenly, her husband comes and asks what's wrong. She tells him rudely nothing is wrong and asks if tea is prepared. He says yes and inquires more about what is bothering her but she leaves, however, she leaves her phone there and he picks it up.

Three sisters are talking and complaining that why did their mother gave all the property to Rokesh even if he is not even a family member.

A guy and a girl talking and the guys says that I cannot believe my sister gave the entire property to her adopted son over all her real family members. "I won't let this happem?"

Family at the dinner table (three sisters and the guy and a girl):

Mom: I am giving my entire property to Rokesh. Rokesh your place is not there instead it's near me. Come, take a seat next to me. Btw I have given something to everyone except him, so I wanted to give him something.

Rokesh started coughing really hard, and he faints. The mom gets a real bad headache and she faints.

CID: They enter the house and finds the mom lying on the floor. They find a bullet in her skull. "How can it be possible? We didn't even hear any voice."

Daya: Who was near her when she was killed? Everyone tells him where they were. They find a gun.

CID Bureau: The doctor is saying that the family is not the culprit as this gun was not used to kill her. Also, she was shot a week before. Everyone is shocked to hear this. They are asking the family what happened. They hear that the mom went to meet Mr. Serwant, and on the way she met an accident. Daya creates a picture how this might have happened. "When she left the place, she screamed and when the driver looked behind, they met the accident."

CID go to the accident place: They find a house where they find a broken window and the gun was fired from inside. Daya finds some blood on the floor and they start investigating. They find a dead body in the closet.

Mr. Bakelal enters (he is the owner of the house): he says that he doesn't know what is going on in his house.

Doctor: The both bullets are fired from the same gun. Also, there is a gunpowder found on his finger. So he kills the lady (Mandira), then someone hits him in the head, and then someone kills him.

House: So CID creates a scenario how this would have happened. The guy(Malik) who was killed must have come to meet someone in the house, when the killer enters, they argued and the killer got access to the gun, he might have fired unintentionally towards the road when it hit Mandira and then he might have killed Malik when he fainted on the ground. They find Malik's criminal records and he is a gun shooter who kills people for money and the CID leaves for his house.

Malik's house: Someone was hiding in the house. He is Malik's roommate. They find a diary. In one of the pages, it says that "Meet Mr. K at the Mud Island house." The roommate says that Mr. K. is his client and whenever he talks to Mr. K. he meet him in Rivera Club"

Rivera Club: They find Mr. K. (He is the husband of the lady who was committing suicide in the first act.) His name is Kartik. He gave money to Malik to kill his wife, but then he lost money in business and he wanted the money back, but Malik said that he won't give him the money. They started fighting and Malik shot first but then Kartik got access to the gun and he killed Malik!!!

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