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TITLE: Revenge of the Criminal
DATED: 2007 Jul 27
DESCRIPTION: Revenge of the Criminal

By:  Miss17

Revenge of the criminal

A girl is walking on the road and talking to abhijeet on phone. Just when they are done talking suddenly a car comes and stops by the girl. The man in the car forces her to get in the car. Her name is nikki. The guy in the car shoots her and on her forehead because she told about him to abhijeet.

At the beach
Nikkiís dead body is found on the beach. CID officers are looking around the body and trying to find some clues. The officers are not able to decide whether she had been brought to the beach and killed or she was killed somewhere else and brought here. Muskaan finds her mobile. The last called she had made was to Abhijeet. They try calling Abhijeet but they are not able to connect. Daya asked Muskaan to get the exact call details from the phone company.

In hotel room
Abhijeet is sitting on the sofa trying to wake up. When he opens his eyes, he doesnít know where he is. He seems to have terrible headache and then he gets some flashes of a girl injecting him. He looks on his back and sees a mark of injection. He then realises that he is not wearing all his clothes. Just then he sees a girl lyin on the bed. He calls out for her and just then sees her dead. Abhijeet is still wondering who must have killed the girl. He gets some flashes but isnít able to remember anything properly.

He is about to daya when he sees a picture of himself pointing the gun at the dead girl. He thinks may be he killed her by mistake but he isnít able to remember anything properly. The gun is also lying in the bedroom. He thinks no one will believe him so he gets his clothes on and is about to leave when the waiter brings breakfast for him. They waiter doesnít remember seeing abhijeet before and jus then he sees that gun lying in the room. The waiter goes to call his managers while abhijeet runs away from the hotel.

Managers call for CID. Officers have a look at the body and figure out that this girl was killed in the same way as nikki. They think there is some connection between both the murders. The waiter gives details of  Abhijeet. He gets abhijeets sketch made. Everyone is shocked to see this. They all think that both the murders are related to abhijeet.

In dream
Abhijeet thinks of going and telling everything to ACP when he gets a dream that ACP isnít able to listen to anything Abhijeet has to say and so he considers abhijeet guilty. Abhijeets sunddenly gets out of the dream and decides not to tell anything to anyone and sort out everything himself.

In bureau
The waiter says that the person in the sketch had not booked the hotel room. Some foreigner kindda lookin guy and 2 other ladies had come. One of the ladies was the dead girl and the other one was wearin gurka so he wasnít able to see her face. The waiter only saw abhijeet when he went to gave him breakfast, but he doesnít know when he came in the hotel.

In Lab
Dr. Salonkhe tells ACP that the bullets found in both the bodies is shot from the same gun and also both of them were killed in the same way. He also tells that he found lots of finger prints on the gun but one of them matches abhijeets finger prints.  ACP says they are not able to figure out where to find the girl found in the hotel.

In Hotel
Abhijeet disguises himself wearin a beard and starts asking questions to the waiter and other manager. The waiter gives all the details of wat he has seen. The waiter tells him that he doesnít know much bout the foreigner guy but all he knows is he was wearing a golden tooth. He then gets the address given by that guy when he booked the room. Abhijeet finds out that the address given was wrong. Just then abhijeet sees the other officers comin in. so he suddenly leaves.

At bureau
Officers find out that abhijeet was the one who was doin all this investigation disguised. Fredrix brings a paper which has published a photo of abhijeet pointing the gun at the girl. They find out that the hotel that girl was found in wasnít a very gud hotel and not every normal girl would go in such kind of hotel.

They take the picture of the girl to all the bars and restaurants. One of the bar tenders identify the girl and tell the officers that she had been workin here her name is renee but hasnít been to work for past couple of days. The bar tender tells them that her best friend suzi must be knowing something.

Officers go to suzis house. Abhijeet secretly follows the officers to suzis house She tells them that a couple of days back she had seen renee talk to some foreigner kindda guyÖ then another guy (abhijeet) came to renee and she pointed him towards the foreigner guy. Then abhijeet asks for drugs from the guy but he isnít saying anything and so he points gun towards foreigner guy. Daya shows her the pic of abhijeet and she confirms that it was him..

In the lab
ACP decides to bring that table where abhijeet and the other guy had been sitting in the bar and check all the finger prints on there. It takes them hours to match finger prints. They finally find one. It belongs to this guy called yashwant.

At yashwants house
Officers go there and start searching for everything. No one is in the house.. they find some torn pictures in the bin.. they try to match the pictures.. one of them is of abhijeet and other one is of renee..

Just then a lady comes in and says that she is yashwants neighbour and tells the officers that she just saw  yashwant run out of the houseÖ

The officers leave the house.. ACP suddenly realises that the lady was wearin a gold tooth jus the same way as described by the waiter in the hotel. Officers reach there but find him gone.. Abhijeet comes there and brings yashwant infront of them officers..

In bureau
He accepts of havin killed those ladies to get abhijeet in trouble because abhijeet had arrested him and sent him to jail for 7 yrs and so he wanted to take the revenge.. ACP tells him that now he will v hanged til death..


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