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TITLE: Room with a View
DATED: 2007 Aug 03
DESCRIPTION: The Room With a View

By: Miss17

A guy is seen talking to someone on phone bout how he enjoys looking on someone elses window to have fun. He says he gets so bored that jus for entertainment he keeps looking through others windows. Jus then he looks out of his window and sees a girl and a man. The girl and the man seems to be arguing and suddenly the man stabs the girl. This man looking through the window calls cid. His name is vishwajeet.

Cid arrives. Viswajeet takes CID to the flat where he saw the murder. The flat is locked from outside. They ask the neighbour for the owner of the flat. A man says that the owner of the flat Pramod lives in Pune and he hasnít visited since 3 months. CID asks if anyone else has the keys but the man says that the owner doesnít trust anyone so he wouldnít have given the keys to anyone.

CID breaks the door and get in the flat. They see that there is lots of dust there and there are absolutely no foot prints. It looks like no one has come to the flat recently. Vishwajeet shows the team where he saw the murder takin place. He says that the room was coloured cream and there was a poster on the wall behind, which had some Russian alphabets. He also tells them that he used to watch them from his window everyday and he is quite certain that they both used to have lots of arguments.

Vishwajeet says he remembers the face of that girl as she was very pretty. He gets the sketch done. Team finds out that this girl was reported missing by her dad yesterday. She is 19yrs old and her name is nalini.

Daya and Vivek reach pramods house in pune. They ask him if he was at the flat last night. He says he was at home but suddenly his wife comes from no where and says that he wasnít at home. She said she was gonna go to her mums house but she didnít go and saw pramod go out of the house.

Pramod takes them at the hotel room. He had a meeting last night with some girl he was having affair with. The girl comes and says that pramod was with her all night at the same hotel room. Pramod pleads cid not to tell his wife anything bout affair. Just then Daya gets a call and they leave for Mumbai.

Team goes to nalinis house and asks her dad bout her. He says she has been going to tuitions with her friend everyday but yesterday she didnít come home until late so he reported her missing. He called everyone and asked everyone but no one knew about her.

Team goes to meet aruna, nalinis best friend. They ask her bout nalini. She says she hasnít met nalini since last one month. She said she hasnít been coming to tuitions lately. The tuitions they went to was near vishwajeets building.

Team asks the watch man and he says he has seen her lots of times. She never came in the society but he always saw her near the gate. The watch man shows the place where he had seen her. Yesterday was the last time he saw her, she looked pretty worried and kept lookin at her watch. He even asked her if she was lookin for some address but nalini jus wouldnít answer him properly. After that he went to toilet and when he came back she was gone.

Teams show nalinis photo to other ppl in the society. One of the guys navin says he had seen her with vishwajeet. Vishwajeet used to take lots of drugs and his image wasnít very gud. So everyone there just keeps complaining about vishwajeet.

Team goes and checks on vishwajeet. They ask him to describe the whole murder. He says he doesnít remember the mans face but he had seen a poster with Russian alphabets and also there was one corridor. Abhijeet tells him that the girl was seen meeting vishwajeet. The colour on his walls is cream and there is also a corridor in his room. He isnít ready to accept that he is a murderer.

Team goes to check the whole flat. They find a knife covered in blood from his room and they also find packets of drugs.

At lab dr. says the knife had 2 bloods mixed with it. One of them matched the blood group reported by nalinis father and the other one is of someone else. The other blood doesnít match vishwajeets blood group. So now the team thinks that the murderer was someone else.

They call vishwajeet and asks him bout the poster he had seen. He writes something on the board. He says it was something similar to wat he had seen. The team tries to uncode wat he had written. Vivek says he knows Russian but none of the alphabets are like that. ACP takes a mirror and checks it on the mirror and the image reflection says world cup 2006.

Acp finds out that vishwajeet had been seeing the reflection on the window of pramods flat but the actual thing had been happening in the same building as vishwajeet. officers each go to different flats in vishwajeets building. Now they light each and every room and check which flats image reflects on the window.

It is navins house. He has been taken to bureau. He says he used to love nalini. First she denied him but then gradually started acceptin the relations but now suddenly she said she cannot hurt her father and ends the relationship. Navin isnít able to take it and kills nalini. Everyone knew vishwajeet was a drug addict and so he went to his flat and hid the knife in his flat to  set him up.


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