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TITLE: Return of the Clown
DATED: 2007 Aug 17
DESCRIPTION: Return of the Joker


By: Anastacia


In a mall filled with children and jokers, there is a boy left all alone playing a video game while his mom stays away shopping. A joker spots him, lures him to him by giving him a lollipop. After eating the lollipop, the boy feels drowsy, throws the stick and the joker carries him.


The boy's mom is worried and doesn't find her kid. She calls CID. CID searches the place, questions everyone. One lady comes up and says that she saw the kid with a lollipop in his hand and eatables aren't allowed there. Prad wonders that he had heard of this case 10 years ago, but can't put a finger on it.


Meanwhile, Harry the Joker introduces scared girl named Sia to the boy. Harry tells him that they are a family now, he is a brother and Sia is their sister. Sia is terrified and is crying.


He kills his neighbour. CID finds a bunch of clues and finds out Harry kidnapped and killed people. They find the boy unhurt.




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