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DATED: 2007 Aug 24

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The case of the vanishing Magician



by Ananya_A



The great magician Gayabi was about to perform his vanishing act. The audience was biting their nails off wondering how he will come out of the box with hands tied in handcuffs. He was to go into the box and come out from the exit without any handcuffs from the theatre exit. Gayabi goes into the box and after ten minutes later a dead body comes out whose face was totally destroyed.


CID team rush to the spot and when they were sure enough that the body was of the great magician his wife claimed that the mad canít be Gayabi. She says that she was his better half and that Gayabi had six fingers on his left toe. Abhijeet checks and says that the lady is right the body was not of Gayabi. Muskaan and Divyana goes to search when Divayana asks her as to why the other day she took all her credits but Muskaan says if she didnít inform ACP then the case wouldnít have been solved.


Divaya says that she should have given her the credits at least and let her speak too but Muskaan denies the fact saying that she doesnít remember. They find an old rug which had blood spots on it. Both the girls carry it out, ACP/Daya are confirmed that the dead body was brought hiding in the rug so that none suspects. Daya asks all the assistants about the secret of the magic box. The girls say that there is a secret door in the box that leads to the underground tunnel, a guy stands there who opens those handcuffs and the guard there leads the magician to the theater exit.


 The guy opens the handcuffs says that Gayabi never came down, and without opening those handcuffs it wasnít possible for the man to come out, the guard says that he was there during the show but he never came down.


Abhijeet asks the producer about where he was during the replacement of the dead body. The man quickly shows them his position. Abhijeet discovers that from his position the back of the magic box was visible. He says that magician crawled away from the magic box, therefore none noticed him. He asks Vivek to do the same and when he crawls out of the stage he sees those handcuffs. Divyana says that maybe the magician has been kidnapped but Muskaan shouts at her saying that its investigation and she shouldnít predict like that. Gayabi was hanging with the ceiling of the theatre like a Spiderman; he says that none can kidnap Gayabi.


At the forensic lab, Saluke talks in a rude manner to ACP. He says that the rules of the Forensic lab had changed and ACP shouldnít ask such silly questions as it pisses him off. Tarikha( I forgot the lady docís name) explains ACP that the body was two days old and the man had been walking over fire for a long time, he cannot be a fire fighter as the cloths he wore was pretty expensive. Divyana says that she guessed it before as the blood looked few days old but Muskaan cuts her in between saying that she was the one who told Divyana about it.

 ACP asks Vivek to look for the list of magicians who walks over fire, the list was out and they found a name Mr Pral. Gayabi in disguise of a old man gets inti Pralís theatre but the guard wasnít letting him in. He hypnotizes the guard and goes into the hall; he discovers that the COD team was doing their investigations there. Mr Pralís secretary says that two days back his master was to meet gayabi who was his assistant, along with two more people who were gayabiís assistantsí. ACP asks Daya and Abhijeet to look for Rahul and Neerav, the two assistants.

 Neerav was found dead but his heart was still beating. Gayabi takes another disguise and goes to meet Rahul where he sees his wife, he asks them as to how the dead body came into the box. Rahul without any explanation takes out his gun and points at Gayabi. Later when Abhijeet, Daya and Vivek comes to Rahulís house they find the Gayabiís wifeís body, and they figured out that it was the case of the extra marital affair. The doctor says that Neerav was in no position to speak, he was paralyzed but ACP thinks of a plan. He takes Rahul in the basement where they perform an act; Abhijeet was dressed as Mr Pral looking for gayabi. He tells gayabi that he had come to expose him for stealing all his tricks. Gayabi takes out a sharp knife and stabs him to death, both Neerav and Rahul were the witness.

Rahul comes after Gayabi and learns that Gayabi hypnotized him to kill her, and before he could take out the gun he hypnotizes him as well. Daya breaks open the door but Rahul points his gun at him, in the process Daya gets hypnotized as well. He fires at Abhijeet and others but they somehow snatches the gun from him. Abhijeet enters the room and before gayabi could hypnotize him, he ties his eyes and arrests him.  

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