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DATED: 2007 Aug 31
DESCRIPTION: MW-Case of Dr.O's Vanishing Treasure

By: Ananya_A

Nirdum and Neha were getting ready for a lovely romantic dinner. Just then the bell rings and Neha rushes to open the door as she wasn't expecting anyone at that hour. There was no one outside but a gift box. Curious neha unwraps the box and finds a letter which said “Happy Death Anniversary from Dr. O". Neha is panic-stricken and she calls for Nirdum. He hurries to console her; he says that Dr O can never reach them. They changed their destination as well as their faces with plastic surgery. She shouldn't take the letter seriously as what is gone is gone.

Neha is satisfied, she asks Nirdum to wait while she gets her earrings. Nirdum is speechless, mesmerized by her beauty, when suddenly she slips from the stairs and the lights are turned off. Neha falls dead on the floor and Nirdum runs to get his gun. He shoots at some shadow but cause of darkness the murderer manages to escape.

CID team starts their investigation but Neha's dead body was no where to be found. They accuse Nirdum for committing the crime and then disappearing the body. Nirdum says that his wife slipped from the stairs and he couldn't see anything clearly cause of power cut, the main switch was turned off. He says that he had a track watch tied on Neha's wrists, and he pressed on his one and they heard beeps. Divyana finds a box from where the noise was coming, Neha's hands were chopped off and someone hid it in that box.

Dr O takes the dead body and separates the other hand where she hid a key since many years. It was the key to his million dollars treasure. Nirdum confesses that both he and neha were international thieves and many years back they stole Dr O's key from Italy and then came running to Mumbai with a new identity. Dr O was a rich man, very dangerous, a psycho who can stoop to any level to get his work done. he always had  purple orchid on his coat pocket and he was obsessed with the number"19". 

Dr O takes the key and runs to the safe where his treasure was. It was in a hotel, room#104. Just under the bed there was a wooden box that contained the stolen items. Dr O excitedly opens the box but finds it empty, he is frustrated. Nirdum says that his wife never told him about the treasure, but he saw a tattoo made on her hand, maybe it could be of great help/ Divyana solves the tattoo mystery and gives an address, it was of room #104. They find the dead body of the hotel manager in the room and no sign of treasure.

Saluke and Tarika tells them that the box contained million dollars painting that was years old. Divyana suggests on consulting Miss Zara, who foretell the future. ACP is extremely annoyed by this suggestion, he asks Muskaan to type her resignation letter as he couldn't tolerate Divayana in the team.Zara tells them the guy was extremely dangerous and he will chop off the ones who betrayed him, he was very rich and he loves flowers.

ACP asks Divyana to leave the team asap as it was all over the news papers that CID team called a fortune teller for help, but she pleads for a last chance. She says that Dr.O never changes his style and the prove his the pink orchid which he still uses. It was quite possible that he is still there as he didn't get the treasure. They get hold of Dr O but he escapes but Daya is injured. Luckily they get the key to the treasure. Divyana observes the key and says that the key had a symbol of flower, something she saw at neha's house. They go to Neha's house and searches all the paintings. Divyana sees a painting and asks them to search it and they get diamonds. ACP says that that Neha might have sold the painting and bought diamonds so that Dr O never reaches it. Dr O enters the house and snatches the diamonds leaving a little bomb for the team.

Abhijeet quietly puts his watch along with the diamonds which had a tracker. At last they arrest Dr O and his team by the help of the watch.

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