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TITLE: Ek Lapata Ladki
DATED: 2007 Dec 21
DESCRIPTION: Daya and Abhijeet go for jogging in the beach when ACP calls Daya to report at the Bureau. After Daya leaves Abhijeet notices a lonely girl on a boat, she was screaming for help. Abhi dived into the water and before he could reach her she was lost in the waves. The weird part was the people present at the beach had no clue of the girl, they thought it was abhiís delusion. The coconut man comes running to save Abhi, he explains that there wasnít any girl in the sea.


The officers interrogate with the joggers, and also search the boat for clues. One man in the crowd says the boat was two years old and an old man who leaves nearby used to make them some time back. Abhi and daya inquires about the man. The man looks worried when he discovers his boat missing, and explains that once he was a fisherman but after he had a little accident he had to stop fishing and the boar remained tied in the lawn. Abhi makes the sketch of the girl he saw and itís all over the news papers. One guy Puneet enters the Bureau with a photo similar to the sketch. Abhi is happy that it was not his delusion but the girl was for real and her name was deepika. Puneet says that she was his girl friend, and she disappeared two years back, though he asked the police to continue the inquiry but Deepikaís parents never let it happen.

Deepikaís parents say that their daughter was in America, happily married and now they donít want to spoil her married life. Puneet argues that his GF canít leave without telling him,he will never be convinced that his beloved married someone else. Abhijeet inquires about the inspector who was the in charge of Deepikaís case two years back. He says that deepikaís dad was hiding something for which they could never reach the truth. Freddy, Vivek and Puneet keeps an eye on Deepikaís parents and they see her dad going out with a big bag, they follow him. Abhi and daya look for the coconut man in the beach but surprisingly finds a new seller. He says that he was the only coconut man in the beach, he had mistaken. One pedestrian says that he saw that coconut man who was wearing a red jacket, and that he drove away in a luxurious red car right after CIdís inquiry. They go to the car showroom for the details of the car, the owner of the car says that he could never use his car as his wife and mother was ill. It was his driver who took it for servicing and then he vanished into thin air. Freddy sees Deepika;s dad keeping the bag of money in some road side tunnel, he picks the bag and finds a lot of money. ACP returns to Deepikaís house and learns that she was missing since two years. After kidnapping those kidnappers kept on asking for money and the helpless dad kept on fulfilling their thirst.Daya and Abhijeet goes to the boat manís house and finds no one there, their neighbors were talking their goods and running away like some cannibals. They search the entire slum and find a secret passage which takes them to a secret room. They discover two ropes where Deepika was tied for a long time

CID asks the father if he could tell them anything about the kidnappers, he says that he knows one thing about his daughter, Deepika was allergic to creamy items like milk butter etc,she preferred Soya milk. The sketch of the fake coconut man was all over the stores, because CID knew the kidnapper will come to buy Soya milk for Deepika for sure. The man was caught buying the Soya milk and they seize his cell phone.

Deepikaís uncle was the real culprit who kidnapped her for 2 long years as his brother-in-law was rich enough so he had no other option to get money from him. He kidnaps Deepikaís parents and takes them to deepika. When he tries to kill all the three CID bumps into the room and shoots the culprit. Deepika returns to her mom and dad.

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