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DATED: 2008 Jan 04
DESCRIPTION: Introduction

ACP tells the audience that these days we need to take extra care of our children, specially the college going ones. It is obvious that they are playful and do masti because it is their age but it gets quite dangerous when your child hasn’t come home since 2 days. A guy named Abeer had gone to the college but never came back since last 2 days. Later we found out that he had been in the college but something happened in there. We were really shocked that something so big happened and how come no one found out. Yes there was one girl who found out about what had happened… why don’t you see it for yourself..


Picnic Plot Ya Ek Bhulbulaiya


In forest

Few friends are chatting and having fun when someone wearing a mask comes and scares a guy off.. his friends start laughing at him..that guys goes from there.. they r all chattin when suddenly a girl called simran comes running towards them. They ask her wat happened and she says she saw a panther there.. they r about to run when they realise that their friend abeer is not there.. they call out for him but abeer isn’t seen anywhere so they all run off.


At bureau

A lady is sitting in the bureau askin cid to help her find her son as he hasn’t come back home since last 2 days. ACP asks her to go and make a police complaint. Abeers uncle rohan tells him that they did everything but they still haven’t managed to find him. They say they asked everyone but no one knows anything. They tried abeers phone but that’s switched off as well. They show ACP abeers picture. Acp asks them if they got any call from kidnappers or anything but they said nothing like that has happened.


At college

Officers are waiting at d college to meet the principal and ask him about abeer. Principal says he doesn’t know who comes and goes from the college.. officers ask him for the class register. Principal tells them that abeer was in college that day. He also informs the officers that 7 students including abeer ran off somewhere that day and 6 of them came back but abeer never did. He says he tried to ask them about wat happened but they r not ready to tell them.

Officers meet the rest of the group and asks them if abeer was with them but they deny. Principal shouts at the students and ask them to tell the truth.. they are all silent.

One of the girls in the group says that they had gone to green point for a picnic and when they were all enjoyin themselves a panther suddenly came there and so they had to leave.. the other guy tells them bout how simran came running cuz she had seen the panther and abeer had gone in the same direction so they thought may b the panther attacked abeer.

Abhijeet asks simran if she had really seen the panther.. she starts crying and says abeer wasn’t attacked by panther.. on that day simran and abeer had gone on a walk somewhere and then suddenly they had a fight regarding something and in anger simran pushed him and he fell down d cliff..she says she didn’t do it on pupose.


At green point

Officers go and look for abeer. Simran shows the exact place they had gone to.. they find a girl’s dead body lying there in d jungle. She looks like someone from a rich family… she has been killed by d bullet.


At bureau

Officers ask simran and friends if there is anything else they r hiding.. they also show them the dead girls photo..they say they don’t know anything.. one of the guys say abeer was their friend and how could they have done anything like that to him.. jus then abhijeet sees some mark on the boys face.. he said he was goin to park the car when suddenly a guy banged into him.. that guy seemed in a real hurry..the boy says he hasn’t seen the guys face properly but he can recognise him cuz he was wearing lot of perfume. It’s the same as this boy wears.. its called blue poison.. he can recognise the guy from that fragrance

A well know fabric designer is called to identify the material of dress the dead girl was wearing.. he says that the fabric is very expensive, he also looks at d work on dress and says only one designer called kimati romaya can do this kind of work on the dresses.


Kimati Romaya’s boutique

Romaya calls abhijeet handsome and dashin and tells him that he needs to change the way he dresses.. abhijeets feels embarrassed and says they r workin on it.. they show her the dead lady’s photo. She says she doesn’t know the lady but the dress was definitely designed by her. She says may b someone else had bought the dress for that lady.. she checks the bill book and tell them that someone called sameer has paid for this dress. She also gives them his address. When they r about to go she calls back and asks abhijeet to talk a little more politely nxt time..


At sameers house

Sameer is about to go somewhere when cid officers reach there.They show him the dead lady’s photo and he gets shocked.. he says her name is priyanka.. she is his wife.. officers say that it doesn’t look like sameer cared bout his missing wife.. sameer gets angry and said how would he know she is missing when she herself left the hosue..


At bureau

Sameer and abeers other friends are there. Acp asks varun to see if sameer is the same guy who ran into varun.. varun smells him and says he is the same one..sameer admits it was him.. sameer says he didn’t kill his wife,.. he had only gone there after his wife to get some proof against her so he could get divorce…officers think this was the biggest joke of the year..

Officers check sameers car.. vivek finds the blood stain in the car boot.. sameer says he doesn’t know anything bout the blood.. they find a foot print in the boot as well..they send everything to the lab..


In forensic lab

Dr says that the dirt of the foot print found in sameers car is same as the one found on priyanka’s dress.. that means that dirt came from the same place.. and the blood found in the boot doesn’t match priyanka’s.. they r totally diff blood groups..

Officers now decide to go back to sameers house..


Sameer’s place

Officers check the house inside out.. they find some blood stains.. abhi and daya follow the stains and find a dead body.. it is abeer.. abhijeets informs that he is alive.. he is only unconscious.. sameer is shocked to see this body..he says he doesn’t know about anything


At hospital

Abeer gains conciousness.. he tells the officers that he saw a man shot at a lady.. that man saw abeer and tried to shoot at him as well.. they ask abeer to give that man’s details so they can make a sketch..

Daya goes to get information bout the man in the sketch from one of his informers.. the informer tell him that the man’s name is Chandar and he will b found in sitara bar..


At sitara bar

A drunkard is shouting and messin bout.. cid officers ask the drunkard to stop.. they show the sketch.. drunkard says the guy is dead.. the bar man tells  the officers that chandar and some other ppl got drunk last night and then they had a fight.. someone hit chandar on head and he died.. bar man said a guy called kisna killed him.. he is now in d jail and chandar's body is taken to hospital for post mortam.


At hospital

Officers check through chandar’s stuff.. they find lots of money… there r some fake blood stains on the money..they find a letter with his stuff which has rainbow pub’s address..


At rainbow pub

No one is there.. seems like some shooting is goin on there.. some assistant thinks the officers are actors.. officers show him their id and then chandar’s sketch and ask him if he has seem the guy around.. the assistant says he is some actor’s friend. he says chandar came in 2 days back and went straight in the make up room.. the only actors in the make up room were raj and amar.. assistant says amar is here but raj never came back since then..

Amar says chandar came 2 days back to meet raj and then they both went outside to talk..he doesnt know anything else..Amar gives officers raj’s address… the address turns out to b abeers address.. it seems like there is a connection between raj and abeer….


Abeer’s house

Officers asks abeer bout raj.. abeer’s mum says abeers uncle rohan works in tv.. he is known as raj on tv.. abeer says he saw rohan and chandar kill priyanka and then when rohan saw someone had seen the whole killing scene  he shot at abeer as well..but he didn’t know he was shooting at abeer..

Rohan says he killed priyanka cuz she wanted to marry him and all he wanted was use priyanka for her husbands money.. but she got serious bout marriage and said she would ruin his tv career, he had no choice but get her killed..

The end

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