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DATED: 2008 May 16
DESCRIPTION: Case of the Mysterious Mask

ACP does the intro to the episode. He is sitting in a really lavish luxurious room with a beautiful aquarium.
Well then the show starts. There is a mask - party on on a kind of farm house. A man probably the host, goes on stage and says that this is a special party and everyone isnt allowed in here. Only the ones who are invited are allowed, so the man asks everyone to enjoy and have fun.
Then this host sees a person kinda in addiction of alcohol. He goes to this man and asks his identity. The person doesnt say anything.
The host tells him only invited people are allowed. Then the other man was hiding something in his pocket so the host asks him to show it. It was a camera.

The scene changes. Abhijeet goes to his house and shouts "shruti"...he is really furious. Kaki comes and starts telling something she did but he is too angry and says "mujhe aap akele chod do"...then Shruti comes and he starts shouting on her asking her why did she tell him such a big lie. Firstly, Shruti couldnt figure it out what was he saying and told him "aap pehle baith jaayiye" but then Abhijeet told her "tumne jhooth kyun bola ki Viren (Shruti's hubby) mar gaya hai. maine khud usse dekha hai" and then Shruti is all like ki mujhe toh Police waloin ne bataya ki woh car crash mein mar gaya and why would she lie about it and then she pleads ki agar Viren is alive then should get him back for Shruti and their daughter.

Then Abhi gets a call ki highway mein lash mili hai. There is a gal lieing there. Everyone except ACP is there. The gal is pretty gud and young and nothing around her.
Anyways, they all were discussing how this gal reached there when no one saw her. No auto, no witness, nothing.

Then Dr. Saluke said that this is a murder. The girl died of overdose of drugs. He shows the CID team that she has blood inside her nose and that is becasue she suffered Brain Hamerage. Then there was lil querral between Abhi and Saluke..quite rude...but then Saluke shows that the girl had mud on her legs.
She died in a beech and then someone dropped her lash here. Freddie did a lil more of comedy here.
The CID team discusses...dialoges are there and mentioned the ones which are said by Freddie
"ye beach par mari toh highway tak kaise pahunchi?"
Freddie - "chalkar aayi hogi...beech se nange pa"
"agar kisi ko hamerage hua ho toh woh beach se chal kar highway tak kaise aa sakta hai?"
Freddie - "toh phir auto se aayi hogi"
"koi auto wala ya witness bhi toh saamne nahi aaya"
and then Freddie makes a weird kinda face
"acha theek hai auto se aayi"

Then the CID team goes different directions to look for beaches and people on beaches who might have seen the girl. Finally ABhijeet reaches that farm house shown in the starting having the mask - party. There all Abhi could find was a mask quite an expensive one.

In the office they were discussing that in the farm house there must have had been a mask - party where drugs were supplied. And just then a call comes. Call is from a guy Yogesh who claims to be hubby of the dead girl. He saw his wife's pic on tv but he doesnt know she is dead.
The CID team goes to their house and tells that Sujata this girl is dead. They check the house and find that Sujata works in a call centre in the nite shift.
Then when they chk the house, they find a diary where a page was torn. From impression on the next page, they find cell phn no of a person called Nemos (atleast I think I remember this).

Just then, Abhijeet gets a call from somewhere. He gets info that Anil, a friend of Viren knows where Viren is. Abhijeet goes to Anil's place. Anil is surprised to see Abhi after so long but when Abhi tells him that he is in CID, he gets nervous. Abhi tells him that he wants to know where Viren is..firstly Anil denies knowing it but when Abhi literally starting beating him...Shruti comes. She has been following Abhi and says "aap itne gusse se nikle the...naa jaane kya kar dete" she stops Abhi from beating Anil (and they luked cute standing together )...well then Shruti pleaded Anil and Abhi said angrily so Anil told that Viren is alive and is in problem. Then Abhi asked where can they meet Viren and Anil after ofcourse getting hard time from Abhi said that Viren was to meet Anil tomorrow in some bar.

Then...Vivek calls Nemos as Viki and says that his friend Freddie told him about Nemos. Nemos calls him to a bar.
Freddie makes a weird face again when he hears his name bing taken but then when the work gets done,
Freddie - "Dekha Vivek, aakhir mein main hi kaam aaya na. mujhse seekhoge toh fayde mein rahoge."
ACP - "apna gyaan apne paas rakho Freddie."

Vivek goes to the bar with Kaveri as his gf as the bar allowed only couple entries. Nemos tells Vivek that he arranges passes for Mask - parties. Just as Nemos would tell more, Vivek's frnd saw him and called him Vivek and also CID officer, Nemos took Kaveri on gun point but then Daya and Abhi came from the back and caught Nemos.
He told them that he just arranges passes for mask - parties and isnt a drug dealer. He tells them that a drug supplier Aman supplies drugs to such parties.

The whole CID team then reaches the party. Its high security. They ask password and security check. Well the party is inside a hall...and everyone with masks.
They are taking cocktails and all are drunk and addicted to alcohol. There Daya and Abhijeet tracked a couple and found out there there iNDEED was dealing of drugs in the party. Then Daya goes in investigating.He sees a locked room where no one was going near. He tried to go near bt a man stopped him. Daya tried to act drunk bt this man would let him finally Daya had to give some dose..
Then the whole CID team goes to the room. There a man Aman is holding hostage the man found in the 1st party with a camera. Aman is telling this dude that because of him the gal's dead.
Well then as usual, CID catches Aman and the other guy tells the story that he and Sujata were net friends. Once Sujata told him that she was a drug addict and couldnt live without this guy who is a reporter asked her to come along to a mask party as they get drugs there and so he can take pics too. But then the host caught him and then Sujata tried to escape seeing this. But the man caught him too. The reporter had hidden the chip (camera reel) and wouldnt give the people gave drugs to Sujata scaring reporter bt Sujata died. Finally the reporter gave the chip to CID which he had hidden in his mouth.

Then Abhi and Daya reach the bar Viren was to meet Anil. Daya asks Abhi how Abhi is feeling as now Abhi needs to forget Shruti as Viren is alive (I wish Abhi murders Viren ) bt then Abhi says that he likes Shruti alot and he has prepared himself but he cant help with his heart. ...
Then Viren comes..Abhi confirms that Viren is alive...he goes to Viren...Abhi lays a hand on Viren's shoulder and Viren recogises him. Abhi says "main bahut khush hoon tumhe dekh kar. Maine suna ki tumhari maut ho gayi hai" bt trust me Abhi wasnt happy at all seeing this.

Well thats it...episode ended

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